boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo of the week Phoebe & boston terrier photo of the week Mattie

Rated: Funny

The Winning Caption is:

The Spanish Inquisition have a breakfast meeting.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Suffering from cape envy, Mattie sought solace in her food bowl
  • When you can't have breakfast in bed...bring the bed to breakfast!
  • Snug Life
  • the red menace eats her kibble
  • my sweater doubles as a cape.... what does yours do???
  • hurry up with that snack, pheebs. we need to get back to the couch before the ball drops!
  • Even Super Phoebe has to take a break to eat her Wheaties!
  • Sure wish they would turn up the heat around here.
  • Hurry up and eat the try outs for Little Red Riding Hood starts at 6pm!
  • Looks like the Snuggie isn't for everyone.
  • Lunch break for the crimson guard.
  • Mattie wanted breakfast in bed but had to bring the bed to breakfast.
  • Even superheroes need to take a break every once in a while for some noms!
  • Phoebe takes a break from saving the world to have dinner with Mattie.
  • While you eat kibble does your blanket keep falling off? Then come buy the Snuggie! (the blanket with arms)
  • Breakfast in bed, phooey!!! I'll be calling the front desk about this!!!
  • I AM the princess...
  • (hushed voice) the Queen, in her brilliant scarlet robes, is joined by her junior lady-in-waiting at breakfast this morning
  • After a long day of saving planets, SuperPhoebe & her faithful sidekick Mattierific like to savor a big heapin' bowl full of "Loosners" Castor oil flakes.
  • The spanish inquisition around the water cooler
  • The Spanish Inquisition coming to a water cooler near you...
  • We *chomp* are *chomp* princesses! *chomp*
  • The pope knew the Catholic church's standards were slipping when he saw his two newest cardinals at lunch.
  • What? Even the Spanish Inquisition need a lunch break.
  • Phoebe and Mattie worked up an appetite practicing the Paso Doble for try outs on So You Think You Can Dance.
  • If we let them see us licking our bowls, they will never know that WE stole Santa's cookies!
  • Even super heros and their snorty sidekicks need to pause for the most important meal of the day!
  • The cardinal and the bishop dinning together.
  • Now...That's what eating in style looks like...such finery adorns those precious puppers!!!!
  • Princesses don't eat with the peasants! Hmmmph!
  • Quit showing off at the table!
  • Is that a human "Snuggie" she is wearing?
  • I hear the poodle down the street gets breakfast in bed...I say we ask for it tomorrow.
  • I know it's my first week as a dishwasher, but you think they'll will spot me an advance on my paycheck?
  • Phoebe, seriously, please take off that Snuggie. Nobody believes you're royalty when you wear it.
  • chillin
  • Boy we have it rough don't we
  • Man I think they put momo's snuggie on me by mistake. Can't get the food!
  • Even caped crusaders need to eat!
  • Even superheros get a lunch break!
  • Even superheros get a lunch break!
  • The King and Queen dine alone
  • Queen Phoebe eats her royal dinner!
  • Super Hero Phoebe takes a break from saving the world in order to have dinner with Mattie.
  • Playing SuperDog really give us an appetite!
  • Breakfast of Champions!
  • Pace yourself, Super Dog...What's mine is mine!
  • "My what big teeth you have granda!" "The better to eat with my dear."
  • Lunch time at the Spanish Inquisition
  • Phoebe is always dragging the morning after a good Boston Tea Party!
  • hey sense when is there a mirror there?
  • The king and QUeen retire to the dining room
  • Pheobe always had to 'one-up' Mattie on her fashion, but this was getting a little ridiculous.
  • The Queen graciously orders an additional bowl for her lady-in-waiting! AND mops up the dog hair on her way out!
  • The emperor's sith guards always dined in grand style!
  • hey Phoebe i thnk yr jacket got longr
  • We need to eat food as anitiation to the club!
  • ..And Mattie in her hoodie, and Phoebe in her cape, had just settled in for a Mid-winter snack...
  • The queen said to the chef, "Chef, u make the best food. I can tell because prince Mattie my little picky eater love it. Don't let anyone outside the royal walls try this!" Little did she know that chef ran out of royal ingreediants, had to run to town , and get the things to make porage! He figured scence the queen never had porage she wouldn't be able to tell it was commeners food!
  • As long as i'm wearin' the fancy cape, YOUR the servent and I'M the king!(I also get more food.[Chew..Chew..]
  • i'll never have to be cold when i go in the kitchen! 'cause now i have my new snuggie!!!
  • Hey Phoebe, whats the name of this dog food again? Oh right isnt it "This Food Will Give You A Snuggie"
  • I love stuffing my face in the comfort and warmth of a Snuggie!
  • Hey Mattie, ha ha ha I got the prize from our dog food box! It's this lovly long king or queen cape!
  • Wonder Boston Dog and his sidekick Mighty Boston Dog having a little snack before going out to save the world!!!!!!!
  • The bostons that eat together pass Gas together!
  • "yes master, i will eat my food like you"
  • that is puppy royalty hahaha!!! Queen Phoebe and queen Mattie
  • Forget this hoodie thing i'm cold
  • Oh Phoebe what did you do to your legs!? You are turning into a GHOST BOSTEN! OH NO!!!!
  • Even caped-avengers need to break for dinner.

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • No one doubted Phoebe & Mattie had a better breakfast than Emrys...


  • Phoebe and Mattie are adorable in their red hoodies!
  • Thats funny are they wearing snuggies
  • Totally adorable!
  • your dogs are soo cute!!! we have a boston terrier too, and we call him our little block head. his real name is bogey though.
  • these boston terriers are so funny but sooooo cuuute


Great captions everyone!
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