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Special Guest Star: boston terrier photoWinston
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The Winning Caption is:

For Winston, this seemed to work better than "do not disturb"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Insert cheeseburger here.
  • Winston went to the costume party as himself.
  • Winston puts on his poker face, literally.
  • Winston was recently admitted into the Witness Protection Program due to his involvement in the kong heist last week.
  • I'll just take a little nap and no one will EVER know!
  • Primary Rules for Guard Duty: #1 Never let them see you sweat. #2 Never let them see you sleep.
  • Winston resorts to false advertising.
  • After the plastic surgery, Winston always seemed a bit off...
  • This is absolutely the LAST time I buy dentures at BIG LOTS!
  • Winston puts on the Do Not Disturb sign to catch some shuteye.
  • I am now officially a member of the witness protection program.
  • You just got RAWWRRed!
  • "Well we all have a face, that we hide away forever" Winston - the inspiration behind Billy Joel's The Stranger.
  • I think I saw an Outer Limits like this!!!!!!!...Get this thing off my face!!!!!
  • For those of you who need a subtle hint, Winston reminds us that is in fact best to let sleeping dogs lie.
  • Exhausted by his 24 hour security detail, Winston uses his owner's Little Beast swag to scare off potential intruders.
  • Ch-ch-ch-ch changes
  • This is my domo face
  • Your face is going to freeze like that.
  • Grrr, Mondays are the pits!
  • there you happy I put on my 'happy face'
  • Ohio, Winston-Kun!
  • Winston's preparing his *RARR* face for Halloween.
  • Nom Nom... whatever. I need a nap.
  • Give me all your cheese and no one will get hurt.
  • RAWR.
  • After Winston wakes up that's how he's going to feel.....
  • What do you mean my plastic surgery didn't work?!
  • See, Mom...I make a GREAT mean face!
  • I always told my parents I wanted to be a SUPERHERO in a cartoon but they said that it would never happen ! Well MUM and DAD look at me now !! HAHa Proved you wrong ! Its called "Puppy Power" !
  • They forgot to tell Winston that Mardi Gras was over . . .
  • feeling embarassed, Winston closed his eyes in shame...
  • Beware Beastly Doggie!
  • I am awake and alert...Really!
  • Oh look! The Wizard gave me some COURAGE!
  • Try it!!!!!!! I dare you!!!!!!!!!
  • I am NOT ready for my close up!
  • RAWR!
  • WINSTON VORHEES stars in Friday the 13th,REVENGE OF THE CLAWS
  • I want lunch!
  • "I know, I know: I am way too cute to show my 'handsome' face!"
  • I am the Boston Terrorer!!!
  • Rawr!
  • I'm catching a few zzzzzzz. Do not disturb!!!
  • Shhhhhh Boston sleeping
  • BT Robot!
  • Winton's first masquerade ball
  • Life is a masquerade my friend
  • who was that masked man? er..I mean dog...
  • ~~You Can Run But You Can't Hide~~
  • Show us your scary face Winston!
  • ZZZzzzZZZ...RAWR...zzzZZZzzz
  • Don't think because I'm hot I can't be fierce.
  • C'mere I'm gonna eatcha!
  • Nom nom nom nom nom
  • I'm here to steal your face.
  • Decepticons Rule
  • is it halloween yet?
  • This IS my cute face!
  • Dokomun!
  • Pay no attention to that dog behind the placard.
  • A great idea for a peaceful siesta...
  • Winston maintains his guard dog status even when sleeping with his new BT sticker.
  • I go to sleep for just a minute, and they think it is funny to put stuff on my face and take pictures
  • Waaazzzzzzzuuuuuppppp!?!?!!
  • A canine translation of: >__<
  • I'm a scary Boston Terrier!!! Hear me growl!!!
  • Im showing you my true idenity!
  • maybe if i hide behind this mask my owners might not find me which means i dont get in trouble
  • roar!!i'm so scary!!can u please give me the bone now?!?!!?
  • My inner Boston is vicious even when my outer Boston is sleeping.
  • See, I'm ferocious!

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  • I'm glad you gave us a chance to see his handsome face, too- what a cutie!
  • Awww, that's cute. Maybe he's hungry....Rawr! lol.
  • hehehehehehehehehheeheee!
  • Comment on Winston - he is very handsome!
  • Oh, I love this!
Great captions everyone!
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