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Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Howie

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Howie was his name... adventure was his LIFE!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Whoa doggie, who put a waterfall there?
  • Howie was ready to earn his scout badge for rafting- it's now or never!
  • Hey, where's the lido deck?
  • did I just hear banjoes?
  • That's Captain Howie to you!
  • Hmph! Anything that gnome can do, I can do better!
  • Howie wonders how he is supposed to use the ors when he has no thumbs.
  • Captain Howie goes over the rules: 1. Arms and legs must be kept in the kayak at all times. . . . .
  • Well if Snoopy can win the great canoe race and he's a Beagle then surely a Boston Terrier in a kyak can!
  • Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate's life for me!
  • Row, row, row, your boat- gently down the stream; throw your Mama overboard and listen to her scream: HOWIE!!
  • Lewis and Clark got nothin on Howie!
  • Let's shoot those rapids!
  • Hey! You are going to come steer this thing, right?!
  • Avast there me hearties!!!!! Let us sniff your booty or you'll walk the plank!
  • And if you look over there you will see WERE I ABOUT TO GO OVER A WATERFALL
  • His kayak loaded with biscuits, Capt'n Howie takes on another adventure to find the elusive monster dogfish of the Amazon!
  • Riding out the Flood in Nashville.
  • Trying to rescue my peeps from the flood in Nashville.
  • Nothing is as rapid as a Boston!
  • "Row faster! I need wind in my face!"
  • Rolling down the river!!
  • This is What Creek and here I am without a paddle!?!?
  • In an attempt to float the river Howie lost 3 oxen, a wagon axel, 300 lbs of food and Gina contracted cholera...
  • What a Ride!!!! Do it again ..DO it Again,,, yeah yeah!!!thats the ticket!!!!!
  • WaaaHooooo!!! Let's do THAT again!!!
  • Prince Howie the Navigator
  • After they went tubing down the river, Howie pimped his ride!
  • My kingdom for opposable thumbs!!
  • Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  • meep meep
  • PADDLE!? How the heck do I do that?!!
  • I hope the wind doesn't mess up my hair!
  • Look mom! no hands!
  • Although his new ride greatly impressed the ladies, what Howie REALLY wanted was dry land and a cookie.
  • Hold On! The rapids are ahead!
  • Row, Row, Row, Row!
  • I'm not afraid of the water, just dueling banjos.
  • It's Bond, Howie Bond...007
  • Row, row, row your boat...
  • Just love that spray on my handsome face
  • That's Howie does it
  • A Wild & Crazy Guy!
  • woo hoo!!!!! get down with your bad self, Howie!
  • Come join me for a ride!! I am ready to go!
  • I'm Howie, world adventurer, please hop aboard.
  • I just love the great out doors!
  • Happy Howie does the rapids.
  • Howie was not happy with his decision to try to ford the river
  • Ahhh...just another day on the river. Life is good.
  • Howie loved the great outdoors and was always the first to go white water kayaking!
  • Rock'n Rooooollll!!!
  • COMING SOON!! "Master & Commander - Far Side of the World - the prequel"
  • That was awesome. Lets do it again!!!
  • Full Speed ahead!!
  • I'm king of the world!
  • Help is on the way....
  • Yeeha! I love vacations!
  • There is nothing like a nice ride on the water on a hot summer day
  • Woo Hoo, what a ride!
  • "That's right! I run this ship!"
  • sit right back and we'll hear a tale...
  • Ummm does this qualify as 'up s**t creek without a paddle'?
  • Now where's my sushi?
  • I'm king of the world!
  • Holy Crap!
  • Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fatefull trip...
  • Catain Howie has turned on the fasten seat belt sign. Please prepare for turbulence.
  • I need some sunglasses
  • Umm...guys?...This doesn't look promising!
  • David Hasselhoff eat your heart out!
  • I Howie, am the star in the remake of deliverance.
  • Michael row your boat ashore- halllllelllllluuuuuujah!
  • Hey, do I hear banjos?
  • Some people say that Bostons are a little hyper.

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  • omg that is so cute
Great captions everyone!
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