Special Guest Star: Preston
Rated: Funny

Winning Captions:
"First they give me a dumb haircut in the kitchen, then they withhold the juice."
"Who's leg I gotta hump to get some service around here??"

Outstanding Submissions:

  • "Yes, I believe I'll take the Tabby on Rye, hold the hairball"
  • Excuse me, but I asked for a beer.
  • "Aw, Gee mom, what if one of the guys sees me?"
  • "Preston, what does Mommy say about little boys who spill their juice?" You say that little boys who spill their juice will have to where a kitchen towel for a bib!
  • Got Juice?
  • What Preston really wanted was a White Russian.
  • "OK I ordered my steak 30 minutes ago!"
  • And modeling this Spring's "must-have" look, the checkered dish towel cape, is Preston...
  • ...and bacon, and eggs, and pancakes, and steak, and cookies and.......
  • "Where's the beef?"
  • Could I have more, please?
  • "hey, I thought you said it was an ALL you can eat Spaghetti Dinner !"
  • I'm ready for the lobster now, please.
  • i have to have my fruit juice
  • "ok let's try a new game called " preston says", " ...."Preston says....
    give me all your spaghetti!"
  • Oh 'momma Mia' did you say spaghetti?
  • Where's the salsa, chips & shot of Tequilla?
  • Ya know what? Make it a double, it looks like it's gonna be a long day!
  • Just How Long do I have to wait for
  • I asked for a Miller Lite...I am twenty one years old...I swear!
  • Ready for that lobster...and make it a big one!
  • Oh man, I am wasted. That Dole really does hit the spot
  • "Mangia! I'ma ready for my spaghetti, Mama."
  • You told me this role-playing thing was gonna be FUN.
  • Mom! Come ON!! I didn't order juice!!! Where's is the BEER??!!
  • This place has lousy service!
  • You mean, no brewskie?
  • What's for Breakfast???
  • Mommy,I can't open or reach my juice throught this bib!
  • "When I said I was 'Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs' I didn't mean it literally. Why'd ya have to go and put a straight jacket on me?"
  • Just because I'm human doesn't mean I'm going to drink apple juice!
  • first they wrap me up so i cant use my paws and then they dont take the cap off or offer me a straw human bartenders few wee
  • "I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.... with barbecue sauce."
  • Mother, please!! I do NOT need a bib to drink fruit juice!
  • Excuse me waiter, I believe I ordered the 97' Dole.
  • Lucky humans....with their opposable thumbs and everything. Damn this screw-top bottle.
  • Dole Commercial Shoot: Scene 1, Take 28. (pssst...Preston! This is where you say: "Dole Kiwi Strawberry is fresh and exciting.")
  • You have a problem that I slobber????
  • I want the steak medium rare, please.
  • Where's my beer?
  • Um sorry but my mom tells me im not supposed to eat fruit....'please just a little steak' look how cute i am!
  • Can someone pour this for me? I have no paws.
  • "Just keep the sad face. Pathetic look. Now, can I pleeeeease have some lobster?"
  • Bartender! Another round!
  • How long does a guy have to wait around here to get a drink?
  • I asked for a Margarita, no salt. No tip for you.
  • This bib is ridiculous! Have they not noticed that I never miss a drop?
  • Where's my lobster tails?!
  • Gee I hope this Kiwi Strawberry juice is low on carbs!
  • Bartender, serve me up a cold one!
  • I am ready to be served
  • I got a headache!
    Momma says to drink the juice and rest awhile!!
  • "strawberry kiwi? I said strawberry martini!"
  • dishtowel-$2 Dole juice-$1.49 boston terrier-$450... the look on your bostons face when you tell them they are going to learn to drink juice like humans... priceless.
  • See Mommy I am sitting here so nicely...please let me have some juice...
  • Sadly, I have no thumbs, so this juice will not be mine.
  • Mommy, I promise I won't spill my juicey on myself again.
  • Bring on the steak!
  • I know I dont have thumbs.... but C'mon!
  • thank-you for the drink but know could you please pass the pie.
  • If you like Pina Colatas......
  • "Belly up, belly up to the bar, boys, unfasten your belt"
  • As Preston waited paitently for his plate of spaghetti he thought to himself, "Why oh why did I ever fall in love with a poodle? They always break your hearts."
  • Hey the dogfather doesn't like to do business till after he eats! Don't know? Now git outta here! Don't make me have to hurt you, already!
  • OH, do I HAVE to drink my juice, Mom?! I want MILK!
  • Is this drink regular or diet??
  • Just one more drink and I'll waltz with the poodle in the red skirt.
  • "UMM Waiter, Waiteeer! I kinda ordered strawberry and banna not strawberry and lime!"
  • um...I orderd a beer, not this juice!
  • So much for this Hollywood juice diet. Give me some steak!
  • Its quarter to three, there's no one in the place except you and me. So set 'em up Joe....
  • Does this drink have caffeine???
  • Why in the world do I have to wear this bib for drinking juice?
  • i love that kind of juice!!!
  • I prefer a Chardonnay.
  • For once, a boston terrier refuses to eat what's placed before him.
  • "uh, waiter. I do believe I ordered the Apple Brandy, not the apple juice. Where does a dog to go to get good service anymore"?
    "My I.D.? Uhhh..."
  • Is this drink low carb???
  • Go ahead and make my day lol again! But I must warn you I take no prisoners!
  • Mama mia this is taking for ever! Just bring the lobster already!
  • Very cute, he looks just like my boston, LuLu.

Great captions everyone!
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