boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Luna

Rated: Cute
The Winning Caption is:
This ain't my first rodeo!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • This is a 'LICK UP',give me all your bones or the grass gets it!
  • Ahh,the sunlight is stong and pleasent. I think I'm going to roll in something.
  • when I eat a york peppermint pattie I get the sensation of being a cowpoke on the open plain...
  • I just love it when the wind whistles through my ears!!!!
  • Orange you crazy about my new scarf! ARF!
  • Luna knew it would take practice but one day she would be able to lick the top of her head.
  • I can curl my tongue and my ears at the same time! Its a great trick to do at the bar!
  • This air is so fresh & clean, it'll curl your tongue AND ears!
  • is it just me ? Or is it HOT
  • Howdy!
  • Luna showing off her new Fall look
  • Heeerrreeee I come to save the daaaayyyyy!
  • Luna's tongue-scarf is the latest fashion in BT-wear.
  • Luna (aka Captain Zoom Zoom) waits for her next super BT task!
  • Git along little dawggies!
  • Is it really the first day of fall?Is it really the first day of fall?
  • Ooops! Next time, I'll go for a 24 hour bra and skip the fashion statement...
  • Luna's retro updo and fashionable bandana were sure to wow the crowd at the Woodstock premiere!
  • Aaw, c'mon Mom. Fix my ears before you take the picture!
  • lick along little doggies
  • was that a hornet?
  • Luna reacts to "Love is in the Air" by sending Boston kisses.
  • sun, grass & an orange, flowery bandana- what more could a girl want??
  • and Dingo was his name-o
  • Maybe tomorrow I'll want to settle down...but until tomorrow the whole world is my home! Luna as the 21st century Littlest Hobo!
  • And the Lone Ranger Rides AGAIN!!!!!
  • The latest cross breed: Bostons and curly parsley.
  • Throw the ball, throw the ball, Pleeeease throw the ball!!!
  • Luna was an expert at the Simon Says game
  • Luna's shot at stardom hinged on the glamour shot of her vampire impression she'd submitted for the next Twilight movie
  • Feels like sunshine for another 24 hours.
  • I'm ready for my close up momo!
  • Luna models her "Princess Leaia" folded-up ear-do.
  • Savoring the last bit of summer
  • The peanut butter mustache was a little too out of reach for luna.
  • Mom, can I get my tongue pierced? PLEEEEASE? Look how bare it looks...can I? Huh? Please?
  • Who needs lipstick with a tongue like this!
  • Pose for the camera now click click
  • Run Forest Run!!!!
  • it is me leeluna so you want a face off well kitty 1 2 3 DRAW!!!
  • Not only can Luna roll her tounge, she can also roll her ears.
  • Goodbye Heidi Klum,helloooo Lovely Luna!!!
  • Life is so good! I am happy.

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  • i love boston terriers this one is so cute!!!!!!!!!!
  • Luna is SO precious!


Great captions everyone!
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