Special Guest Stars: Murphy & Casey

Winning Caption:
"ahh.. after a long day of doing nothing, it's good to do nothing."

Outstanding Submissions:

  • In the news today " Conjoined Bostons join neighborhood quilting bee"
  • Ying Yang
  • Oh, Murphy, you were right, this is SOOOOO comfortable.
  • The surgical separation has been cancelled as the twins look so cute together...
  • Murphy & Casey won 1st. place in the sincronizied "sleeping" compition...
  • move over that's my side
  • Sigh! I don't know about you, but I can't ever seem to get even tan-lines on my belly!
  • Oh the evils of internet doggy porn! Murphy and Case exploited for their tummies!
  • "siamese bt's"
  • Siamese Bosties !!!
  • Synchronized Sleeping - Boston Style
  • Boston Bookends!
  • Siamese twin bostons Murphy and Casey await the first ever Boston separation surgery. The entire vetrinary staff is assembled to give these poor little puppies a new chance at separate but equally happy lives.
  • check it out murph,dont move and mom will think im laying against a mirror and you are my reflection....
    no casey...i want to lay against the mirror...why cant you be MY reflection?
    Quiet!! here she comes!!
  • The often heard about, but rarely seen Siamese Boston.
  • We're angels...when we're sleeping.
  • You pull up the covers - No you pull up the covers - no you pull up the covers ...
  • People felt sorry for the siamese Bostons, having their tummies on display for the world to see. No one realized just how many belly scratches that would add up to!!
  • Awwww... and humans think they are smarter... THIS is the life!
  • First ever siamese twin Bostons!
  • okay! two more minutes...then we'll fip for the shade
  • Aww this sun is some good, this is the life yep it is. OH, here comes Mom, pretend your sleeping Murphy!!
  • World Famous Bostons: Siamese twins, separated at birth, but they choose to forget that minor detail! "we think alike, we act alike, we walk alike, bark alike and SLEEP ALIKE!!"
  • move...no you move,... nope this is my spot
  • Yes, we can "play dead".
  • Murphy and Casey are expected to be the team to beat in the 2008 Synchronized Snoozing Competition.
  • The original BT bookends!
  • I'M not waking up until YOU wake up!
  • Sleeping off the Thanksgiving turkey!
  • boston dreams are the best when you put two heads together!
  • Hey do you think we sleep this way by accident? Of course not, no gassy odor sneaking up towards us!!
  • Even though they have new snugglesacks the puppies still find moms new quilt the best to snuggle on.
  • And they call it puppy love....
  • I hope the operation doesn't hurt.
  • Oh NO!!!.... the bosties are cloning themselves!! Soon the humans will become Kibble Slaves as the SuperBosties take control of Earth!
  • Sunday Mornin' Sun
  • Snowin outside, Snoozin inside
  • rare siamese bostons are seen here resting after a 20 minute bt500. they are scheduled for a grueling separation operation tomorrow, which will be on the internet at www.bostonterrier.crazy.bt500.comical
  • hey sis am i tanning evenly on this side?
  • we are siamese if you please!
  • After a hard days work!
  • It happens every year after Thanksgiving dinner...
  • Doctors prepare for a life saving separation operation
  • Many have heard of making the beast with two backs. Few have heard of the beast with two bellies!
  • The inevatible Thanksgiving nap.
  • Our owners are right. After that big thanksgiving dinner all you want to do is stretch out and sleep it off.
  • "Ahhh, that was the best Thanksgiving dinner weve ever had, the in laws didnt show up!"
  • u get up to make a brew, no you i want a lye in, no you. Do i have to? Yes go on, 2 sugars please.
  • I love you! FRIEND!
  • Get the heck off me!!!! JEESE!!!!!!
  • I'm getting to old for this...
  • two peas in a pod
  • How much turkey did you eat?
  • Time To Rest
  • Doing what we do best!
  • I don't think we'll ever make it off this quilt Casey. You're right Murphy let's just give up.
  • Siamese Bostons Sleeping Soundly
  • Siamese Twins Conected At The Butt.... Butt Buddies?
  • There were two in the bed & the little one said, "Roll over, roll over"
  • "belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly, belly ...."

Great captions everyone!
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