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Rated: Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:

George found out the hard way about the birds and the bees. And the bees were yet to come.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • 'Hey, Mommmmmmmm? Do we have a cat?'
  • Suddenly George regretted sitting on that egg for so long.
  • "Mockingbird, Schmockingbird! I want it to quit barking at me!"
  • George discovers his overworked Angels
  • George has had enough of early morning song birds.
  • George's favorite movie has always been the matrix
  • By George, he's mastered the Levitation Spell!
  • Who says Bostons aren't good bird dogs?
  • Hush little Georgie, don't say a word, Mama went and got you 3 mockingbirds...
  • 'I'm flapping, I'm flapping, but my ears won't lift me up!'
  • George decided maybe bird watching is best left to cats.
  • George makes his acting debut in a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's classic "The Birds".
  • Those are the biggest mosquitos I've ever seen!
  • "Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens...mocking-birds flying and attacking my mittens...these are a few of my favorite things!"
  • George's attempts to join the flock were met with resistance
  • Crazy birds to the left of me and birds to the I am stuck in the middle with you!
  • Let me it wind up or does it run on batteries?
  • George is learning to do the bird mating dance.
  • George learns the valuable lesson that there is strength in numbers.
  • That ball hit me harder than I thought ... there are little birdies flying around my head!
  • Don’t worry little birdie, we’ll get him from the rear......
  • So you think you can dance?
  • A lone hunter searches for dinner. Pheasant under glass, anyone?
  • ...don't worry...about a thing...'cause every little thing's gonna be alright....
  • "george" doing his impersonation of bob marley & the 3 little birds...
  • I wonder if they taste like chicken?
  • A bird in the paw is worth three in the grass??!!
  • Abort! Abort!
  • Yah, right. My little chikadee.....I wonder if you taste like chicken...
  • Kung Fu Boston V.S. The Three Winged ninja's Score : KFB= 3 & TTWN=lets just not mention that k? "I dont no dout you but i sink dat we win" says the TTWN
  • Dis bird is really good at telekinesis
  • Here birdie, birdie, birdie...
  • oh noes! it's like that book, that bird book! they've come to attack!!!
  • Tag! You're it!!
  • I never said I was interested in Menage a trois!
  • oh man, I think I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock movie
  • You can fly over that fence?! TEACH ME!
  • Are you like.....little turkey dinners?
  • out numbered 3 to one George desides to charge
  • george says i'm gona getcha i'm gona getcha getcha getcha getcha one way or another
  • These mockingbirds can sing but George really would rather have that diamond ring at this point.
  • How am I supposed to tell if they taste like chicken if theywon't stay still?
  • I've seen that Alfred Hickcock movie and I don't like the way it ended.
  • George. what a bird brain!
  • George was hoping for Fairy Dust, but the birds poo-pooed that idea.
  • Mommy! My new toy won't stay!!
  • Move again and I will kill you.
  • hush little baby,don't say a word. daddy's gona catch you a baby Mocking bird
  • Come here birdie birdie birdie I promise I dont bite.
  • Bird says waaaaaa!!!!!!!!BT SAYS:prepare to die!!!!!!!
  • George channels Tippi Hedren as he dodges attacking birds
  • George didn't believe until he tried it for himself: herding birds *is* harder than herding cats.
  • George quickly realized that the new landscaping contractor really wasn't up to the task.
  • After the 'incident', George could never watch Woody Woodpecker again.
  • George found out that bird herding was a little more difficult than he thought.
  • While sneaking up behind the first bird George had no idea he was about to be goosed a second feathered fiend
  • I pooped what?
  • Wow the mosquitos are BIG this year!
  • Tag! You're it!
  • Hey Ma! It's raining birds!
  • Coming soon to a theater near you, "Crouching Boston, Molting Feathers"
  • A faithful heart makes wishes come true. (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon")
  • What's the problem, I just wanna be friends.
  • WOW! A BIRD! I wonder what these thingamajigs do all day. Are they jumping or are they just trying to make a fool out of themselves?
  • Just... a liiitle closer....
  • i'm gonna tell you guys ONE more time...i do not have any wings..therefore i cannot fly....
  • what feather on my lip!!!
  • It was a quiet day of birdwatching until George showed up.
  • Mighty hunter spies baby bird!
  • the sky is falling........ THE SKY IS FALLINGGGGGGG
  • Help!!! I'm surrouded!
  • I'm warning you, I have a black belt in dograty!
  • Try something, I dares ya!
  • Hidden Boston, crouching bird

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  • OMG this is sooooo wild. looks like a friskey lil one! boston lover
  • I hope he didnt hurt the little baby bird!
Great captions everyone!
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