boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo of the week Beanie
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Hmm? Oh, the other one is still on the body...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • How many times must I tell you to keep your HAND OUT OF MY UNDERWEAR DRAWER!?!
  • Why are you just standing there?! Help me hide the rest of the body!
  • They told me not to bite the hand that feeds me so I took the whole thing!
  • What? you think me being the drawer is weird? Check out the fake thats weird.
  • What? He took my toy...I took his hand
  • "I thought you said you needed a hand?"
  • Beanie's fetish for underwear is suddenly exposed!
  • Beanie was wondering what they meant when they said "Don't bite the hand that feeds you".
  • Beanie isn't sure what is more disturbing. Finding herself trapped in the underwear drawer, or the fact that there's a hand in there with her.
  • I was just trying to give you a hand with organizing your undies-
  • Beanie kept the last hand that tried to steal her panties as a grim warning to the next would-be panty snatcher.
  • What hand?
  • What panties?
  • You looked like you could use a hand with folding the laundry . . .
  • Do you need a hand with something??? Maybe to help with the laundry???
  • what do u mean this isn't my bed? my toy hand is in here.
  • Caught red handed!
  • See what happens when we practice the "shake hands" command too much?
  • Now explain this hand in your underwear drawer........
  • As dinner approaches Beanie is sorry he 'bit the hand that feeds him'
  • But you said I put my hand in your drawer.
  • there something weird about me and a prosthetic hand being in your underwear drawer?
  • Ahh come on, give me the hand, I pulled this drawer out all by myself!
  • ...and this is what happens when you bite the hand that feeds you!
  • Beanie finds the softest place to make herself at home.
  • Should I wear the polka dots today or the hearts?
  • You're kidding me! Everybody doesn't have a fake plastic hand in their underwear drawer?!
  • I thought this was MY drawer!
  • Beanie just wanted to give mommie a hand with the laundry.
  • Do you need a helping hand?
  • I wasn't the only one that had a "hand" in it!
  • This "is" my toy box - right?
  • I was told never to bite the hand that feeds me, but nobody said anything about the wrist.
  • Beanie got caught chewing on the hand that feeds her.
  • Beanie was pretty sure this wasn't what she meant when she asked for a hand cleaning out her drawers!
  • Hey, git yer hand off our undies!
  • Beanie Baby
  • Let's give Beanie a "hand"
  • What? It's not my bed! I didn't know.
  • Beanie gives her owner a "hand" in folding the laundry!
  • Have you seen my cute little floral print?
  • I dont know about that dress
  • I did not bite off the hand that feeds me!
  • mailman? no, i haven't seen him today... why do you ask?
  • Let this be a warning to all how attempt to trespass in my mom's will lose a hand!
  • ...When I said "Give me a hand.", I meant it as in "Get me out of this box.", not "Give me a plastic hand, I might need it."
  • Can somebody give me a hand?
  • How did you say to fold these things?
  • Beanie lends a hand with the laundry.
  • need a hand moving furniture?
  • "...and for my next trick, the rest of him will reappear!"
  • Let me give you a hand with your clothes.
  • What Hand?
  • Wanna give me a hand here?
  • Beanie is undicided on what to wear today.
  • Beanie ponders the meaning of the saying, "don't bite the hand that you find in a drawer."
  • I COULD use another hand...
  • Hey you said you needed a hand,so I found one!
  • Do you need help? I have an extra hand,
  • body? what body?
  • Beanie lends a hand with the laundry...
  • Beanie thinks she is laundry. Just so she can get a chance to spin in that special drum!!!
  • Beanie tests the effectiveness of the new fabric softner.
  • Excuse me,can I have a hand finding the thongs?
  • Where's my white collarless shirt from fred Segal??!!?
  • You can't blame me, I know where the rest of the body is.
  • Yeah, I will lend a hand, but you're not getting near my panties!
  • NO mom I dont like that outfit! Let me give you a hand.
  • I DID NOT bite off the hand that fed me!
  • Why is there a hand in the underwear drawer?
  • Need a hand?
  • Roamin' hands? No, but I've heard of Boston paws...
  • Excuse me. Would you mind giving me hand getting dressed?
  • Well... you left it on the floor, so it's mine!!!
  • HEY!!!What are you looking at?! Do you think you can have my TOY...well u best be talkin to the wrong person if u think that!!!!
  • do something interesting and I'll be glad to give you a hand
  • Excuse me....this is my panty drawer!!!
  • What im not doing got a problem
  • This is my drawer... any questions?
  • Beanie is a Boxed-in Terrier.
  • So, I, um, sorta chewed your friends hand off and I was, uh, planning on hiding it in your underwear drawer...
  • Do you think you could wear me to????
  • Lingerwhat? No. But I can give you a hand.
  • Hand? What hand?
  • Beanie, with her surrogate ear-scratcher.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • but I thought that there was a lizard in here?


  • The famous "head cocked to one side" Boston look...totally precious!
  • what a cutey pie
  • Lets give Beanie a hand for being so dang cute!!!!!!!!!!!!


Great captions everyone!
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