boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Olive tries to ignore the giant treat jar in the back yard.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I hate having asthma I can never play with the other dogs
  • I really hate election years. I'm always so on the fence about everything.
  • Someone forgot the picnic...
  • Doggie Planking.
  • olive was into planking way before it was cool.
  • To pee or not to pee - that is the question....
  • Nobody knows the trouble I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow...
  • "Please...Don't make me walk the plank."
  • Olive~The Emo years.
  • I'm board! No, literally!
  • Won't anybody come out to play?
  • Olive day dreaming of the dog days of summer.
  • Sigh. All my friends are away on summer vacation.
  • No blankee, no toys, no treats...what a dog's life.
  • Dream a little dream of me.
  • If only I'd gone to college.
  • I can't believe he left me for that BOXER!
  • Olive, trying to think what she did to get grounded from the pool..
  • No I did not eat your lunch on the picnic table, I was simply sun bathing!
  • Olive spent yet another day dreaming of the glamorous life. What her life would be like when she's a star!
  • Why must you go!
  • Nooooobody loves me . . . .
  • Daydreamer
  • I thought you said we were going for a walk.
  • Now that's what I call a hotdog.
  • Olive wasn't just a pretty face... her thoughts ran deep..
  • Sigh, I am so board.
  • Hmmm...more gardening...what a waste of time...I'm just going to dig that up after my nap!
  • Where oh where did my squeaky toy go?...
  • I wonder if that board over there is any softer?
  • -Sigh- One hundred and four days of summer vacation just isn't enough...
  • "Nooo-body knows the trouble I've seen...nooo-body knows my sorrows..."
  • Too chew or not to chew that is the question
  • if i look real cute maybe they will give me some of there ice cream
  • "who am I?"
  • I haz a sad cause my head is so big compared to my body
  • Walking this balance beam is hard work. Think I'll just lay down until someone helps me down
  • "I miss my mommie"
  • Someday, my prince will come...
  • Mommy went to work with shoes that don't match the handbag I gave her! Whatever shall I do????
  • Don't eat me!
  • I miss you...
  • Wish my friends could come over and play
  • Bored...I'm so bored! Life is so ruff!
  • The party is over.
  • Oh how I miss my ball
  • I'm a daydream believer!
  • When will my dreams come true?
  • So forlornly I thought of my past best lost love, where, o where, has my nip toy gone?
  • You can't possibly be mad at lil' old me...
  • Please don't look at my paws-I am in bad need of a pawdicure!!!
  • Olive enjoyed practicing the art of planking...
  • Oh Romeo... wherefore art thou Romeo?
  • Where are my gentlemen callers?
  • Boston in original habitat waiting for a snack.
  • squeaky, oh squeaky, whereforartthou, squeaky! Oh!
  • Ok.... Soo I wake up to THIS??!?!?!?
  • The last Boston was put up on the shelf for sale, Olive cant wait till the store opens....
  • Olive is always sad when her play date is over
  • Summer will soon come to an end. Sigh.
  • If only I could get that squirrel. Why does it tease me so?!
  • ooo what to do what to do.....

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Olive was feeling guilty about leaving Gunz to take the rap for the pillow last week
  • Olive was missing her feather pillow and wished she hadn't lent it to Gunz last week...


  • Olive is so cute! lookie at that underbite! :-)
  • I absolutely adored this one when she posted it on Woof. So adorable!!


Great captions everyone!
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