boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the weekOswald

Rated: Wild & Crazy

The Winning Caption is:

Oswald is beginning to wonder if this is really a DOG park!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Oh Man, if I'm late again the boss is gonna kill me!"
  • you spin me right round, baby, right round!
  • The Merry-go-Round eventually stops. Not so with Oswald.
  • That day, Oswald had a little too much coffee.
  • Just stick the ice cream cone out a little farther - I almost got a lick that time!
  • Sooner or later you will tire and I will GET you, devious metal spinning thing!
  • any faster & we'll hear a sonic boom
  • Round and round she goes, where she stops nobody knows!
  • I'll show those Greyhounds a thing or two.
  • Stop! I'm getting dizzy!
  • I give you Oswald, the merry go round trainer, supreme.
  • I'm the Merry-Go-Rounder!
  • Round, round, I get around!
  • Having just turned on warp drive, Oswald hoped to catch his speeding star-ship.
  • Couldn't we just walk on the sidewalk like everyone else?
  • Oswald - training for the Preakness
  • *I'm so dizzy my head is spinnin' You're makin' me dizzy*
  • He looks like a little racing horse.
  • Are we there yet?
  • I will catch the bus!
  • faster...faster...faster...I can't catch up!!
  • I can do it, I can do it!
  • I can make it!
  • I wanna catch its tail!
  • Wait for meeeeee!!!
  • Round and round and round she goes, where she stops, nobody knows...
  • I think I can, I know I can, I think I can, I know I can ......
  • i know if i beat this thing, i will get in da horse race! yes! es!
  • hey slow down.... hey slow down....hey slow down .... HEY I SAID SLOW DOWN!!!
  • round and round abuot!
  • Stop I want to get on!
  • Oswald just can't wait for his turn!
  • 1, 2, 3 (pant,pant), no wait, 1, 2...jump (pant,pant,pant)...3, 4, pant, no...jump! start over!(1,2,3)...
  • Stop the merry-go-round...I want to get ON!
  • You just watch!! I will outrun this thing!!
  • Oswald, stop this crazy thing!
  • Oswald didn't quite grasp the concept of the Merry Go Round...
  • Oswald vs The Merri-go-round. I vote for Oswald.
  • And you thought Merry-go-Rounds were just for kids!
  • "How I Spent My Summer", by Oswald.
  • And this game stops when?????
  • Oswald takes the lead in the BT Derby.
  • Oswald was determined to turn back time to save Lois Lane.
  • Oswald knew that the key to a happy, fulfilling life was to slow down the spin!
  • Let's just keep going 'til we puke!!
  • I can catch it, I swear!
  • Warping...time...and space!

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  • That is hilarious! What a handsome boy!
Great captions everyone!
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