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Special Guest Star: boston terrier photo Abby

Rated: Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:
A tie!!! These were both so unique & creative we had to pick them both! ~BeastCrew

Winning Caption: Wow! I can hear the ants walking!

Winning Caption: Everyone hoped Abby wouldn't shrug.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Have I told you how happy I am today yet??????
  • Few know that Boston Terriers aren't made, they're grown.
  • Belly rub, belly rub, I want a belly rub!
  • So this is what happens when you put the lime in the coconut!!
  • Hey, this velcro really works!
  • Abby's unique way of looking at life alwasy brought a smile to her face...
  • Abby had finally mastered the art of turning the world upside down.
  • "When it comes to Abby...there's no way of telling which way's up, and which way's down"
  • Abby? I thought Atlas had the world on his shoulders.
  • The weatherman's forecast today is a very low, green ceiling green - perfect for playing outdoors.
  • Abby is auditioning to be the new Godzilla.
  • Abby didn't know the ground was magnetic...
  • the limited edition "Twilight" Boston
  • Ok who let the dog watch the exorcist again!
  • Abby knew she shouldn't have had that last tequila!
  • grass. it's like outdoor velcro!
  • "Welcome to Abby's 'topsy-turvy' world"
  • Abby busted the myth, Japan is upside down.
  • Is my tan even? My right paw is feeling a little burned, man!
  • Ahh... Nothings better than being a Boston.
  • Suddenly, Abby's world was turned upside down when she heard the news!
  • Bostons are wild and crazy!
  • Abby is this you after playing with your laser light????
  • I'm ok; your upside down.
  • Oh...the Pup-parazzi is life is turned upsidedown....
  • My best impression of a bat! :)
  • Abby practicing how to play dead for her upcoming dress rehearsal.
  • And they said I couldn't dig my way to China...
  • look ma! no hands!
  • Why so Serious?
  • hey, do you come here often??
  • Its TRUE... if you dig all the way through the earth you reach China!
  • Attack of the killer grass made Abby fear for her ears
  • Hey mom! Why are you upside down?
  • Hey everyone look!!! I defy gravity!!
  • I finally got to the top of the ceiling!
  • Abby...on top on the world!!!
  • Wow, it really is true what they say about catnip!
  • "Well hello, Clarice."
  • Miracle-Gro is the same as Hairclub for men...right?
  • Hey!Look! you're on the celing!(and they thought I was weird!)
  • Abby doesn't let her jacked-up grill get her down!
  • In remembrance of Michael Jackson Abby is caught practicing the "Thriller" dance.
  • that caffine really got me going
  • Visiting China on other side of planet
  • Look hands!
  • WOW, what a great life!
  • I like that catnip !
  • I can't believe it's true! can dig your way to china!
  • I vant to suck your blood!
  • Unbeknowst to Abby's people, she is secretly a bat.
  • Perfect example of what happens when you over fertilize your lawn!
  • Clearly someone forgot the rules... Never let them get wet and NEVER feed them after midnight...
  • Livin la vida loca
  • I vant to suck your blood!
  • According to Abby the world looks better this way!
  • "I will have world domination!!MWAHAHA!"
  • "Hey!My invention to stick to the ceiling works!
  • Could someone get me down?"
  • Life is good!
  • Abby was still getting used to the psuedo gravity on the outer ring of the space station.
  • aaahahahaha you luuuv it!
  • i think on my back im thinking of world domination
  • I never thought it was true but I guess Mom was right I dug right through to China!!!
  • Abbys' eco-friendly back scratcher
  • Snap into a Slim Jim! Oh Yeah!
  • Abby quickly discovered that not only had her personal gravity reversed polariity, the sky had turned to grass!
  • Mad Dog Alert! :)
  • Any way you look at it- I'm too cute!!!!
  • Due to the economy Abby's vacation was cancelled so she had to pretend she was 'down under.'
  • Neat trick, huh? And now when I do THIS, the world will be right-side up again!
  • Don't you just love my new hat?
  • Abby the Vampire Slayer goes undercover to fool her target.
  • Look Ma! No hands!
  • Abby wonders why the people tilt their heads like that.
  • With her Tina Turner wig and a winning smile, Abby was sure she'd win the talent portion of the pageant!
  • i can smile upside down too!
  • i guess i had one too many kibble cocktails.......zzzzzz
  • wow. wild party last night huhhh emrys
  • Nothing better than being belly-up to the clouds.
  • Whaaat? I didn't think you could actually dig to China!
  • Abby is sporting the new grass hat. A hot new trend this summer!
  • Her optimistic way of looking at life had gotten her this far... Abby wasn't about to give up now!
  • Yikes! It's a Gremlin!!
  • Alright... who put the velcro on my back?
  • Look ma! We made it - top o' the world!
  • Hey look! I'm a rorschach test - I'm a rorschach test!!
  • Abby practices her poses for the Super Mario Bros. Villain Tryouts next week. She's hoping for the role of "Chomp".
  • Oooh, what a feeling, dancing on the ceiling!
  • I'm trippin' man! These 'shrooms are off the hook!
  • Me soooo happy!
  • It DOES look like I'm walking on the sky!!!
  • Abby put a whole new meaning on 'turn that frown upsidedown'
  • Abby was excited to go to church in her new Summer hat.
  • Everyone is starting to look normal now...finally!
  • Turning your world upside down
  • Ha! Ha! Ha! I got it -- you are now forever in my control!
  • All smiles, sunbathing in the yard!!
  • peek-a-boo i see you
  • It's true what they say about the other side of the world!
  • The world is a circle without a begining and nobody knows where it really ends,everything depends on where you are on the circle thats spinning around most of the time you are upside-down la la la la la lalala

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • omg she is sooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Love it!!!
  • She is one wild and crazzzyy doggie, but oh so loveable!
  • Abby is such a fun and playful dog- this picture definitely shows her personality!!
  • I have a boston and that reminds me of her so much!
  • I love the smile on this dogs face! It's Pretty cute! She looks like a fun dog to have!


Great captions everyone!
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