boston terrier photo of the week Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Silvia
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Silvia likes her Vitamin Water dirty, with three olives.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Sylvia may not get the writing on the wall, but she gets the message in the bottle.
  • First leg of the tri-athalon done - two to go.
  • At least Tom Hanks had a volleyball to talk to.
  • Billy Bob had no idea that a little Boston named Silvia had eaten his note asking to be rescued off the little tropical island in the middle of nowhere.
  • Taking part in recycling, one bite at a time
  • Silvia understood the importance of staying hydrated when sunbathing...
  • At that moment, Silvia was wishing her friends would stop sending messages in bottles and start using email.
  • Silvia hits the bottle early at the beach.
  • After I get this cap off I'll send an S.O.S. So much for a three hour tour.
  • Silvia thought she was testing another Dog Toy when low and behold! She found a love note made out to Bergamot!
  • I hate these boston proof caps, only a kid can get them open!
  • After starring in "Hotel for Dogs", Silvia's next role was on "LOST".
  • Leaving a 'message in a bottle' doesn't necessarily entail shouting down the bottle-neck, Silvia.
  • "It ain't breathin! But it's ok, I know mouf to mouf!"
  • 99 bottles of vitamin water on the wall, 99 bottles of vitamin water....hick
  • Dazed and confused, Silvia awakes to find herself alone on the beach drinking after prom night has come and gone.....
  • Silvia never really learned that it's not safe to eat trash, especially off the beach.
  • Sun, Surf, Sand, Silvia, and Vitamin Water???
  • Damn it! Thumbs would be great right now! Seriously, I'm thirsty!
  • If only I had thumbs, oh cruel world!!!
  • Silvia always remembers her water bottle when going to the beach
  • Just another tequila sunrise....
  • Water water everywhere,but not a drop to drink!!!!!!!
  • The bottle cap dog
  • This Vitamin Water is Crunchy...
  • everything taste better with sand on it!
  • I don't care how filthy the bottle is, this is my favorite flavor...
  • Vitamin Water: They might as well call it crack.
  • Water water everywhere and not a thing to drink!
  • Too hard to drink this!
  • hey, a little help here? Someone forgot to give me my vitamins this morning.
  • Poor Silvia...water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!
  • Am I hallucinating?
  • I'll send an SOS to the world I'll send an SOS to the world I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets my I hope that someone gets my message in a bottle
  • What a bummer, this isn't Budweiser!
  • Eeeww this vitamin water tastes like sand!
  • Silvia is making sure she remains hydrated while sunbathing on Fire Island........
  • Silvia is a rare boston not only does she swim she also helps the environment by picking up one empty bottle at a time.
  • Boston Terrier beachglass washed ashore at Indiana Dunes State Park.
  • Silvia worked hard at trying to get the message from the bottle but she just couldnt seem to get the top off.
  • Water water everywhere, but not a drop to drink!
  • There must be a message in here!
  • silvia is trying to get out the message in the bottle.
  • "I wish they all could be California --er, Boston-- girls!"
  • so soooo thiirrrsssttyyyy.
  • Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink.
  • Silvia thought the new, improved vitamin water had just a tad too much fiber.
  • Must...Have...Water...
  • Silvia keeps trying to get to the message in the bottle, but her tongue just isn't long enough!
  • How dry I am.....How dry I am.....
  • A Boston feeling low on vitamins will resort to desperate measures.
  • Beach Bunny Silvia bones up on her vitamins!
  • Silvia tries to get her Message in A Bottle but winds up with a snout full of sand.
  • omg this is the best vitamim water it is just so nummy
  • i got sahand on my thung.
  • just relaxin on the beach?
  • I will get that message in the bottle!
  • Silvia spends another morning on her beach trip with a little 'hair of the dog'.
  • Maybe if I turn it on its side I'll get more than just sand.
  • Silvia's determination was undaunted even though her owner told her that genies really do come from lamps.
  • Very parched...must get water...
  • ~~A little salty but wet~~
  • This tastes so much better than that saltwater.
  • But why is all the rum gone?
  • Vitamin Water- I've GOTTA try it!
  • MOM!!! Iz need more water!!!
  • silvia prepares to toss her love message in the bottle out to sea....
  • oh no, not again!! the cap won't come off!
  • Now what is the message in THIS bottle?
  • they said this has a yummy flavor! to me,it tastes like sand!
  • No wonder this stuff has so few calories...IT'S EMPTY!!!
  • When there's no salt water taffy around, Silvia makes do with what's at hand.
  • Now if someone could just help me with this bottle cap, I'll be putting my message in it and be on my way!

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  • that is funny hahahhaha
  • SHe's adorable!
  • So cute i luv bosties. O.R.R
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