boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Abby

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

lick, rinse, repeat!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Where's my tippie cup, where's my tippie cup?????
  • There's a ball in there...There is a ball in there...There is a ball in there...
  • Is my frisbee in there too?
  • Food doesn't go in there, it goes in me!
  • Ever since they started rinsing before loading, Abby enjoyed KP duty less and less
  • Abby's parents "go Green" and allow her to do the dishwashing.
  • Prewashing is a hard job!
  • MOM...Is my ball clean yet????
  • NO! NO! NO! Kongs go on the RIGHT side of the dishwasher!
  • So this is the secret weapon to fight grease!
  • No wait the Kong's belong in my special basket here in the corner -- where did they go????
  • Abby wanted to take a bath but this did not feel like the right place.
  • I wasn't quite finished with that yet!
  • Where did my Kong go? I saw mommy put it in here-I KNOW I did!
  • Abby helps load the Konga's.
  • The REAL dishwasher...
  • Abby is very concerned that proper dishwasher loading techniques are observed.
  • There's gotta be some food debris in here...
  • I was just licking on it and the swoop it a way and put in the grate monster.
  • No, you can't wash it, I need it bad!
  • Why'd they put in there?! I wasn't done licking it clean!
  • I see spots!
  • Just crank my tail and I will go to work!
  • Is the rest of my tail in there?
  • Oh no! They forgot to rinse these again, don't worry I'll get 'em!
  • I'm a helper. I help Mommy with the dishes!
  • As long as they think I hate doin' dishes, I can keep up the spoon lickin'!
  • Boston Terriers aren't dishwasher safe until their ears stand up.
  • I think a few of these spoons need to be prewashed.
  • Little did Abby's parents realize that the water to their house had been shut off for weeks...
  • Abby is not concerned with her Kong's in the wash, she wants the leftovers on the spoon.
  • You're never to young to start doing chores.
  • Abby demonstrates the dishwasher's new features.
  • I got it!
  • Where am I supposed to fit in?
  • The prewash on this dishwasher is amazing!
  • Hang on! Let me get in deep clean mode!
  • I am gonna lick off the silverware!! Espeically the big spoon!!
  • I think there's still something I need off of that spoon!
  • "I just KNOW my kongs are in here somewhere..."
  • Goody, a big spoon to lick off!!
  • Little Miss Boston - Homemaker edition!
  • she told me no peeing on the carpet she didn't mention in here.looks like the perfect spot
  • Wait!!!! I have to pre-wash them first!
  • Prewash!
  • Abby enjoys a good game of hide and seek. But her human stooped to new levels by hiding her kongs in the dishwasher.
  • Bathtime!
  • Abby thought to herself,how many times must I tell them I MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING BEFORE IT GOES INTO THE DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!
  • Forks and spoons up knives down,forks and spoons up,knives down,forks and..........could Abby have a little problem????????
  • Abby thought to herself,how many times must I tell them I MUST CLEAN EVERYTHING BEFORE IT GOES INTO THE DISHWASHER!!!!!!!!
  • Where theres dishes there is food to be found
  • MOM...My Toys Are Clean
  • You want me to take a bath in there!!
  • mmm...these arent quite clean!
  • Mmmmmm Tastes like Chicken!
  • You want me to bathe is there?

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  • So cute!
  • Cute! Love her tail!
Great captions everyone!
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