Special Guest Star: Chopper
Rated: Funny

Winning Caption: LAND-SHARK!!!! LOOK-OUT!!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Captured on film - rising out of the primordial depths.. The Loch Ness Terrier!!!
  • I told you we were too low for a 4 point landing.
  • Chopper's solution for relief after getting into his owner's five-alarm chili leftovers.
  • Super Chopper fords the mighty river with his patented "spread Boston" technique!
  • Shhhh...The rare, freshwater "Bostigator" in his natural environment... waiting for an unaware doggie biscuit to snatch in his jaws of steel and devour it in milliseconds...Grrrrrrr
  • For the love of bones, stop this hike. I am not cut out for this.
  • it's AQUA-DOG!!!
  • They warn us Bostons about picking up chicks on the trail, but I didn't listen. Now I have this burning rash that I can't seem to soothe.
  • Aaaah! That feels MUCH better!
    I TOLD you I had to go!
  • Great balls of fire!
  • "eww I think a minnow just nipped my belly, and it felt good.."
  • " see I told you I could do the BEST Cannonball ever ! I even splashed all the water out of the creek !"
  • Come on you know I really am a black and white seal right? Ok, so Im not- do I still have to get out of the water right NOW?
  • And they call Frenchies the Frog Dog. HA! What do "they" know?
  • I'd get yah little rabbit...but this feels way tot good!
  • That crawdad was yummy!
  • Ahhh! How refreshing!!!
  • I told you I was bustin.
  • A day at the spa...it just couldn't get any better than this!
  • No need to Neuter, I'll drown em off!
  • This is what summer is all about!
    Cool Baby!!Cool!
  • This is MY private wading pool...you get your own!
  • Finaly a built in pool!
  • mmmmmmmm!!! salt water is good!!!!
  • UGGGH MOM! Why are you always in such a fidge to go somewhere, I mean I really need to work on my tan!
  • C'mon in, Mama! The water's fine!
  • "This is way better than the bath tub!"
  • It's always a sad sight when a Boston Terrier gets beached and can't make it's way back to sea
  • I will lie here now...no more moving for me. Drag me if you dare, but I will move no more.
  • The paws that refreshes....
  • Row, Row, Row your Boston...Lalalalala!
  • Overheated? Simply dunk your chopper in a mountain stream for instant relief
  • A refreshing way to cool down after a well deserved tummy rub!
  • Ahhhhhhhh NOW THAT FEElS BETTER!
  • cooling the important spots
  • "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming......"
  • "Crikey, mates.... Steve Irwin here..wrestling this ferocious Bostiegator.. my mates have his front end secured, I'll secure his back end before he goes into his death roll" Danger, Danger, Danger!!.... watch those jaws! Isn't he a BEAUTY!"
  • Hmmm, this doesn't feel as good as it did before the operation.
  • AHHHHHH! This is the life!
  • Quit telling everyone I'm a drag.
  • After a hard day of hiking, Chopper enjoys some cool, Rocky Mountain spring water!
  • Must... get... to... dry... land...
  • Ahhhhhhh....Nothing like getting your belly wet to cool off after playing like a maniac.
  • Ahhh, ha ha ha
  • Live Traffic Report: Flooding on Boston Terrier Way - vehicle blocking road.
  • A rare sighting of the Loch Ness Boston
  • Not a Coors, but does the trick
  • "whew, what a relief!"
  • aaahhhhh, just the thing since they clipped me today.
  • "You've made me climb this mountain for this?!?! I thought you said there was a giant fuzzy toy. That's it!! If you want me to go down the mountain, you're going to carry me!!"
  • After an exhausting day of rock climbing, Chopper found a cool stream to rest in.


Great captions everyone!
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