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Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photoSugar, boston terrier photo Sassy and boston terrier photo Roscoe

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Señor - is this what you mean by we must roll the R's?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Sugar, Sassy and Roscoe practice their miming skills with the invisible wall.
  • Tongue rolling is a dominant trait in our family.
  • It was clear that the Lick-A-Thon was going to make a ton of money for the Boston Terrier Rescue fund.
  • See? The bottom of our tongues DO look like little cabbage leaves....
  • Can you do this? Can you do this? Can you do this?
  • Spanish class for Bostons,now everybody roll your R's.
  • Somebody turn off that fan it is blowing our tongues up
  • Simon says stick out your tongue!
  • So where do we find a baritone to make a quartet?
  • The Three Tenors do look smashing this evening in their custom tuxedos.
  • Sugar, Sassy, and Roscoe are patiently waiting to catch some snowflakes...
  • Attention, attention: All pants on deck.
  • Three laughing Bostons, all in a row, tongues curling up in a happy little show.
  • While Sugar and Roscoe have great tongue curling technique, Sassy shows why she's the current gold medalist.
  • The top dogs for the 2009 Lick Olympics. Their favorite training tools are peanut butter and kisses.
  • "We're three caballeros...!"
  • Gene Simmons, eat yur heart out!
  • The hills are aliiiiiivee with the sound of music!
  • we luff peenuth buther
  • Auditions for the next Bostons of Hazard knockoff are fierce!
  • La-La-La!
  • We are trying to touch our noses, but it is hard!
  • We are the ... Three Amigos!!!
  • We are the Theww Amigos. Huh!
  • This is a tounge curling contest at it's best!
  • lip smackin good!!!!
  • The three tenors warm up before the show
  • La la la la la
  • See mom, we took our vitamins so we can be big and strong.
  • Water, Water, Water!
  • The famous Yodelling Boston Family!
  • Roscoe & the girls were practicing for Tongapolooza.
  • but you promised we could play with the frisbee!
  • Can you touch your nose with your tongue?
  • The Three Tenor Tongues
  • Pucker up, bay-beh!
  • When Sugar's tongue stuck that way, Sassy and Roscoe just had to see if theirs would stick too.
  • South Georgia is too hot this time of year!
  • Fa la la la la, la la la la.
  • The Three Tenors of Boston warm-up for their next big show!
  • Sugar, Sassy and Roscoe waited patiently for the first snowflakes of winter...too bad it's only June!
  • I can touch my tongue to my nose. How 'bout you?
  • I love, uh, hate, uh love peanut butter!
  • aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh peanut butter~
  • Did someone say BBQ? It's summertime!!!
  • Triple Threat for the Treat Tasting Derby
  • All together now....LLLLLLL.....
  • Simon says Stick out your tongue
  • In unisson . Gimme , Give me , GIVE ME ....
  • Open up and say aaaaahhhhhhh!
  • We're ready for our close-ups, Mr. DeMille!
  • Simon says touch your tongue to your nose!
  • Hey Mom! Roscoe says his tongue is the biggest - what do you think?
  • CHEESE!!!!!!!!!
  • I told you your face would stick that way!
  • I can't get the peanut butter off my nose!!!
  • And stick your tongue in, stick your tongue out, stick your tongue in and shake it all about.
  • La, La, La, La, La, La, La...Sugar, Sassy and Roscoe warmed up by singing scales before their much awaited concert!
  • Looks like they are about to get a tasty treat.
  • Three treat targets on deck!
  • Mom was right. Our faces DID freeze like this...
  • la la la la la la la la laaaaaaaaaa
  • Bacon! Bacon! Bacon!!!
  • Bosco when he grows up
  • The Three Tonguers in Tuxedos prepare for world tour!
  • The winner of the first tongue-to-nose contest is ........
  • 3 Amigos ready to show some Love
  • Cheeeeeeeeeeeese...wait...cheese?! Where!?Sugar, Sassy and Roscoe misunderstood what Curling involves.
  • a trio of tongues!!!!!!!!!
  • Laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
  • Can you roll your tongue?
  • Clearing Roscoe is in the lead in the Bubblegum Blowing Race, Sugar gaining in second place and Sassy......well there's always next year.
  • Is that a squirrel?
  • The lick you to death gang warming up.
  • Tongues are wagging!
  • Ok, first one to get their tongue up their nose wins!!! Ready, set, and GO!!!!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • While waiting to rehearse with Walter the back up singers warmed up with arpeggios - la la la laaa la la laaa!
  • After chasing their new toy Walter around the yard they gang was all tuckered out.


  • You gotta love those smiles!!
  • We have three girls, and the sizes are about the same! Happy babies.
  • Love that picture. :) Exactly what Boston Terriers do!
  • Love this!
  • Adorable!


Great captions everyone!
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