boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo Pepito and boston terrier photo Keekers

Rated: Cute
The Winning Caption is:

I hope its not take your pet to work day!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • No, I will not raise him as my own.
  • It's not delivery, it's Pepito...
  • usually when a new neighbor moves in they leave cookies ..what the heck is a pepito ?
  • Every time a new Harry Potter film is due to come out, Pepito insists on being left on the doorstep while Keekers is stuck being Dudley Dursley!
  • Hey! I asked for Boston Market - this looks like Mexican food!
  • That's the last time I ask mom to bring home a doggie bag!
  • Keekers dreams up ways to get the trash guys to haul off Pepito & his bag....
  • When Keekers found Pepito half in the bag again, he began to plan an intervention.
  • If I pounce just right, I can get in 5 paybacks!
  • Isn't the saying who let the cat out of the bag? Not who put the dog in the bag?
  • The hit was planned, Keekers need only wait until the hitman came to pick up the victim.
  • Keekers was confused: he thought he was the one who was supposed to be "let out of the bag."
  • Not that "Please take care of my Boston on the doorstep" gig again!
  • I haz jealousy!
  • Pepito soaks up some rays in his "napsack" while Keekers curses her indoor cat status.
  • Uh oh, my brother Pepito, is in the bag again. It's time for DA (Dogs Anonymous).
  • Letting the cat out of the bag makes it more cozy.
  • Keekers hoped desperately that he had kept the receipt for his latest online purchase.
  • The cat's outta the bag...cuz it's my bag!
  • No Pepito. I don't think Paris Hilton will confuse you for a purse dog. ~Keekers
  • After putting a stamp on pepito's bag, Keekers waits for the mail truck to come and take him back to boston....
  • Carry me.
  • For the last time, I ordered CAT NIP, not a cat nipper!!
  • You've heard the expression "shop till you drop"?
  • Finally a nap,someplace that cat will not venture out to..
  • Pepito is obviously exhausted from his day of shopping. Keekers is jealous.
  • Pepito revels in his "Accessory" status, while Keekers looks on with Jealousy.
  • Keekers is reminded of his need to talk to the slighly deaf delivery guy..."I asked for PEPPERS, not PEPPERTOES"
  • Whats for supper?
  • Keekers says he would never give up his shady spot for a custom bag - but Pepito knows he's really just jealous.
  • I ordered a PEPPERONI not a Pepito-roni pizza.
  • First a baby on the doorstep, Now this?? Im leaving!
  • Maybe just a little more 45 SPF around the muzzle. . .
  • Eat your heart out Keekers! The sun is so lovely and warm here in my Pepito Sack.
  • come you get a special bag and I don't???????
  • Sorry, Keekers, I get to go to the beach and you have to stay home!
  • Pepito is ready to go in his "bye bye bag".
  • "Keekers: Oh great, they brought home a doggy bag, and named it Pepito...not good"
  • I need me some margarita, and that damn cat stench to disappear, then everything will be alright!
  • Its gotta be 5 o'clock somewhere!
  • Pepito is catching some rays!!!
  • keekers moving very slowly towards the treat in that pocket as pepito dreams of opalito
  • Keekers thought it best to lest sleeping dogs lye
  • shoot! if i could only get past the screen door.........
  • bag that boston
  • keers hoped to exchange pepito for a bottle of milk
  • The perfect place to hide my bone from the evil Keekers. Take that, stoopid kitty!
  • The cat can come if he wants to, but I'm not walking!
  • Pepito's version of nude sun bathing.
  • i think the cat is buing that im only playing possum
  • I think you used too much sunscreen Pepito! Your not tanning at all.says Keekers
  • They were as different as day and night...
  • Pepito warns keekers not to come out, without his sunscreen on.
  • K: So, finally, the mistress is going to sell that fathead in the market.
  • "A Room With a View"
  • Big Kitty is always watching you, even when you're sleeping.
  • Finally! Someone let the cat out of the bag!
  • Pepito loves him some sun.
  • Oh yeah, the cat is out of the bag. Very funny!
  • Keekers idley wondered if Pepito had managed to sit on their mother's breath mints before falling asleep....
  • does that kitteh really think i am unaware that he is sneaking up on me? i am the all knowing emperor pepito !
  • i was just too tir... WAIT! why is there a cat in MY picture?!
  • The cat's out of the bag, but the dog is in it!
  • where's the boston tea party?
  • Sleeping the day away as only Bostonians can do!
  • Parting is such sweet sorrow...
  • Keekers is now housebound now that Pepito had dibs on all the 30 SPF sunscreen.
  • while pepito in dream land is away...the kitteh will play
  • Keekers wonder who's going to let the dog out of the bag....
  • "That stupid dog gets to bask in some rays,while i work like a dog...or cat."
  • Dogs drool....Cats rule.
  • Okay, who let the cat out of the bag?
  • "my bags are packed, I'm ready to go. I'm waiting here outside the door..." Pepito is ready for his trip on a jet plane.
  • do not disturb me while I'm catching some rays.....
  • If I wait long enough, I'll have him toasted to perfection.
  • The cat's out of the bag: Pepito bleaches his skin, afterall!
  • Ahhh! Finally some New England sun to enjoy!
  • Keekers just hates those pesky travelling salesmen
  • Mr. DeMille, I am ready for my close-up.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • this beats the heck out of a poofy pink jacket, thinks Pepito, drowsing in yhe warm sun...[PPP2006]


  • love the picture
  • Very funny!


Great captions everyone!
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