Special Guest Star: Ruby
Rated: Funny

Winning Caption:
Ruby relies on Kent Ehrhardt to let her know the best time to go potty.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • In a conspiracy to get more dogs to watch TV and boost their ratings, the people at WARN put a treat behind the news anchor.
  • Throw me a ball already!!
  • WAIT! Was that a dog biscuit I saw in his hand? Yes! ummm..no.. wait ... YES!
  • "Hi folks. The clouds are ROLLING OVER us right now, but you see this pattern change soon as rain will SIT over us for several days. But it should cool DOWN next week."
  • "And now to Kent with the weather."
  • Another Hurricane! That means we get to go on a car ride!
  • Will it be nice tomorrow so I can go out to play?!
  • "Oh Kent...you sexy bitch, you."
  • Hey...That's not Animal Planet...I specifically asked them to turn on Animal Planet! Who's this dope, and what's he talkin' about?
  • Let me in, I want to kiss that man!!!
  • if u say we have rain again i'll bite u!!
  • Why is this man in my living room !!!
  • "What in the world am I supposed to do with an umbrella if I win one?"
  • O darn! the game of fetch will be rained out!
  • Arrid Extra Dry-Kent!
  • And the next hurricane to hit Florida is...
  • Enough of hurricane Ivan, here's the latest news from the world of Bostons
  • ...and the weather in the dog run is expected to be...
  • Yikes! It's Hurricane Molly!
  • What time is Lassie on?
  • Hey Mom! Here's the guy that ordered the rain!
  • Oh nooo, not another hurricane!!
  • I'm listening, I'm listening Mom there not aren't hurricanes coming yet.
  • "I wonder if I can fit the WHOLE TV in my mouth...?"
  • "I have that same tie."
  • "better close the shutters, ma...looks like there's a storm a comin'"
  • Now Ruby, we've told you before that you can't expect Bostons on TV all of the time!
  • My name may be Ruby, but I could sure use a pair of ruby slippers!
  • "What's that you're saying? It's raining CATS and DOGS?!"
  • Move over Kent, I'm trying to see the weather!
  • Ooooh - That Kent Ehrhardt is one sexy weatherman!
  • Look Tracy! I think we saw this guy nude at Ozzfest!!
  • Kent, is it gonna rain, will I get to take a ride in Daddy's convertable?
  • There is something very attractive about a guy who knows when it's going to rain.
  • Ah oh, Kent is saying I might have to piddle out in the rain this afternoon...
  • I don't get it...these guys are always wrong, but still keep their jobs?!?
  • "Did he say rain?"
  • A HURRICANE! Hold on to your toys boys, it's gonna be a windy one!
  • Let's see here...one of the buttons at the bottom of this thing changes the channel, I'm sure of it.
  • ruby is getting a up close and personal look at the weather.
  • My long lost brother!!! I've been checking milk cartons all this time!!
  • I want Rin Tin Tin!
  • "Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?...ME...oh I just knew it..."
  • The number one rule when faced with a strange dog is to avoid eye contact and show no fear. Here we have Kent Erhardt ably demonstrating how to break that rule.
  • Hmm...AH..Mr. Weatherman, will I be needing my warm cozy sweater? or should I just wear my b-day suit!!
  • " did you know that man has a boggie hanging out his nose? he may need some help from ... THE BOGGIE BUSTER!"
  • there's that man, why is he in this box?
  • Mama always said, "Don't sit so close to the TV"!
    Which brings us to reason # 7 of why Boston Terriers eyes are so bugged out. They never listened.
  • Please give me outside Weather!!
  • Shhh, quiet- I am listening to the weather channel so I can track Hurricane Ivan and warn my boston friends.
  • Holy Moly, that is one hottie meteoroligist!
  • I wanna be a weather person when I grow up!!!
  • Undecided voters are paying close attention as this year's presidential campaign heats up.
  • So THAT's what they wear under the desk.
  • hey mom,it's going to rain dog treats tomorow!!!!!
  • Is there thunder coming my way? OHHH I hope not OHHH
  • We gotta take cover...grab my treats, my blankey, my rain coat and all of my pictures!
  • Does he have the same tie as I do?!
  • "Well...Mom said it was raining cats and dogs! Yeah!!!
  • Did he just say Hurricane Ruby is heading this way???
  • "Alright, weatherperson...if there's going to be another hurricane, the least you can do is name it after me...that's R-U-B-Y!"
  • Quick...Grab the bed, the bone, my blanket, and my treats! Let's move, Move, MOVE people!
  • "Who turned my Animal Planet show to THIS!!"
  • "Oh NO!!! - We beter go for the Walkies before the bad weather sets in"
  • okay!! enough of this hurricane stuff!! how do I get to Animal Planet??
  • Ruby watched the weather forecast carefully before running through town yelling "The hurricane is coming, the hurricane is coming!"
  • "Did you say EVACUATE ? ok.. first I need to get all my toys!"Then my food..
    and my bed...
  • Mom, a heracane's a coming!
  • If I were in Florida, I'd get all my BT buddies together and after some serious snacking, we would form a wall cloud of noxious gas so thick the hurricane would turn and head back out to sea before you could say "my eyes are watering."

Great captions everyone!
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