boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Abby

Rated: Cute & Funny

The Winning Caption is:

I thought you said "weave"!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Is that a Twinkie wrapper being opened that I hear?
  • If you turn them sideways I can do my zebra impersonation......
  • Shoot. No matter how well I hide, this bell always gives me away.
  • In addition to being the family pet, Abby often doubled as a TV antenna.
  • Using her super-sonic ears, Abby found the spot with the best cell phone reception.
  • Me?I am trying to be invisible!!
  • Abby is still perfecting her hide-and-seek technique!
  • Abby's go-go gadget ears allow her to her the faint opening of the refrigerator lunch meat drawer.
  • very very quite, Im hunting for a wabbit!
  • I heard that!
  • Hark, who goes there??
  • These weave poles are a bit CLOSE, don't you think!!!
  • abby's hope for early release due to good behavior collapse as she realizes there are just too many things to bark at coming by that window.
  • i think these stupid blinds are really disrupting my boston satellite ears reception.
  • Abby heard someone say it was bath time.
  • "...and now for my floating head trick!
  • Did someone say food??
  • Verticle stripes make me slimmer, right?
  • do these vertical lines look sliming to you ?
  • HA HA I can still catch some rays !!!!
  • did you HEAR that??????
  • You can see me? Really? I thought this hiding place was 'the bomb'.
  • Playing hide and seek was not one of Abby's best qualities.
  • Do these blinds make my ears look big?!?!
  • Heads....or Tails?
  • Hey just because my ears are big does not mean I can't hide!
  • Abby tries on her new duds...
  • Abby has been blind-sided!!!!
  • I thought when I hid they were supposed to come seek me.
  • Heads of tails?
  • What do you mean, you can see me?
  • Shhh...Izz hidden
  • The newest version of a "wallflower"
  • At last sighting, the Australian Wallaroo had been adopted and disguised in the name of a Boston terrier, for use as a vertical blind dusting instrument.
  • The ears have it.
  • Abby was well aware that vertical stripes are always slimming.
  • Holy smokes! I can pick up police radio signals if I stand the right way.
  • Are they gone yet?
  • do I look as a Lhaso?
  • It's true! Vertical stripes ARE slimming!
  • Maybe if I weave through these blinds, my ears will get even LARGER!
  • Did you hear THAT???!!!
  • Did you hear that? I think it is a mouse!
  • Abby does her quality inspection of the top of the line vertical blinds
  • Who? ME?!
  • Did somebody say "bacon"?
  • Does this make me look fat?
  • Mommy leave me alone!!! I'm spyin on the cat next door!!! You're gonna give away my position!!!
  • Why does everyone keep calling me "Ears McGillicutty"?
  • Introducing Abby the newest most efficient alarm System on the market...ready to guard your windows and with ears like these can hear a cats whisker blowing in the wind a block away! get yours today!
  • OMG!! I am NOT coming out of the dressing room !!My butt looks too big in this outfit!!!
  • You'll never find me here... he, he...
  • shoot they caught me!
  • Now Abby, we have that bell on you for a reason!
  • Must get squirls!
  • Ready or I come!
  • You found me!! OK, now you hide!!
  • Abby practices for her Extreme Weave Pole Competition.
  • Please stop calling me. I am keeping watch over my back yard!!
  • This is my new trick!first i make my head come out the left my back come out the right, and last but not least my ears get REALLY big!
  • while practicing her burlesque act, abby debated whether or not she should show any tail...
  • They can't take me to the vet if they can't find me.
  • Abby, found the new sliming blind.
  • Hey Max, Get off the sofa! They're home!!
  • Abby found out how much a new bed costs!
  • Abby doubled as a satellite radio receiver on the weekends.
  • Do my ears look biiigggggg?
  • What did you say mom? i was watching a bird.
  • Oh, pleeeze Mommy, get this darn bell off a me, I'm so ashamed, I gotta hide from the boys, they're calling me kitty!
  • Abby thinks her white forehead stripe makes her blend in perfectly with the vertical blinds
  • "I is camouflage. But I uses my big ears to be so secretive."
  • not a very good hiding spot? huh?
  • Oh, God! Where's the rest of me?!?!
  • Can't get away from that darn PUParazzi!!!!
  • Do these blinds make me look fat?
  • they caught me!
  • Not AGIAN Abby!
  • Just because you have the biggest ears in this house doesn't mean you have the best hearing!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • where is MY doggie door?
  • Hey, did you see the neighbors are carpeting their backyard? How's George going to conduct business?
  • My door is bigger than George's door-- now if it were only open...


  • Adorable! And those big ears are too cute.
  • look at them ears!!!
  • Not a caption - My sweet boy Mack does the same thing. He loves to get behind the blinds and lay in the sun. This picture made me smile!
  • This dog is so cute that it makes me want to make a cute sound.


Great captions everyone!
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