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Wild & Crazy
The Winning Caption is:

Lady entertaining Daisy with her extensive collection of "Shadow Puppets"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • '....this afternoon's forecast calls for mild temperatures, mostly sunny skies, and A TOTAL ECLIPSE!!!!'
  • "Lady, thanks for hiding me while I go potty!"
  • Maybe you should try to get on my shoulders.
  • Lady is rocked back by the percussive effect of a Boston with the zoomies breaking the sound barrier.
  • Boston Breaks Sound Barrier, Sends Lab Mix Airborne, Film at 11
  • Daisy knows the importance of skin protection. That's why she uses Lady sunblock 90 SPF.
  • Objects in shadow are larger than they appear.
  • Lady: "Here Daisy-let me protect you from the sun's powerful rays & global warming!"
  • Daisy: I will run under you ten times before your feet touch the ground!
  • Can't catch me!
  • ~~Me And My Shadow~~
  • Oh what do I do?
  • See! I told you this woul make a heck of a shadow puppet!
  • Keeping in the shade
  • "Look at my shawdow!Look at my shawdow! I look like a dog!"
  • You ever just have that feeling that something is "HANGING OVER YA"?
  • London Bridge is falling down,falling down...
  • You want to see flying? Watch this!!!
  • Lady demonstrates to Daisy her impression of a T-Rex.
  • Expecto Patronum!!!! After watching Harry Potter, Daisy demonstrates her ability to cause Lady to hover!
  • Daisy always marveled at the size of her own shadow.
  • Red Bull advertising gone wrong.
  • Godzilla ain't got nothing on me!
  • Ha! Now I got you my little pretty!!!
  • Catch me if you can!!
  • Gotcha!
  • mmmm SNACK TIME!
  • Lift off!
  • Suddenly the basketball disappeared.
  • rocket dog narrowly escapes lady and her doberman shadow...
  • No photos, please! No photos.
  • Lady teaches Daisy the proper way to fly
  • Cry havoc and unleash my Boston of war!
  • Dancing with the stars, here we come!
  • Please don't crush me!
  • Lady: Where did Daisy go???
  • You kids are driving me crazy! I swear, I can't even pee in peace!
  • "What's happening, what did i do to that big doggy?!
  • The game of leapfrog wasnt working out
  • that is to funny! it like humongo dog to teeny dog! It looks the boston terrier is going to get squashed!
  • oh yes! i am ze puppetmaster!!
  • daisy just couldn't shake the feeling that she was being watched.........
  • now i got you..hey!where ja go?
  • A new form of agillity training.
  • Daisy and Lady perform the intricate grapevine step that won them "Dog Stars of the Year" award for 2008
  • And now for my famous sleeper hold....Oops
  • my dance partner is leaving
  • C'mon I just want a HUG Daisy!
  • i'm not touching yoooouuuuu....
  • Lady is gaining on me. I've got to get to the food first. Us BT's may be little but we have amazing capacity for eating!!!!
  • OMG! I can tell by my shadow that I really need to start on the Science Diet Weight Control Formula!
  • Lady had the unusual talent of being able to cast TWO shadows with one light source!
  • Hmm what am I going to pee on next!
  • Oh no, it's Dogzilla!
  • moments after, daisy would vow never to play leap frog with a dog twice her size.
  • The funny thing is the big goofball still can't find me.
  • Keep moving Lady!The sun will fade my lovely black coat!!!!
  • Hurry, Hurry the humans are not obeying the cardinal dog rule -- Thou Shall Not Eat Without Feeding The Dog First! The dog human must know that the dog gets the first bite, the last bite and every other bite inbetween!!!!
  • Dogs like making shadow puppets of giant rats too! Who knew???
  • Dance Marionette! Dance!
  • NO! No! No! It's step turn, step pivate! Are you TRYING to piss off the Volcano!
  • "London Bridge is falling down, falling down..." "Ok Lady next time I want to be the bridge!"
  • "Catch Me if You Can" Starring Daisy and Lady the GSD. Watch in the theaters near you.
  • Fear me, you mortal soul!!!
  • the elephant and the mouse
  • And this is how I flip the giant over
  • GLOMP the Daisy!
  • Hey Daisy- check it out! My shadow is swallowing your shadow!
  • I am bigger than you!
  • Tag you're it!
  • Get back here with my cheese!
  • Tonight on "Dancing with the Stars"
  • Shadow Puppets!!
  • London bridge is falling down
  • Daisy practices for the agility contest.
  • Our shadow looks like Santa's sleigh!
  • Daisy ziggs left then she zaggs right with great speed narrowly escaping lady's frankenpup impression.

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  • soo cute but yet kinda funny at the same time also crazy ITS A MIX!!
  • This is SO cute!
  • i think this is a cute picture they must really love to play:)
Great captions everyone!
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