boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars:boston terrier photo of the week Freckles & boston terrier photo of the week Friend

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Could someone please tell me WHY my new squeeky toy is outside!?!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • It puts the lotion on its skin!
  • What happens at the window sill, stays at the window sill...
  • Freckles wonders what a squirrel kabob tastes like?
  • Is this toy...Boston proof???
  • My master is very smart. He made me a collar so I could speak Eng...SQUIRREL!!
  • Say hello to my little friend...
  • Freckles was thwarted again by his enemy, the window pane.
  • Freckles, "Get in ma bellah!"
  • Freckles decided this was better than McDonald's.
  • OH Mom!one of your family is outside waiting to see you Ha!Ha!Freckles had a very strange sense of humor!!!!
  • I can't come out, but can you come in?
  • If you want to remain friends, stay out of my comfort zone!
  • Youz iz under ma spell... stay put... Iz comin' out.
  • Freckles had to explain to his friend he had been grounded and couldn't come uot to play
  • psst, hey budy ol friend, pop the latch and I'll come out to play, mwwaaahaaahhaa
  • 'ready...set...SQUIRREL!'
  • Squirrel want!!
  • Freckles thinks. The only thing that separates him from that tasty morsel. Is a thin pane of glass.
  • Freckles wonders what does a squirrel taste like with a dab of A-1 sauce on it?
  • Sometimes you feel like a nut..... Sometimes you feel like a snack....
  • Staring contest in 3.. 2.. 1... go.
  • Cute, Schmute! Just open this window a crack!
  • It's. Right. There!
  • Oh my!!! Now how do I get to that thing!!
  • If only I could open the window!
  • Resist......Resist......
  • Maybe if I don't move he will think I'm part of the garden.
  • I'm watching you.
  • I've got my eye on you!
  • You see this here contact! This contact represents you! And my eye represents my eye! I've got my eye on you!
  • Oh no. Not ever. Never. I do not share my paw lotion with squirels.
  • OK Freckles, it's a deal. I break you out at dusk, you supply me with peanuts for a week.
  • Get in my BELLY!
  • I'm waching you
  • Freckles ponders if squirrel is better roasted, fried, or grilled.
  • You know I'm not going to let you come in.
  • MOM! Do you have any peanuts?

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