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The Winning Caption is:

Nobody believed Tucker when he told them about the zombie-boston apocalypse...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Kool-Aid and cookies, please?
  • Remove from oven when temp hits 100 and Boston pops up!
  • I can't take the heat! Let me back in the kitchen!
  • Would you happen to have any SPF 40?
  • I want that pizza your having! why lock me out of the house. I WANT PIZZA NOW!
  • I'm innocent, I tell ya! I was framed! The cat did it, see? I ain't gonna be no Patsy!
  • Um, hey! I'm supposed to be in there...I did what you asked me to do. By the way, I think I killed your rosebush. Please let me in for my treat now.
  • You can open the oven door now, I think I'm done!!!
  • While you pay to go to the sauna I am stuck out here in the real suana. Trade me places!!!! Give me the money!
  • Let me in . . . I'm melting!
  • "mom! The hose got punctured again..."
  • Hey, let me come in!!
  • Come on out- it doesn't FEEL like 100...
  • I heard the buzzer, momma. Baking time is done.
  • You said you were coming with tricked me. I will get you...
  • Let me in please... I said I was sorry! I won't chew the shoes no more!
  • Unbeknownst to his people Tucker was an advid 'peeping tom'
  • if only I was a foot taller and had opposable thumbs...
  • yup.. that tears it! They're eating CHICKEN!!!
  • Hey, hey, its hot out here!
  • Hey, let me in, can't you see the tempature!
  • Do you see this temp? Let me in the air!
  • Im melting, Im melting. Whatta world.. (it is 100 degreees out here mommy)
  • let me in...its hot out here!!!
  • Please let me back in...I promise not to eat any more baby toys!
  • Hello? Did you forget I'm out here?
  • Is "Time Out" over yet?
  • Hey... I'll do anything for a treat!
  • anybody home?
  • S.O.S.!!!S.O.S.!!!
  • Anybody Home??
  • Help! I think I'm stuck in the oven again.
  • Can't you people read that themometer? Lemmme IN!!!
  • Tucker wants to get out of the HEAT! please
  • Can I come in now? I swear I pee-pee'd. It just evaporated in this heat!
  • Yoo Hoo.....It's 100 degrees,the beastie is well done....
  • It's hot out here! Please let me in! I promise not to eat off of your plate again!
  • Air conditioning PLEEEEZE - Let me in
  • See the burn on my paws? I NEED A/C!!
  • I seee you!!!!!
  • Have you heard about this heat wave going on? Huh? Well look behind me - it's real.
  • "Do I need to remind you that the color black and high temperatures don't mix?"
  • Wait! I changed my mind!
  • Hello! Anybody home?
  • Have pity on Tucker, the Hot Dog.
  • Let me in!!!!
  • Hey! It's too hot out here, can we turn on the A/C?
  • OMG it is hot out here! Let me in, let me in!
  • Can't you read it says its 100 degrees out here! I see you looking at me, so just let me in!
  • Until the bacon flavored treats, Tucker could be nicknamed M.I.A
  • Is the lady of the house at home-let me show her this vacuum cleaner
  • Someone's 'scratchin at the door...Somebody's ringing the bell...
  • Hey you!!! open the door!
  • Listen, I know you like hot dogs, but this is ridiculous.
  • Help! I'm meeeeeeeeeeelting!
  • You do see it is 100 degrees out here right?
  • HELLO...It is 100 degrees out here...Plese let me in
  • Ya know, You don't have to sit out here and melt! Let me in I say, let me in!
  • DING! It has hit 100, I am done now. Please let me in before I melt.
  • MOOOOOOM Do you see the temp out here! Let me in.... Im melting!
  • Please? I'm just a poor, poor dog.
  • Tucker behind... uhhh... glass.
  • Talk to the Paw!
  • If you so much as touch my thermometer...
  • Tucker is so strong he needs two fences to keep him at home! .......... And a glass door...
  • I can't tell a lie! The goat did it!
  • Nooooooooooooooooooo...*breath*...oooooooooooooooooooooooo...*breath*...ooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
  • I'll be back!
  • Mom, it's a hundred out here! I don't wanna be a Boston Baked Dog.
  • HELP ME . . . I am melllllting!
  • Hey mom!!!! its hot out here please let me in!!!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Tucker was hoping Olive was over the loss of her favorite feather pillow and was allowed to come out for a round of BT500


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