boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo of the week Angus

Rated: Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:
Angus' very own reindeer game...not exactly what the song writer had in mind...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Angus knew he had what it takes to be Santa's new reindeer
  • I am late for my orthodontist appointment out of my way!!!!
  • Now this is what A mighty dog looks like.
  • Nothing runs like a Deere.
  • And here we have the elusive Bostalope. Much more rare than it's smaller cousin, the Jackalope!
  • Thought to be extinct, the saber toothed mastaboston is caught on tape!
  • With his special mouth piece, Angus could fly, fly like the wind!
  • A rare sighting of the Boston Antelope.
  • Angus demonstrates EXTREME running with a sharp object in your mouth!
  • Angus' mom always warned him about flying too low w/ his mouth open
  • I guess it'll take awhile to get used to these dental implants.
  • Angus has been watching Wild Kingdom again.
  • Angus lives up to his name.
  • Look! I found my ancestry!
  • Run Forrest, run!
  • Interpretation of "Woolly Mammoth" for Angus's Boston in the Arts class
  • A rare photo of the saber tooth boston
  • I told Rudolph I was leading Santa's sleigh this year.
  • I need a head Dr. who can surgically attach my antlers to my head!!!
  • To the crime lab Horatio!
  • Angus makes one last attempt at the triple-flip fence-hook escape.
  • Did momma tell you not to run with antlers in your mouth?
  • Angus hopes this doesn't count as a "fly-off" penalty!
  • Angus can't wait to have daddy tell him what this thing is!
  • Angus seized the legendary Jackalope and flew.
  • Apparently, Angus' mother never warned him about running while carrying sharp objects!
  • Angus became absolutely giddy with glee believing he had found the Holy Grail of the Boston World!
  • Newest addition to the Olympics- Boston Terrier Fishing.
  • who says there is no such thing as a "jackelope" i know have proof...
  • under dog (evil version)
  • Now where's the body?
  • Molly was disappointed to learn that even though she had antlers and the ability to fly, she could never be a reindeer.
  • Santa will be really mad at me if he sees me running with this set of antlers!!
  • Prancing Boston Terrier makes its first kill.
  • A New Breed: Bostosaurus Rex.
  • I am Angus mighty bostonbull ready to bullfight!
  • where is Ryans head at?
  • Mine, mine, mine, mine, MINE!!
  • Duck..Duck...GOOSE!
  • Look mom, no cavities!
  • "Whahoo...and the missus is a Vegan!"
  • Bone Hunter!
  • Angus takes his name seriously.
  • Wait Santa! It's ny turn to lead the sleigh!
  • a shot from angus' audition tape for santa's sleigh.
  • never fear super boston terrier is here.AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
  • Finally caught in the act,it seems Angus can travel faster than the speed of light
  • Trying out for Santa's team of reindeer.
  • i better hide this under the couch cushions before sombody tries to steal it
  • Look what Santa brought me!!!!!
  • Faster than a cheeta, stronger than an ox.... ANGUUUUUSSSSS!
  • Hey Kitteh, dis yous prey mous!
  • I am 'Deerslayer', be afraid!
  • Angus returns home from the hunt
  • Angus is practicing his Rudolph impression for the Christmas holidays...
  • Besties know the this is the only way to get the bull by the horns.
  • Somehow roping the critter just didn't sound quick enough for Angus.
  • Surely eating a cow will help me live up to my name.
  • Angus didn't know what exactly was in his mouth but he thought the ladies would love it....
  • "Yippe Ey Aye Mini Sirloin Burgers"
  • For Narnia!!!!!!
  • I will get you Peter Pan!
  • In the tradition of the Highland caber-toss, Angus practices his goat-skull toss.
  • mine-I brought down the steer and it's MINE!
  • This once thought to be extinct "Bully Mammoth" was found roaming the fields of the Midwest this afternoon. He is thought to be wild, but not dangerous. Residents nearby have observed him running at a rapid pace, making pig like grunting noises, and one resident has told us he possibly has a skunk like scent defense system. More news to follow at 11.
  • I got the skull, we can continue our Hamlet rehearsal now!!
  • 1st Long Horn Boston I have ever saw
  • Angus was living every Bostons fantasy,to leap like a panther,and have the speed of a cheetah.The ultimate hunter!!!
  • Angus, harkens back to his roots and the thrill of the hunt!!!
  • Angus is trying to find the right hiding spot for his bone.
  • on dasher, on dancer, on prancer, on angus... wait...angus?!
  • By the power of Goat Skull!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Angus rushes to Lola's aid, poking her human in the butt to make him put on some clothes.


  • He looks like a Celtic God!
  • that is so wild and crazy hahahahaha
  • what is in his mouth?? (Answer: Antlers)
  • that boston has some air on that jump!
Great captions everyone!
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