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Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Tito

Rated: Cute
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The Winning Caption is:
I have my own action figure!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • There's a monster under our bed. Can we sleep with you?
  • Will the real Tito please stand up !
  • Four out of five dentists recommend extra brushing around this much sweetness.
  • We're scared mom!
  • Would the real Tito please raise both ears.
  • Maybe if I hold reeeaaally still, they'll pick up the decoy, and I can continue mission chew off the button!
  • Tito was shocked when she opened the mail to find a Tito-voodoo doll had been delivered.
  • Is it real or is it memorex?
  • Tito, a young Jedi, and his Ewok friend rest after defeating the dangerous Wookie.
  • I can watch my toy and intruders at the same time.
  • Oh Tito, what large eyes you have! "All the better to see with", Tito replied.
  • Am I a Boston Terrier dreaming I am a stuffed toy, or a stuffed toy dreaming I am a Boston Terrier? For Tito's owners, this question is rapidly becoming less academic.
  • "No...I am *not* related to Marty Feldman!"
  • Who's Uncle Fester?
  • I didnt know that I had a twin?
  • They're on to us!
  • Some dogs look like their owners.
  • Can you leave the light on, Mommy?
  • Hey when did i pose for the statue?????
  • Tito just KNEW that he would catch the blame for the rotten deeds of his evil twin, "Stink-Eye Stanley."
  • Tito: Who, me? No, I'm the dog's toy. Tito is over there. That's the dog you can take to the vet, not me...
  • who da hell be dat?
  • I can out stare you anytime!
  • are you my momma?
  • The Big Bad Wolf has competition, what big eyes you have...
  • Tito does not understand why the other Boston won't play.
  • Wha-tha . . how did he get in here?
  • tell me,which of us most looks like a boston?
  • Look Mom We're twins.
  • Will it bite me moma?
  • Tito says"This is my new brother.Don't tell him I don't think we look alike!"
  • Project Runway: Boston Challenge - Tito struggles to get his garment on the model in time
  • Squeek!
  • Tito loves his little brother.
  • Puppy Love!
  • I am NOT a twin!
  • Mama, I cuter, right?
  • Excuse me a little privacy here, I am trying to talk to my brother here!!!
  • Twins! Separated at birth!
  • Ssh. Don't say anything, and maybe she'll take YOU to the vet instead of me.
  • I don't think we're in Kansas anymore toto!
  • Are we cute or what?????
  • My name is Tito. Tito Bandito.
  • My name is Tito. Tito the Bandito. And this is my sidekick Chops.
  • "Don't look at me! He did it."
  • They say that pets look like their owners, but Bug looks like his toys!!
  • I was NOT talking to him!
  • Say hello to my little friend!
  • Did someone say "neuter"??
  • I think he's my brother.
  • Treat please! And one for my bruddah!
  • Chillin' With My Friends.
  • Nope, I not telling either.
  • OMG! My eyes are magnetically attracted to the poles.
  • And Tito thought he was the introvert.
  • Do you hear water running?? Did I hear the B word?? OMG
  • no!! i didnt not pee on the floor!! it was umm uh him yes my mini me! Bad mini me!
  • You only think I'm innocent!
  • Tito and his friend made the big eyes for the camera!
  • *spots something off-screen* *yells at that something* Hey! Quit eyeballin' me!
  • Did someone say COOKIE?????
  • did you say tookie?!
  • Who are you looking at...wait a minute who am I looking at?
  • Everyone told Tito and his friend if they kept doing that with their eyes that their eyes would stay that way!!!!
  • My fwind jus tole me scawwy stowy of wherw daa puut termomitors.
  • Tito wonders why this bosten will not move.
  • mirror image!
  • WHO you calling stuffed?
  • Say hello to my leetle friend!
  • Which one's the real deal?????????????
  • it wasnt me... i swearz!!! he did it!
  • which is cuter me or thing over there that calls its self stuffed
  • Big Eyed Baby Boston
  • Do I really look like that??

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • That is just too cute!!!
  • I am so in love!
  • OMG!OMG!OMG! This is the CUTEST picture I have ever seen!!!!!
  • Oh, this has got to be the cutest thing EVER!!! The eyes say it all.
  • aww little fuzzy devil :)
  • He is beyond precious!!!!
  • I can't stop staring at this photo. He is the cutest thing I've ever seen!
  • I could just eat him up!!!
  • the owners are so lucky!!!!! he is adorable!!!


Great captions everyone!
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