boston terrier photo of the week Special Guest Star: boston terrier photoGhia
The Winning Caption is:

Brown faux fur puff balls tied up with string... these are a few of my favorite things

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Shouldn't these be hanging from someone's rear view mirror?
  • Yeti transformation almost complete!
  • I just love the movie Dr. Zhivago.
  • "She was a one-eyed one-horn flying purple people eater...." (Sheb Wooley 1958)
  • What ever you do don't feed it after midnight!!!!
  • Ghia posing as Ghiangas Khan!
  • Martha Stewart showed me how to decorate my coat with these hairballs!
  • GH, GH, Gh, Ghia- Get your own Boston Ghia Pet. Just spread the seeds over your Boston and Presto! This Christmas available at Walgreen's.
  • With her look an eclectic mix of Princess Leia and Ewok, Giah knew Chewie could not resist...
  • num num num
  • Ewwwww...this tastes like a "Tribble," not a Truffle!!!
  • I am not a poodle.
  • Ghia is sporting her new "wearable chew toy".
  • My new coat has a flavor!
  • If this is a muffin it sure is fuzzy...
  • Mommy! I caught a mouse!
  • This snowball doesn't taste anything like the ones outside!
  • Hair Ball...
  • Ghia wants to play with a Yeti
  • what do you mean it isn't an upsidedown basket and the cookie fell out???
  • Are these earmuffs for Cocker Spaniels or something?
  • Expecto Patronum!!!! Ghia tries out for the latest Harry Potter movie.
  • Nanook of the North's got nothing on me!
  • "Nanook of the North"
  • Tastes like chicken...
  • Doesnt purple mean its grape flavored?
  • Is this supposed to be one of those humane muzzles?
  • Ghia's got the biggest, balls of them all!
  • Don't hate me because I'm beautiful...
  • Mommy, these fuzzy things taste yucky!!
  • Mom! This tastes like DOG FUR?!?!
  • Don't hate me because I'm a boston!
  • My snowball turned into a hairball!!!
  • Ah, what the heck. I'm not getting this stupid thing off me any time soon, I might as well destroy it my best while I can.
  • Dear Santa, Me'z waiting for my Cadiwwac.
  • wait....this isn't a ball for me to play with?
  • i gota git this crown off it itches
  • '...and then the snow falls, and this purple monster attacks me...'
  • I can haz Snack?
  • I'm ready for winter, bring on the snow!
  • Who knew I would look so good in purple?
  • Do I LOOK like an Eskimo? Huh? Do I?
  • gotta love a coat that comes with a furry toy.
  • Hurry up and take this picture for aunt Sue, cuz I'm about to eat my way out of this contraption!
  • Did you know that bear skin tastes the same on the inside as on the outstide!
  • Oh the weather outside is frightful.....then again so is this outfit.
  • Ghia can't, it's cold outside.
  • Mmmmfph mfmmph mmphf
  • 'thith chocolate donut thure tathteth funny.....ptthhhhh!!!'
  • mom! mom! look i'm protecting us from the evil mr.fuzzy!
  • Has anyone seen my mittens?
  • I'm ready for my close-up Mr. De Mille.
  • Baby it's cold outside!
  • Ghia vows to never again complain that the AC feels a little chilly on her bare fur.
  • I think I need to grow into this a little.
  • But I wanted to be Paris' BFF!
  • I'm ready Santa.. Let's go deliver some gifts!!!
  • what are you lokkin at?
  • Great now I'm gonna have hat hair
  • attack of the purple bostie people eater! say that 10 times without sounding like you've got a huge pom pom in yr mouth!!
  • I'm thinking about getting my coat neutered.
  • Fashion is my calling.
  • They can't see me undercover -- lol!
  • Me get cold? Nevah!
  • I Love this Ball
  • "Mmmmm, chocolate flavored snow ball."
  • you dress me up and I can't even have have a little nibble!!
  • Ghia is pretending to be a Yeti
  • is the hood really necessary? it messes up my hair
  • I'm a star...Don't evah forget it...
  • Innocent pom poms? No, it's TRIBBLES!!! watch out Ghia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • They can't see me but I can see them! Mom is cooking, Dad is snoring, Junior is.........and I am hiding they will never, ever find me!!!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)


  • Oh she is simply splendid in that purple ensemble!
  • She ez soo cute
  • This is my favorite one ever! What a beautiful picture! Look at that face!
  • this is very cute
  • very CUTE
  • I love this Pic!
  • SO CUTE!!!!
Great captions everyone!
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