boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo of the week Boomer
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Boomer gives Mother Nature the Stink Eye.

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  • Yeah, I see the double rainbow, but I'm not gonna freakout over it. [See the video on YouTube]
  • Boomer embraces his inner thug.
  • Life's a Picnic.
  • Boomer wanted to know who decided that camping was the way to go
  • This reminds me how much I love NOT camping.
  • Boomer shows his displeasure with his famous "Single Stinkeye."
  • Boomer's gotta new look: Strong, dangerous,and incredibly cute.
  • I know where you sleep
  • Boomer was accustom to a higher level of comfort than was being given to him... he began plotting his revenge
  • BT in the hood, yo!
  • This camping stuff is for the birds...I want my La-z-boy!
  • I voted to go for the beach
  • Yo! Whaddup?
  • I'm not liking this, who says camping is fun.
  • This is my happy face. Now take the picture.
  • Why, Oh Why, do they keep putting me in a hoodie???
  • Yes, this toothpick makes me 'bad to the bone'....problems???
  • you in the hood baby
  • Watch out man, hoodboyz r gonna getcha.
  • BoTerr in the HOOD!
  • 8 mile boston
  • camping? Where are my creature comforts?I'm a boston afterall.
  • Yo! Yo! Man, don't dis da pink blanket!
  • See, Grandma can find good buys at garage sales! Camping gear at it's best!!
  • my mother dresses me funny
  • B to da O to da O to da M to da E to da R, YO! Boston in da House!
  • I'm half awake...will THAT do?
  • I already have one coat on.
  • wacha lookin at
  • Will bark for food.
  • boomer's in da hood!
  • Boomer is down with the "stink" eye!
  • Just once couldn't they put a turtle neck on me???
  • NOT AGAIN MOM !!!!
  • I am one of the "boys in the hood", got my hoodie and ready to rock!
  • Lady if you dont take me to the four seasons right now your gonna get it
  • You like sleeping in the dirt? What's wrong with you??!!
  • I'm so hood
  • I haven't had my coffee yet.....
  • Boomer in da hood.
  • Hey buddy can you spare some change????
  • I am not a doll.
  • Yeah, it's a frickin' pink blankie, and I'm wearing a frickin' hoodie. Wanna make something of it? Go ahead ... I dare you.
  • Camping...not a fan.
  • Yo yo yo... Boomer in Da Hawz, ya'll! Word.
  • "Do you feel lucky punk? Well, do ya?"
  • Boomer is "In the hood" waiting to hear hip hop.
  • How do I like it? How do I LIKE IT?!!
  • Eminem who? I'm the real....Slim Shady....
  • who needs camping!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Whatcha looking at?
  • I'll fix you for this!
  • Beasts in the Hood
  • What chu lookin' at can't a dog sit on a pink blankee if he want's to?

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  • lol thats funny
  • This is so cute! We put a sweater on our boston somtimes!


Great captions everyone!
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