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boston terrier photo of the week Angus & friends
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I told you before, this meeting is for MEMBERS ONLY!!!

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  • is this Caddyshack, or what?
  • you see them too, right?
  • Do you really think it slopes to the left? Looks straight to me.
  • now you are my minions!
  • Zhu-Zhu, prepare to meet thy Maker!
  • Shhh I think they are trying to tell me something!
  • Shhhhh! If you listen, you can hear them talk!
  • You're probably wondering why I've asked you all here today...
  • Can I keep 'em? Can I? Can I? Huh? Puh-leeeeze? I'll take care of 'em. Honest!
  • No, don't come any closer, this is between ME and THEM.
  • Angus tried to listen to the rodents' converstation, but sadly he realized he would never be able to speak 'squirrel'.
  • Angus is the protector of all creatures great & small.
  • Dogzilla!
  • we have ways of making you talk...
  • You know these aren't real- right?
  • Why sure! I'd love to sing The Hamster Song with you guys!
  • It wasn't a YELLOW brick road, but Angus just knew that when you see the munchkins...the Emerald City is closer than you think!
  • clifford?!? i thought you were supposed to be red!!!
  • It is a small world afterall.
  • Dont shrink me bro!
  • Seriously? These are the "Zhu Zhu's" you are trying to give me for Christmas? Really?
  • Squirrel?
  • Seriously, Santa, I asked for something I can chase, not something that just stares at me!
  • Yes indeed... I AM going to eat them! mmwwwaaaahaaahaaaa!!
  • Angus wonders if he can beat his last record of total stuffing removal in 2.3 seconds...Just tell him when to GO!
  • Well..........what do you think? One or two bites....
  • I was about to eat those two small guys, but now I feel as though I'm being watched.
  • And Angus knew at once that his shrink ray was a success...
  • "Don't move Mr. Fox. Their vision is based on movement..."
  • Sometimes I wish I were a cat because they get away with murder but "no" I have to maintain my Boston image of being a sweet and kind friend to all!
  • Don't move, or I'll eat you.
  • Don't move punk.
  • Where's the ketchup?
  • Stay still and the giant will move away.
  • Angus thought it was terribly kind of the establishment to provide appetizers on the veranda.
  • THESE are my new friends?You kidding me,right?
  • mmmmmm, lunch and dinner :o)
  • you're kidding, right?
  • If I don't look at them, maybe they will go away.
  • This is NOT a filming of "Honey I shrunk the boston" so dont even think about it!!!!
  • You see them too, right?
  • This, ladies and gentlemen, is what I have to deal with on a daily basis.
  • O.K. Group shot, Act like you like each other.
  • Got Squirrel?
  • hmmmmmmmm, do I like dark meat or white meat?
  • yummmmmm, it's kibbles and bits.
  • Seriously?
  • I'm warning you to stay away from MY squeekie toys
  • Say hello to my little friends! (Eat your herst out Scarface!)
  • The new Angus and the Chipmunks movie!.
  • The attack of the Fifty Foot Boston!!!...
  • These are my decoys...the squirrels wont be able to resist them...
  • Are you SERIOUS??!!! They're moving in with us?! Do you NOT love me???!!!
  • Angus, the big BT, may not have been as well known as Clifford (the big red dog) but the other animals played with him just the same.
  • Can I eatz them yet?!?
  • Say hello to my little friends!!!!
  • (sigh) Mom, get a new hobby!
  • I don't care what you say. I don't think they are real therefore I'm not chasing them!
  • MY snack!!
  • Back off chunkybutt - they're mine!!
  • Well someone's hit their growth spurt now haven't they?
  • Honey, I shrunk the kids!
  • i can bug eyed and bushy tailed, too!
  • If I walk real low to the ground, can I be a fake Zhu Zhu pet too?
  • does anyone else see the tiny squirrels?
  • "Are you catching this?!"
  • Say hello to my little friends.
  • Honey, I shrunk the kids!
  • Help there is a giant!I am going to die!
  • I' guess I'm not that short.
  • You call this a snack?
  • i wanttt emmm
  • So, you're wondering why your friend is acting a little squirrelly? Could it be because he's a little squirrel?
  • omg DOGZILLA came to town!!!
  • lookie there... 2 little friends = one big friend!!!
  • don't give me that evil eye you don't kno when or if i am going to strike!!!
  • These are not chew toys what did you do to my chew toys? If they move they are dead! Realley they are dead any way.
  • Um, you are kidding, right?
  • Over the hedge and into my mouth.:)
  • Do I get to pick one?
  • These come in bite-sized, too?
  • Angus is fearful his reputation will be ruined if people discover he likes little furry critters.
  • Say hello to my little friends!
  • Epic shred in 3...2....1...
  • mmmm hmmmmm...I like em with mustard...
  • What?!?!
  • You talkin' to me?! Aye? You talkin' to Me?! I got your little friend riiiiight here!
  • little rodents, big beast
  • You've gotta be kidding me...
  • Who do you think you're fooling?
  • It's Angus, the Big Tuxedo Dog!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • I guess Lola got your goat & this is all that's left?


  • Really cute and clever!
  • hahahaha thats real funny!!!!! are those zhu zhu pets?even if they're not, my dog would tottaly freak out and tear them into shreds


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