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Mazy & Dinah the Australian Shepherd/Lab mix
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How dare they put a guard on me...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Mazy won the staring contest, but both she and Dinah were too exhausted to celebrate.
  • Mazy hated it when Dinah tried to make her think she was looking in a mirror.
  • See Dinah, Peeing on the rug makes everyone suffer!
  • Mazy to Dinah, " GOD! WILL YOU STOP IT!! You know it creeps me out when you sneak up like that!"
  • Mazy is frozen with fright thinking that Hazel the stalker-collie is peeping thru the window.
  • Apparently Dinah was losing the "Im ignoring you game"
  • No going outside for you young lady, you are on restriction..
  • It's a lonely life sometimes when your not a BOSTON!!!!!!!!....
  • Ok Mazy, what am I holding in my paw NOW?
  • Only a select few know Mazy's true alter ego.
  • Mazy wished her fairy god mother would go away
  • Mazy appreciated basking in the sun INDOORS and pretended not to notice the dirty look Dinah was giving her outside
  • Don't give me sorry eyes Dinah. I am not talking to you.
  • mom, my reflection isnt matching again.
  • Both wondering...who has the best spot?
  • We didn't do it. . . Can we play together now?
  • It is always better on the other side of the door
  • Mazy wasn't ready to forgive Dinah.
  • The Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on Mazy and Dinah.
  • Dinah seeks refuge outside as the house fills with toxic fumes.
  • Stage one of world dominance complete!
  • I always feel like somebodies watching me.....
  • Ok, now here's MY side of the story. We were running through the house not touching ANYTHING when Dinah's butt fishtailed around the corner coffee table and after that everything went blank...
  • She's watching me, isn't she?
  • You know Mazy, the stink eye is only effective when you're looking directly at dinah
  • Mazy did it and Dinah gets the time-out! Aaaahhhhh to be a Boston!
  • Can you hear me now?
  • Mazy with tears in her eyes,loves her friend for taking the wrap for the eaten shoe.
  • Mazy,"Somehow, I can't shake the feeling that I am being watched."
  • Mazy, "...and Dinah peed directly on Mom's slippers! Oh, she's standing behind me isn't she? Do you think she heard?"
  • If looks could kill...
  • Mazy decided that it's better to be on the inside looking out than outside looking in!
  • please tell me that isn't me!
  • Even though Mazy & Dinah were sent to time-out; they both knew that that would somehow wind up in the same spot again.
  • Taz couldn't shake the feeling that he'd lived in this house in another life.
  • "Those Boston Terriers are soooo spoiled..I have to spend my day in the hot sun and she has the luxury of being indoors..."
  • "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen...nobody knows my sorrow..."
  • Mazy and Dinah waiting for "time-ou" to be over.
  • Looks like Dinah's down-and-out not Down-Under
  • Who let that dog out?
  • Mazy is hoping this is not her blind date.
  • Mazy is sure Dinah will mention the drinking as soon as they open the door.
  • Oh, I'll sit here and wait patiently. As soon as I get the chance I'm going after that snobby redhead out there.
  • Let the jailbird sing.
  • What did she do?
  • If I don't look at her maybe she'll go away.
  • I always feel like somebody's watching me!
  • So close, yet so far away....
  • Those puppy eyes will not work, I am still mad right now!
  • May I pleeeeeeease go out to play now?
  • This Sunbeam would be "ours". Take a hike human..
  • Really?! He's back again....?
  • No Dinah, I will not forgive you for taking my favorite toy!
  • hey thats not my reflection?!
  • You don't send me flowers, anymore...
  • Ya move and I'll bite your leg off!
  • is he watching???!!!!
  • Mazy felt a strange presence, like someone watching over her.
  • Mazy's was oblivious to her reflecting looking back at her. Which was a good thing since her reflection looked strangely out of the oridinary.
  • I'm being watched!
  • But mom, why can't I go out with Dinah, we're best of best friends. Pleeeeze!
  • Do you really think I did all that????
  • I wish Zip would stop stalking me online.
  • Please mom, can she come in and play?
  • You are so ttally shunned!
  • I always feel like there is somebody watching me...and I have no privacy.
  • would you please stop humming "how much is that doggie in the window? " !!
  • Dinah was on to her and Mazy knew it. No tail, no snout, indoor privileges...and just a faint odor of something evil.
  • And they call it a dog---no nose, no tail, those pointy bat ears...what IS that thing?
  • Dinah gives the "evil eye"
  • And now, a one-hit wonder: I always feel like, somebody's watchin' meeee!!
  • maybe dinah wont see me taunt me if i look this way.....
  • Dinah couldn't help but envy Mazy's awesome-ness
  • You come to me on the day of my daughters wedding with no gift! you sit outside!!!! now take in my beauty!
  • Dinah can come back inside when she's ready to tell Mazy she's sorry for stealing her bone.
  • "I hope this SuperNanny time out techinique works" wished Mazy
  • "It always feels like someone is watchin' me..."
  • Dont look. Dont look. Dont loo...Ahh! She saw me!
  • I'll let you back in the house when you apologize for staying out all night!
  • Mazy said,nothing other then Boston's may enter !
  • I'm the queen and nothing she'll enter enless I say so !
  • Nothing more then A diva in charge !
  • Mom! She's blocking my sun!

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  • Mazy & Dinah are both so cute!
Great captions everyone!
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