boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Star:
boston terrier photo Ginny
Rated: Cute

Winning Caption: I liked these picnic races better when all you had to do was push a peanut with your nose!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Spider Boston, Spider Boston, does whatever a Spider Boston does....
  • Ginny turned tables on the Very Hungry Caterpillar!
  • I'm practicing my open mouth kissing.
  • I KNOW this thing has a squeaker in it somewhere!
  • Placing the teeth against the balance ball, slowly extend the right hind leg. Feel the energy reaching from the hind leg into the stretch.
  • Ginny learns a new Yoga stretch; The Inch Worm
  • I crawled a long way to be with you my precious ball
  • Ginny's impression of Spiderman!
  • One,Two, Cha cha cha!
  • This new floor is great for tennisball skidoooo.
  • this is the stretchy dog yoga pose, next is the upside down dog.
  • Okay, now if I brace my left foot just like this, I should be able to get my mouth around this ball...
  • Ginny is getting into shape with her Boston size pilates ball
  • Frog legs: check. Frog noise: ribbit. Now, to turn green...
  • Ginny gives a new positive meaning to "ring around the collar".
  • Don't bother me when I'm numby sucking.
  • and Ginny has him in a head lock . . .1 - 2 - 3's over !
  • Boston Arobics...with a Twist!
  • This new yoga technique doesn't seem to be working...
  • And stretch 2, 3, 4 - keep your eye on the ball and maintain that balance, 2, 3, 4...
  • Chew and stretch...and hold it 5..4..3..2..and 1. Now switch sides. It's not easy to stay beautiful!
  • Do there really have a meaty middle?
  • ballet should not be this hard!
  • "doing pilates make me feel good!!!
  • Ginny creates a new move during her tango lesson.
  • I will pick this ball up if it kills me!
  • Here we see the young boston learn to unhinge its jaw to get a full grasp on its prey.
  • Stretch and chew 2..3..4
  • Swanlake, perhaps?
  • Mmmmm...Federer will be mine...OH YES...he WILL be mine...
  • So many toys, so little time
  • "Wingardium Leviosa!" (Ginny practices on the levitation spell.)
  • this exercise ball is not cooperating
  • Let's get physical, physical!
  • Ginny enjoys gymnastics class with her tennis ball.
  • ohhhhh a new ball! i love to play with balls
  • TOUCHDOWN! Ginny is excited about the beginning of football season.
  • Ginny-one word sums me up O so cute and BOSTON
  • And now Ginny will perform the BOSTON STRETCH ON FLOOR WITH TOY MOVE
  • GO AWAY!!!!! ITSMINE!!!
  • "Now, the last one was chicken. This one is...DADDY, HAVE YOU PEED ON THIS BALL AGAIN????????
  • mmmmmmm...chickennnn
  • "wait a minute...the shop said this was apple!!! This is...EEEWWWWW, ITS MOULDY!!!!!!!
  • I hate when he makes me get up EARLY on Mondays!!! I'll rip up his ball. Hey, cool excuse for the future!!!
  • Ginny practicing her rendition of Swan Lake.
  • Ginny secretly had to 'let out' her ballet costume before her performance due to one too many bisquits!
  • I KNOW this thing has a squeaker in it somewhere!
  • Ginny practices for the upcoming holiday dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies.
  • Now , how should operation destroy-everything-I -can-reach proceed with this curious object?
  • he wins
  • Tennis, anyone?
  • I will break you
  • (comercial ad) It has been proved, that if you come to BT wait-loss with a toy, you can lose MORE wait then if you come alone
  • I broke my back legs for this ball....Don't dare take it!
  • Fetch, and slick floors...Could you find a more deadly game?
  • Lock jaw, broke legs, ball stuck in mouth... for the love of doG, CALL THE VET!
  • This is a rare photo of a Bosten terrier in motion...shhh
  • Wow..I should be in the Adams family.. I am creepy and cooky....
  • I have it....I have it....I have it...
  • There is no I in team...SO WHERE THE HECK ARE THE REST OF THE PACK? I can't hunt like this!
  • Cn't.... fit.... fis.... in.... my mouft!!!!!!!
  • Let's see if this one is edible...
  • Ginny hoped to be a Dancing with the Stars finalist, however, her partner lack pizzaz and flair.
  • Must...grab..toy!
  • Ginny's Yoga Move- Downward Facing Dog
  • Hummm, Tastes like chiken !
  • This thing NEVER breaks!
  • Die! Die! Die!
  • Boy! These Pilates are murder!
  • Ginny was the cutest puppy in Cutesville USA
  • I think I can ,I think I can, I think I can
  • "I just can't seem to get my mouth around this ball,and It doesn't squeak"
  • get it tiger
  • Mom always says to stretch properly before a workout.
  • "ok I got the ball, now what?"
  • hey mom look what i found! My old toys from when i was a pup!
  • Mom I found Mr.Squeeky!
  • you should see me with both my back legs out! i've got a great body!
  • mom! i told you to call the exterminator!! these bugs are getting ridiculous!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Are you sure these are the same marshmellow treats Bergamot likes? I dunno.... [PPP]


  • She is absolutely beautiful! Lucky parents!
  • what a sweet heart
  • I love her chunky paws!
  • Aww..I love it when they're that little and try to fit the ball in their mouth. Mine used to do the same thing, then he figured out he could carry it by the fuzz on it. lol
  • OMFG This pup is like identical to my puppy Dixie Shes so gawjuz I LOVE HER

Great captions everyone!
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