boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo Lola the French Bulldog & boston terrier photo Petey

Rated: Cute
The Winning Caption is:
Petey worries that he licked the black spots right off Lola's ears.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • " Whatever Lola wants...Lola gets.."
  • Lola and Petey are fine tuning their act to go on the road with Gene Simmons of KISS
  • How many licks to get to the center of a Frenchie marshmallow?
  • Zee bebeh frog legs are deelicious! So young, so tender!
  • Petey wonders what Frenchie fries REALLY taste like.
  • She may be cute but *I* can touch my tongue to my nose!
  • It was the only trick that Petey knew...and Lola was quite unimpressed.
  • And I shall call her Mini me
  • Whatever Lola wants, Lola gets... and sorry Petey, little Lola wants to chew.
  • She looks tasty and come to me my little princess! Come and gets the luvs!
  • Petey licked all the black fur off of Lola's head...mmm finger licking good.
  • Give me awhile and I'll like the rest of the black off!
  • Like all Bostons, you never know what Petey will chuck up.
  • Even though Lola was a girl, Petey called her Ralph.... (Sorry, I'm on a roll here with the vomit theme. Nice, huh?)
  • Lola hopes Petey is just after the dog toy and doesn't want to French Kiss!
  • Petey new it would be like taking candy from a baby, mmmwwwahahahah!
  • ooh!croissantwich!! Yumm!
  • "Don't mind me...I'm just doing my tongue curls"
  • not a chew toy, not a chew toy, aagh mom, just a nibble
  • Zee Frenchie ees sateesfied weeth zee chew toy.
  • Yummm! Tastes like chicken!
  • If you don't watch out I'll lick the black off your head too!!!
  • I LOVE Puppy breath!
  • Petey says "What a tasty little morsel" he he he he
  • It may be "French" but it still tastes like chicken!
  • I didn't know rump roast could taste so good!
  • "She's cute, but can she touch her nose with her tongue, like me?"
  • Hey Lola! I finally figured out how to pick my nose!
  • Petey's a good sport... he doesn't mind sloppy seconds!
  • Yes, it's cute, but can it touch its nose with its tongue????
  • They were completely black at first, but Petey started craving dark chocolate.
  • lola! i got peanut butter stuck on my nose.........again!
  • Lola is slurpalicious!
  • I licked all the black off of her head. It was delicious!
  • Petey: Yum, I love French food! Lola: Uh, oh...
  • You might be little and cute ... but I bet you can't do this!!
  • Petey licks his lips in anticipation, waiting for Lola to walk away from the squeeky toy.
  • I know Lola's cute, but can she touch her tounge to her nose like me!
  • petey always knew there was something odd about lola....
  • MOM...Lola farted again. PEE-yew!
  • "Quick Lola, do something funny, they're about to snap a picture."
  • "Are you paying attention, Lola? After you stick out your tongue, you touch your nose."
  • As soon as the camera is off, that toy is mine!
  • She looks like a black and white cookie I wonder will she taste like it?
  • MMmmm !!! I want what she has
  • ok you chew the toy i'll pick my nose
  • You don't look that much different; and that black eye fur was deeelicious!
  • Lola loves a refreshing Petey-cicle during the dog days of summer
  • Hmm, should I swipe Lola's toy?
  • Petey says to Lola, "you may be a Frogdog, but watch me catch a fly with my tounge!"
  • As a new sibling says...Yea, she's cute, but when is she going back, mom?
  • And now for something completely different: a Boston Terrier with a tape recorder up his nose.
  • Lola, can you do this?
  • "Big deal, she's cute...but can she do this?"
  • Petey passes father training classes, after having bathed Lola with his tongue!
  • Tastes like chicken
  • Sure, Lola's cute and all, but I highly doubt she can touch her tongue with her nose like THIS!!!!
  • Mmmm....tastes like chicken!
  • Petey demonstrates just one of his many talents to his new "sister".
  • He's an imposter. Look, the spots came right off when I liked him.
  • Having his DNA mixed with a giraffe via Barsinister(underdog)he is now the world champion "nose licker"
  • I know he looks yummy but how is he gona fit in my mouth
  • get in my belly! i want my baby back baby back ribs! said petey
  •'re the best! you brought me a fat little piggy for dinner! nummm num !

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Petey: I don't need no MaXimus- I can touch my own nose!!
  • Petey makes a wise descision of covering his nose before walking past Maximus.


Great captions everyone!
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