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boston terrier photo Gooch & boston terrier photo Sophie
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Winning Caption: This is my brain. This is my brain on Sophie. Any questions?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Hey Sophie... catch my "Prince" impression: Purple Brain, Puuuurple Brain!"
  • Gooch kept wondering how many more toys he could pull out of Sophie
  • Sophie, I told you not to hold in your sneezes! Now be still while I put this back in.
  • Gooch has been on Sophie's mind a lot lately.
  • A purple mind is a terrible thing to waste.
  • Hold her right there and I'll try and squeeze Sophie's brains back in her head...
  • While Sophie innocently plays with her Wubba, Gooch performs minor surgery, removing an ear-monster
  • "This is your dog. This is your dog on brains. Any questions?
  • Oh, it's a one eyed one armed flying purple people eater!!
  • Gooch means "instigator" in Dog.
  • They're Goochie and his Brain. They're Goochie and his Brain. One is a genius, the other is...a Brain.
  • Sophie gives Gooch a piece of her mind.
  • Sophie, have you lost your mind?
  • Durability trials, take 1!
  • Another successful brain removal by Dr. Gooch. Sophie is recovering nicely and thanks you for all the toys.
  • Great taste! Less filling!
  • Gooch impersonates his favorite zombie movie for Halloween. (BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!)
  • Hold still I've got to get his brain back in there!!!!
  • The whiskey and the chew toy is the only thing standing between the pain of Gooch carefully extracting Sophie's brain through her ear.
  • Gooch: why Sophie, you're brain is delicious!
  • Mama told me,that they'ed be days like this.
  • Gooch: "Sophie? Do I have anything in my teeth?"
  • Sophie gets pwned!
  • ~~Monster Cookies - Yum Yum~~
  • Ewww! What part did you get?
  • Bite on that while I pull this thing out of your ear!
  • Hi Mom!
  • "Master-Blaster"
  • Gosh I wubba a good tug!!
  • Sophie's neck makes a nice munching pad!
  • My preciousss. . .
  • PLAAAY!PLAY!PLAY!PLAY!PLAY!PLAY! (Gooch and Sophie reinact their favorite scene from "Over the Hedge".
  • Brains and balls? The irony!
  • Hey Sophie stop playing with those other parts removed from me and play with my Brain!
  • Sophie: hey you got your toy in my ear! Gooch: you got your ear in the toy!
  • Gooch: I've got your eye! Sophie: Yeah, well... I got your balls!
  • Sibling apologizes are always tough when toys are involved.
  • wanna trade?
  • You should try this man, it's great!
  • Wanna trade?
  • MMMM, Brains!!!
  • I've got my eye on you!!!
  • Gooch...putting his Brain where his mouth is!
  • Keep'em occupied, Ralph, I'm going to make a run with Jr's squeeky toy.
  • Hold still Sophie, you'll be smarter after this.
  • The forbidden dance of Boston Love
  • I told you, If you let go of mine, I'll let go of yours. Deal?
  • I haf a mouff full how you comming?
  • announcer: and Gooch counters with a latex monster sleeper hold as Sophie coughs up her intestines..
  • "MMMMM............tastes like chicken!"
  • Hold still! I need to kill this thing on your neck so it won't bite me!
  • Now Gooch, Sophie don't talk with your mouth full
  • Anybody can tug on a yellow thing, but I can make eyes POP!
  • Ahhh it's a GOOD one! Yes sir...
  • LOOK AT IT!! i'm telling you, my brain is cooler than your yellow rag.
  • you get them then i will chew them.
  • Gooch smiled evily as he had the brain in his clutches...
  • I got my eye on you.
  • Be my guest,you can have that toy. I already have what I was looking for!
  • Sophie your going to have to take some of these things, cause I can't get any more in my mouth.
  • HaHa, I squeak in your ear when you do something else...HaHa!
  • Hey Gooch! Where's my Goochie bag?
  • Gooch demonstrates how easy it is to remove a Boston's brain from it's ear!
  • I WANT TO PLAY TOO!! (says the dog with the toy on the other dogs back)
  • Who said it's hard to get a little "pull" around here?
  • Bite down hard, Sophie and be brave. I'm about to insert your new brain.
  • Hold still, Sophie, I'm trying to get this back into your head!
  • Sophie:Ah! Give me back my brain Gooch! Gooch: duh dis my brain ha ha

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  • Totally precious!!!
  • Wow these dogs are funny fun fun!!
  • These 2 are adorable!
Great captions everyone!
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