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boston terrier photo MinnieBelle

The Winning Caption is:

Minnie acts out the Family Circus comic that she thought was so funny.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • When I was your age I had to walk to school uphill both ways in the snow...
  • I am going to spell out "I love bacon" in the snow!
  • Forget it. Too many poles to mark!
  • "retrace your steps, retrace your steps..."
  • Minnie Belle, ever helpful, points out the designated 'write your name in the snow' pole for all the other doggies.
  • Her winter snow survey completed, Minnie determines there WILL be enough water to get through the summer season.
  • Santa PROBABLY didn't accidentally drop anything last night, but Minnie Belle thinks that it is better safe than sorry...
  • Minnie Belle worked hard to create the perfect Boston Snow Angel.
  • MY snow angels are abstract.
  • ...and the clear winner of the snow BT 500 is...Minnie Bell!!!
  • Minnie Belles famous trick the figure 4!
  • No matter how hard she tried; Minnie Belle couldn't fly with Santa's Reindeer.
  • There's no shame in turning back when the snow is do deep it rubs on your tummy!
  • Boy Mom was right I really did need my sweater, I better go get it!!!
  • Minnie missed roll call for the dog sled and had to play catch up all day.
  • Wow Santa must have hit the eggnog kinda hard to make his sleigh go on it's side like this!!!
  • A straight line may be quickest, but, it's sure not the Boston way.
  • (Singing)When you skate a figure 8. A figure is 2 times 4.
  • Minnie Belle joins the Polar Bear Olympics by running figure 8s naked in the snow!
  • Quick Minnie! the sick little girl's life depends on you!
  • Y'know, it might take a little more running back and forth to plow the driveway this way...
  • Over the hills and through the woods...
  • Over the river, and through the woods, to Grandmother's house I go...oops, I was already at Grandmother's house!
  • over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house we go
  • Weeeeeeee!!! This looks fun!
  • Where'd my sled go?
  • Dat's some cold on the paws!!!
  • Wait up Prancer!
  • Hey Rudolph.. Wait for me!!
  • I've lost the trail, and i can't find Timmy!
  • They want to give me a HTAB!!!! Not in this lifetime or any other!!! What do they think -- that I can't spell! Not only can I spell but I can spell ackwards! I am running to Grandmas! She will never, ever give me an HTAB and will feed when whenever I am hungy which is 24/7! Grandma will never ever tell them where I am!!!
  • I'm sorry but it's just too cold out here. I'm gonna pee on the rug by the fire.
  • CAN'T Find Mom!!!!! OK Im Minnie Belle I Just Follow Paw Tracks!!!!!!!!!!!!! bark bark [HELP!!!!!!!!]
  • Wait a minute I just remembered I hate snow!!!
  • OOPS I forgot my ice skates!!!
  • Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother's house we go
  • So then Billy's Mom sends him into the backyard to get something and he walks all over the yard like this until he forgets what he was supposed to do!
  • Nope, tooo darm cold!
  • Look Mommy! I made an ampersand in the snow!
  • THO, THO, THO, THO, THO, THO, THO, THO! The cold is embarrassing!
  • Where is my cozy, warm bed?
  • Another cross-country ski trip where Minnie has to groom the trail herself.....
  • Minnie Belle does a mini figure 8.
  • winter wonderland.....
  • I thought Santa Paws' sled would leave bigger tracks!?
  • How am I supposed to follow the yellow brick road with all of this snow covering it?
  • "I seem to have lost my sled and the other members of my Beasty Team!"
  • Wow - that eggnog is really starting to kick in!
  • "We'll frolic and play, the eskimo way Walking in a winter wonder"...brrr..."Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the fire is so delightful...
  • Where did everyone disappear to?
  • White Fang 2: Revenge of the Boston
  • Could've SWORE I smelled a tennis ball over there!?
  • I think I'm on the trail!
  • Over the river and through the woods.........
  • Man oh man, which way did he go, which way did he go?
  • augh! I forgot the toilet tissue...
  • in whiteout conditions even a Boston can lose their way
  • where did that ball go!!
  • I can't feel my toes!
  • Minnie Belle's Polar Express coming through!
  • I know I left that bone around here somewhere...
  • Minnie Belle is hot on Santa's trail....he's got TREATS!!!
  • I love Winter!
  • Snow Petroglyph mystery revealed!!!!!
  • What's Minnie Belle trying to draw in the snwo THIS time?
  • I just know if I keep looking I'll find those breadcrumbs that will lead me back to grandmother's house...
  • Going down the ski mountain, Minnie Belle recalls as beauty the beast.
  • I'm running away and never com... "Dinner!!!" I'm running home.
  • I think I can, I think I can !!
  • no matter which way i go there is still all this darn snow, and my feet are getting cold.
  • I don't need gas, tread on my paws is good, no body damage....Ah...I'll skip pit road this lap.
  • Crop circles, my eye!
  • Here in Boston, Mass. it's Minnie Belle coming in to take the gold in barefoot downhill.
  • So THAT's how they make crop circles!
  • Where the @#$! are my Muttlucks?!
  • Woman, get my Muttlucks NOW!
  • Hey, remember that kid in Family Circus?
  • Only slightly less mysterious than crop circles and the legendary Boston snow circles.
  • WAIT! i'm coming! guys?! slow down!!
  • Help! The sky is falling! Run for your lives!
  • The siren of the marrow bone lured Minnie Belle back from her trek in the snow...
  • Dudda Dunt, Dadda Dunt, Dadda DUNT, DUNT, DUNT!

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • Charlie! That's MY basketball! Give it back!
  • I'm gonna get Charlie he found out where I hid my basketball and took it!


  • that dog must be freezing
  • this is funny. please do a another one
  • she's brave!
Great captions everyone!
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