boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Char & boston terrier photo of the week Jelly

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

Char & Jelly wonder why it is called a "Cat Nap"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Do you want to know what comes between us and our Calvin's...NOTHING!".
  • Char and Jelly are the original leg warmers.
  • "I'm glad I gave Char the inside. It knocked her out!"
  • Buttston terriers.
  • "It's not the heat, it's the humidity!"
  • happiness is a warm butt to curl up on
  • You've heard of panty shields, well Char is my fart shield.
  • Char and Jelly awake at the crack of Don.
  • Char is a "glass half full" girl but Jelly wanted a real bed.
  • Jelly was jealous - Char always gets first crack at the best seat in the house.
  • The only thought between Jelly and sleep was: "did I put the candles out or not?"
  • It's ok to fart now. Everyone will think it is this jeans person.
  • Jelly loses sleep, knowing that "silent but deadly" could be inches away from her sister's head!
  • Butt we're so tired!
  • Mommo, Char and Jelly sugar crash after eating all the left-over Christmas treats.
  • There's no place like home !
  • Do these boston terriers make my butt look big?
  • It's not the number of miles on the hike that wear you out, it's the hills....
  • We love this spot - it's got it's own warm air vent.
  • We got the best seat in the house!!!
  • Don't knock it 'til you try it.
  • Hope the gas stays off.
  • Pheew! OMG my eyes are burning! What did he eat?
  • Just close your eyes and breath through your mouth till the smell disappears
  • Daddy's make the best badunkadunk snugglers!!
  • I LOVE these pillows that come with warming elements!
  • Do you smell something?
  • Who farted?
  • Don't even think about losing weight! We like you lumps just the way they are.
  • bummed out
  • Momo - what'd you eat?
  • Better check the carbon monoxide monitor - we're pasing out here!
  • "Ahh, nothing like snuggling with your sister AND owner at the same time!"
  • Mom was right, he does have a hot tush.
  • am i crazy or ami smellin a fart!
  • Don't let these innocent looks fool you :)
  • I get the spot by the butt next time
  • These humans..They got built in cushions, and they're heated too.
  • "Yep! Best spot in the house, right Jelly?"
  • Peeeeeeeewwwwwwwww, Dad! You're knockin' us out!
  • Boston Butties!
  • Snuggle time with my person feels right....
  • char slept peacefully, but jelly was worried about being down wind.
  • Hey Char, do you smell anything funny?
  • Why did you wake me up? Did you bring food?
  • It's a dogs life, live it to the max!
  • Char, was that you?
  • Hey Char do u smell that?
  • I love Mom jeans, how 'bout you?
  • While Char slept peacefully Jelly worried their person would seek revenge for all of their previous 'gas attacks'
  • at least I have a 'buffer' if he farts
  • Char & Jelly sometimes wonder why they're the butt of all jokes...
  • No words can say, this is the best spot to be!
  • I always get the aisle seat.
  • I hope he doesn't get even with us and fart!
  • I wish you would quit snoring so i could get to sleep too.
  • This is what I get for being late. She has the best spot & I got stuck with the end piece.
  • The very rare two headed Boston finally caught on film!
  • i always get stuck on the outside...
  • Do you smell that?
  • Char, did you hear that?
  • proof that dogs won't sleep where "they" poop.
  • Char has already succumbed to the after-effects of the Taco Bell binge, and Jelly is fading fast!
  • we finally found the jelly but I don't know how we are gonna get it into the char....
  • Giving a whole new meaning to the term butt-heads.
  • I sure hope that he doesn't fart!
  • Such a hard life
  • Hey Jelly, isn't this the best cuddle spot ever?
  • There's no place like home!
  • Jelly is quite content knowing that Char is closer to the 'fart zone.'
  • It just doesn't get any better than this.
  • Butt Monkies
  • the calm before the deadly explosive man gas !!!
  • one down, one to go from the man vapors !
  • We will hide here with Daddy until Mommy finds Daddy and he must return to the honey-do list !
  • No one will ever look for us in the "fart-zone"!
  • Don't fall asleep he might fart on you and you'll DIE!!!
  • Did I hear Boston gas???
  • This is the best butt in the whole world!
  • Hey, what's that smell? Char, do you smell that? Char? Are you ok?
  • Char was the first to succumb to the sleep gas

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • Cutest shot ever....2 Bosties and a butt!!!!
  • that is so cute they look like twins love it
  • awwww what a cutie. i swear my dog has never done that before.
  • awwwww such cutie pies!!!
  • owww thats so... funny but at the same time adorable


Great captions everyone!
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