boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Lady Socrates AKA Socs

Watch a video of Socs surfing - Socs style!

Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:

Wait! Is that ring on FIRE?!?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • *insert dolphin noise here*
  • did anyone else see the size of that guppy?
  • Are you sure that was my shadow on the bottom of the pool?!
  • I believe I can fly, I believe I can touch the sky...
  • When her surfboard is drying out, Socs likes to fly over the water
  • Lady Socrates wins the belly flop competition!
  • It is too late, Socs is wet. Expect the gremlin balls to start popping out any moment now.
  • "I'm coming Superfriends! Aquadog to the rescue!"
  • The "Soc Ness Monster" finally photographed!
  • S.O.C.S....Swimming On Clouds is my tribal name.
  • LIFE PRESERVER???... I don't need no stinking life preserver!
  • THERE's no need to fear, WATER dog is here!
  • With enough speed, Socs believes it is possible for a Boston to hydroplane.
  • Oh no! The wave gave out!
  • i hope i dont bite my tounge when i hit the water!
  • Who needs tequila?
  • Oooh, the water was a little colder than I expected!
  • Great form! Buddy Dog Pinson
  • ...and this is what happens when someone forgets to turn on the pool heater; Socs the"pup-sicle!"
  • Too Much Time on Your Hands
  • Micheal Phelps, eat your heart out!
  • it's a bird, it's a plane, it's Aqua Dog!
  • It's a bird--It's a plane--NO, IT'S SUPERSOCS!!!!
  • Michael Phelps, swim aside!
  • Holy-Stinking-Cow, this water is muy el frigido.
  • Michael Phelps ain't got nuttin' on me!
  • Dont' worry its Socs to the rescue.
  • Remember when they said to never get a gremlin wet....
  • Socs puts Michael Phelps to shame in the enthusiasm category.
  • INCOMING!!!!
  • from the pool of a japinese yard comes socs the loc ness pool monster!
  • bonzii!
  • Socs demonstrated her version of the famous belly flop!
  • EEE-YIKES That's cold!!
  • Michael Who?
  • All clear for a water landing!
  • World's zaniest water rescue dog!
  • Lassie sin't got nothin' on this Boston!
  • Cccccccccold!!!!!!
  • after seeing Micheal Phelps win the Gold in bejing,Soc's continues to practice in the hopes for a Gold medal too.
  • Oh! Yeow! Cold!
  • While she hadn't yet flown over the pool Socs motto was try try again.
  • Mwahaha...we meet again!
  • On your mark..get set...go........
  • Jesus walked on water, it's only fitting a Boston Terrier should too!
  • Unlike flying and swimming, Socs couldn't master walking on water.
  • Attention everyone: I have a very urgent and horrifying announcement. CANNONBALL!
  • Yikes, that's cold!
  • "If I could walk on water, if I could tell you whats next, make believe,make you forget...."
  • Hey look! brown frosting at the bottom of the pool!
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's Super Boston!
  • socs in training to become a navy seal.
  • YAHOO ............ MOUNTAIN DEW!!
  • kawabanga dude!!! Let's hang ten!!!
  • Michael Phelps' got NOTHIN' on me....he calls that a breast stroke? Hah!
  • "Today we realized that Lady Socrates' exercise addiction was spiraling out of control."
  • Omg I can run on water!
  • Socs loves her water wet and wavy!
  • DOWN periscope!!
  • The BT Socs Missile.
  • Plaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
  • Bonzai!
  • It looks likes he is going to get u
  • Lady Socrates tried out for the Flipper remake and nailed the audition!!!
  • Dolphin Dog Strikes Again!!!
  • They call him Flipper
  • the last thing a squeaky toy ever sees...
  • In ground pool: ten months of salary. Monthly maintenance: a week's worth of groceries. Seeing a look of pure joy on your Boston's face: priceless.
  • euuuuwwwwww - did I just see you pee in the pool????!!!!!
  • banzai!!!!!
  • i just keep swimin swimin all doggie day long!
  • Wild and crazy Lady Socrates forgets her manners and dived into the pool with no clothes on!
  • And those labs think they can jump!!!
  • introducing lady & her casting demo for " the little mermaid "....
  • Look at me! I believe i can fly!
  • SEEE! Bostons CAN walk on water!
  • It was proof that the rare and elusive Boston Flying Fish truly exsistied!
  • Socs is imitating a dolphin after watching too much Animal Channel.
  • Socs is working hard on his audition for Baywatch!
  • Socs, Socs - you forgot your board.
  • Cannonball!
  • NEW CHEW STICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH NO I CANT RUN ON WATER.............( SPLASH!!!!!!)
  • CANNON BALL!how did this get here
  • It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Surfer Socs!
  • The elusive Boston Dolphin has finally been photographed in its natural habitat.
  • Oh my gosh that is so COLD!!!
  • Hey, what's the BIG idea about jumping out of the water while trying to catch a ball in my mouth all at the same time. Holy Dog!!!
  • Gotta get it, gotta get it, gotta get the ball while jumping out of the water all at the same time! Gotta get it, gotta get that ball...
  • "Summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime!"
  • And here is a sighting of the rare Boston Lake Monster.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • I LOVE HER!!
  • omg this is so cute. im gunna enter Sergio my crazy little Boston!
  • this is the face that used to scare me as i watched her jump from the dock into the lake! haha we all know she loves water! :]
  • this is really somthing, should be on t.v.
  • Socs is Awesome!
  • Go Lady Socrates!!!
  • Oh! I love that face! This one must go in the calendar!
  • He looks insane! I love this!
  • What a happy dog!!!
  • WOW! Great shot.
  • Oh my goodness! This is hilarious!
  • love it
  • Socs seems like such a water dog!!!! Looks like she is having a ball!!!
Great captions everyone!
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