boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Stella & boston terrier photo of the week Abby
Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

I'm a ninja, you can't see me...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • What Abby doesn't know is that Stella KNOWS Abby knows Stella knows Abby's watching her.
  • After gaining a few pounds, Abby felt more photogenic with her pillow shield.
  • I was really hoping this pillow was 100% silk...
  • No, it's just me on the bed, no special visitor, why do you ask??
  • Every breath you take...and every move you make...every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you!
  • Welcome to my nightmare, her name is Abby!
  • What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!
  • I can't help it if Stella's ears come to a point and mine are round...
  • Abby is using her ears as periscopes
  • Told ya Bostons sleep in the bed.
  • Stella is unaware that Abby, her stalker, is lurking in the pillows.
  • Abby photo-bombed Stella!
  • Peek Ah Boo zee way zee French do!!!!!!
  • Abby hoped her ears would not give her away!
  • Stella was enjoying her photo-shoot when all of a sudden something unexpected showed up!!!!!!!!!!
  • Stella still looking for Abby.
  • Honest, I didn't do it... Abby did. No, I don't know where Abby is..
  • You saw me to do what? What about Sis - she is hiding behind that pillow, you know!
  • Abby-BOMB!
  • Me too!
  • For the last time,Stella, the camera will not make you look fat!
  • Everytime we play hide and seek, she hide's behind the pillow, and I pretend not to be able to find her.
  • I'm sorry, this bed is taken. The sofa is still free.
  • Do you ever have the feeling like you are being watched?
  • I can't believe that they left us like that.
  • Come on big guy......I am naked behind the pillow!
  • Which are better...pointy ears or rounded ears? Doesn't matter cuz there is a Boston attached!
  • She says she won't come out and pose without more treats...
  • "The Roommate" - BT version
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm being watched....I'm sure it's just my imagination.
  • Shhhhh! I bein' sneaky!
  • everyone knew who the alpha dog was...
  • Abby plots and plans... Stella is gonna get pounced!
  • Is the Bogie monster gone, Stella?
  • Don't worry about that guy behind the pillow with the funny ears!!!! He is quite harmless!!!
  • " i always feel like somebody's watching me...and i have no privacy."
  • Stella is so embarrassed by her younger sister actions.
  • yeah, right. like i'm gonna fall for the old "she's right behind you!" trick.
  • Do I hear an echo in here?
  • I always feel like somebody's watching me
  • OMG!!! Who farted?
  • "Now THIS is how you make the stinkeye! "Uhh.....Stella,you know we can't trust these humans.
  • There is no room for you on this bed-try the floor.
  • Where's Abby?????????????
  • You keep look at for mom!!!
  • Psst... is they gone yet?
  • The game of peek-a-boo just didn't thrill Stella as much as it seemed to thrill Abby...
  • Shhhhh... I'm hiding, Stella doesn't know I'm here, he he he
  • I is peekin'!
  • Yeah, yeah I know but let her scare me anyway...
  • She has no idea, right? Right???
  • There is that crazy person with the bright flashing light!! HIDE!!
  • Don't worry Abby...I will keep you protected!
  • We see you. And we are not amused.
  • Ever get that feeling you're being watched?
  • Stella refused to fall for the old 'She's right behind you!' trick.
  • Me, I'm a rational lady that wants to help you out. But my partner back there, she plays by her own rules.
  • Did you ever feel like you were being watched?
  • Stella: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10.READY OR NOT HERE I COME! Now where is she.

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  • My two adorable granddaughters!!!


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