boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Brie

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

See mom, I told you there were monsters under the bed!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Brie is determined to keep her title of Tug-O-War Champion
  • Brie was starting to realize that her 'baby bird' was not growing up to be who she thought it was...
  • Brie demonstrates how the Boston Terrier's got their short tails!
  • Okay, I change my mind about that peace offering...
  • loldogs vs loldinosaurs
  • You start on that end, I'll start on this one and we'll meet in the middle mmmmk?
  • "You'll go extinct before I let go."
  • Not even your lifetime would I let you have this......
  • Some scientists think a meteor killed the dinosaurs...
  • excuuuuuse me, mr. dinosaur, this is MY squeaky toy!
  • Give...Me...the FUZZY!!
  • MOM! The dinosaur isn't sharing!
  • Silly snake. Toys are for Bostons.
  • Grandmother! What big teeth you have!
  • Silly Gator! Goldfish are for Bostons.
  • Taking back the peace offering....maybe not the best idea.
  • don't...make...a...sound
  • "Grrr...come on Dino give me back my carrot...besides you're a carnivore… you don't even eat vegetables."
  • In the Jaws of Fate lies the toy that will determine who will be Man's Best Friend...forever
  • Hammie Not That Way!
  • I'll save you!!!
  • Brie wonders if that's a "Tick-Tock. Tick'Tock" that she is hearing?
  • i had it first
  • My turn, Your time is up... Thank You
  • nose stitches=$225 new hamster=$40 Boston I.Q. test=priceless...
  • Brie's audition tape for the new host of Crocodile Hunter...
  • Brie is known for sticking her neck out to save her fuzzy friends.
  • Rats! I woke him up!
  • And the everlasting struggle between mammal and reptile continues...
  • Don't worry fluffy, I'll save you!
  • Silly T-rex... Goldfish are for Boston's!
  • Hold on to your butts!
  • Hey, give that back! It's my toy, not yours!
  • I'm in ur houz, dissin' your dinosaur!
  • I can haz big yellow booger?!
  • Raptor shmaptor...that's my fuzzy carrot!
  • Gimme my plush back , not to mentionned you are a so dead piece of out evolved of plastic if you happen to have a SQUEAKER!. Now Gimme !
  • I can haz giant dinosaur booger?!
  • like stealing from a baby
  • sharing, boston style.
  • Brie's motto: "A little give and take is all you need".
  • And so, Brie and Rex reenact the classic Godzilla scene...
  • Remember CARNIVORE.....not HERBIVORE.
  • My, what big teeth you have!
  • Argg... give me back my one-eyed twinkie, you Jurasic Park want to be !!!
  • No matter how had you pull, I refuse to get Geico !!
  • how many teeth did you say you can eat me with!!!
  • Battle for top of the food chain.
  • "You got something stuck in your teeth. Here let me help."

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  • She is so cute!!
  • Love it!!!
Great captions everyone!
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