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Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo Bailey boston terrier photoHalen & boston terrier photoBosley (boston terrier photoBubbles is in the background)

Rated: Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:

Suddenly I thought there was something fishy about the new SeaWorld seal show....

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Bosley races to rescue the sun after it fell from the sky....
  • Bailey, "It's cheese guys!! I can smell it!!"
  • Oh. My. God. The sun has fallen in the pool! It's the end of the world!!!
  • Bailey, Halen, and Bosley just KNEW that the "Great Water Pinata" would yield FANTASTIC treats when popped!
  • The planet's gravitational pull is sucking me in...grab my legs!!
  • The rare pod of Marine Bostons caught on film.
  • The members of the Boston Olympic water polo team are sure their ball is not regulation size
  • It mattered not to Bosley what she would do with the ball once she caught it. It mattered only that she caught it first.
  • Sea World was holding auditions...and the "Amazing Buoyant Bostons" were determined to make the troop.
  • Bailey, Halen, Bosley & Bubbles are to big yellow balls as moths are to light
  • We've got to practice real hard if we are going be be part of Sea World's show!
  • You hear those noises, Princess? Those are the shrieking Bo terrier eels!
  • Bosley quote... "Uh guys, I'd avoid this spot, the water just got really warm!"
  • bosley brings new meaning to the phrase "keep your eye on the ball"...
  • Ball 1 -- Bostons 0
  • I just know if I catch that big floating ball, I will stop trying to sink!
  • Wait! I got it wrong apparently you AREN"T supposed to look directly into the sun!!
  • Bailey had perfected the art of caputuring the giant geased lemon!
  • With Bubbles out of commision Bailey new it all came down to her getting the last goal of the game.
  • Bubbles: If that what the water does to your sanity, you can count me out!
  • Hey! Wheres the cream filling?!
  • wait a minute.....Wasn't this ball white before?
  • mine, mine, MINE!
  • Training for 2012 London Olympic games is proving to be quite the challenge.
  • The trained seals race for the finish line.
  • Bailey shows wonderful form in the ball chasing 100 meters.
  • Bailey wins, by a nose!
  • First one to get lick the sticker off the ball wins!
  • I didn't know I could swim, until that ball fell in the water.!!
  • Just keep swimming, just keep swimming.
  • nba? what's that? this here's the Boston Water Polo league!
  • Oh, sure! They follow a ball into a pool but think "bath" loudly and they scatter!!
  • Seals in training
  • Can't......resist.......the magnetic force of the ball!!!!
  • just one more inch and i can touch it!
  • And they're off! It's Bosley and Halen off to an early lead, but Bailey's only trailing by a snout...
  • The First Annual Boston Water Polo Olympics!
  • Bailey: Marco! Halen: *gulp*splutter* Bosley: Mine! Mine! Min! Bubbles: Did one of you pee in the pool?
  • Boston Terrier Magnet...PATENT PENDING!!
  • Ah...The Power of the Ball
  • A live portrait of the solar system...BT style.
  • Keep Your eye on the prize, keep your eye on the prize!
  • ... and here were have their interpretation of Killer Whales at Sea World.
  • This water polo game is out of hand! Could we get a bigger ball for the next one?
  • Are you sure this is how Ester Williams got started?!!!!!!!
  • Oh my gosh there's a beatutiful Boston staring right back at me! Who is that gorgeous girl? I need... to.... get .... to the.... other....Boston....
  • "Bostonwatch" search and rescue practice.
  • Come on guys we have to save it, I can see it looking at me.
  • It's a bird! It's a plane! No! It's a giant yellow ball! MUST CHASE!
  • Bubbles cheers on Bailey but Halen and Bosley are close behind her in the newest Boston Terrier Water Polo team!
  • Watch closely as these sea terriers stalk their prey.
  • Omg! A big giant gumball I must catch!
  • And the winner is....Bailey, by a nose!
  • "Must move towards the LIGHT"
  • i'm gonna get it! i'm gonna get it! me me...i'm coming!!
  • Last one to the big yellow ball is a rotten egg.
  • Boston terriers-the newest champions of water polo
  • Bailey learns that she's an expert at water curling.

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  • They all look like seals with larger ears! How adorable.
  • How cute are they. I really want a Boston Terrier!!
  • this is a really sweet photo. They seem to be really happy
  • CUTE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great captions everyone!
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