boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Wait here and hold my line while I enter the portal.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Wanting to be one, Bruin did not quite understand what a bird dog really was....
  • A reversal of fortune... a squirrel has chased Bruin up a tree.
  • There are no elves or cookies in here!
  • Um, I am not a hobbit. Will someone please get me out of here?
  • If a dog sits in a tree in the forest, can you hear the bark?
  • I'm just a tree hugger at heart!
  • Hey, where are the elves and cookies?!
  • "Dad..there really are Keebler elves that live in the tree!!"
  • Bruin demonstrates the new trend of "owling."
  • What? No Keebler elves?
  • What do you mean 'I'm in a tree'?
  • Bruin's new favorite sport: Boston Tree Climbing 101.
  • Who's is Peter Pan?
  • Say What?! I am IN the tree?
  • My new playmate won't wake up...any ideas?
  • Wild and Sweet!
  • "Dang, can't I get a little privacy around here?"
  • Bruin standing guard as the Keebler Elves prepare for the Christmas Season!
  • Mr. Spielberg, I'm ready for my close up!
  • Get me out of here!!!
  • But I no wantz to live in dis tree!
  • The Rare "Boston Horned Own/Dog"
  • Does this tree make my butt look big?
  • After a long winter's hibernation, Bruin was ready for some stellar snacks and plenty of them!
  • Bruin auditions to be the newest keebler elf.
  • cute and funny ;) just want to climb the tree~ bri
  • Did someone say chicken???
  • It's ok you can come in.... I checked nothing scary in here.
  • What??? They said the guy with the cookies lived here...
  • welcome to my hole in the wall
  • Bruin isn't afraid of Fangorn Forest.
  • He,y no bacon storage in here!
  • The ever elusive Tree Boston!
  • This is the BEST TREE EVER!!! I can mark it inside and out! We're taking this home, right? RIGHT?!
  • A room with a view!

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