Special Guest Stars: Burt & Louie
Rated: Cute

Winning Caption:
nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more, say no more

Outstanding Submissions:

  • mmmmmm, I will love it and pet it and hug it and squeeze it...
  • Hey buddy, wanna buy a watch?
  • Must...resist...cannibalism!
  • Louie was hardly ever amused by Bert's antics
  • Hey Louie, did you hear the one about...
  • Is that a shit eating grin on your face again?
  • "okay all ya gotta remember is this louie...when there's a bigger dog you gotta give 'em these eyes! they work every time!!!
  • "i can hear the ocean"
  • NO I'm not a talking pillow...yes you are crazy!
  • Well, gee Louie, I can't see any ear mites..., maybe I should get my eyes checked.....
  • Did ya hear the one about a priest, a rabbi & 2 schnauzers...
  • Say nothing, just act casual...
  • Hey...don't worry, I know where they hide the toys..
  • Burt the ventriloquist wows audiences nationwide with Louie, his puppet.
  • "I see dead people!" "Yea, well I see one annoying Boston!"
  • which one is the EVIL one? can you tell?
  • How bout some sugar?
  • Just follow my lead little brother. I have them wrapped around my finger.
  • Guy on the left, "I just farted." Guy on yhe right, "I know!"
  • Honey, I swear...I only had two beers with the guys...
  • See I am cuter than him, so send him back!
  • "I told him not to eat those pumpkin seeds! I can hear it growing in his stomach!"
  • Look Ma, it's a mini me!!!
  • Make your face look like this so we get extra treats.
  • I know you like me... you're just trying to ignore me!!
  • Burt: So Louie what are we going to do tonight?
    Louie: Same thing we do every night Burt. Try to take over the World!
  • Have I told you lately that I love you???
  • But I'm still cuter, right Mom? See?
  • seems more like burt and ernie...
  • "Lean on me, when-I wasn't serious!"
  • hey buddy, did you put on deoderent this morning?
  • Hey Louie "Wanna go pick up some hot chicks?"
  • So, the parents aren't home whataya say we tear up the place.
  • Weee be togetherrr foreverrr hehe!!
  • Ewww, tell me the secret...PLEASE!
  • OH PULEEZE, I don't even like to look at you let alone DATE you!
  • Oh my-here comes the camera AGAIN!!!
  • Here's lookin at you kid
  • come on spike, c'mon c'mon!
  • so,do i look like mr.right,baby?
  • Oh C'mon....To know me is to LOVE me!!!
  • Aw Louie, don't hate me because I'm beautiful!
  • Hey, the humans are gone. Let's call the girls!
  • Aw, c'mon, let's make up!
  • Who Goosed Me!?
  • Smile, you're on candid camera!
  • Psst...Have you ever thought of a little cosmetic surgery. You know...a little lift here, a little Botox there. No one can ever tell!
  • Oh no Bert! I am not failing for that! Mom doesn't want *any* of the furniture chewed, peed, or pooped on!
  • Pick me, Pick me I'm cuter than the puppy, and I go out side to potty.
  • I see you!!!!!!
  • Hey Cute Thing ! Wanna Make out ?
  • Come here often??
  • I spy with my little eye something beginning with L...that's you, LOuie.
  • So do you like me? Huh? Huh? Do ya?
  • scoot over, there's not enough room for me!
  • When they say super glue, they ain't kidding!
  • Take me drunk im home
  • Conjoined twins Burt and Louie dreamed of a future as theatre masks.
  • Oh no, I super glued my ear to his shoulder.
  • He's alive, i can hear his heart beat
  • "You and me little buddy, were gonna have us some good ol times!"
  • "Come on Louie...let's PLAY...wake up little guy!"
  • "Hey little guy, I'll teach you some really cool tricks!"
  • I don't know him. He's a crazy person."
  • "come on, em, you know we can get that bacon if we try. cooooooome on! you know you want the bacon!"
  • Geez, what have you been drinking Budddy?
  • Hey Toots...How about you and I get together after the folks go to bed?
  • You're a real looker! Wanna come up to my place and see my etchings?
  • I see dead people...Do you see them!
  • You touch my body on my side of the bed one more time and I'll bite your face off!
  • What are you doing!!??!!
    I'm being attacked by a boston terrier beast.
  • You want the "GOOD TOYS" here's what you do.
  • Oh don't be such a grump - that was a great joke!
  • What do you mean, we're both the pretty one!
  • "I'm not touching you, I'm not touching you" Burt tests Louie's patience
  • So, what's it like on the outside???
  • I am so old I couldn't hear you.. oh you said Kibbles and Bits for dinner!!
  • Do you love me? Sure{If it will get you off me.)
  • No really, I think they're going to give us a treat.
  • Wake up. Its time to rock!
  • Skip the Marty Feldman routine, it won't work on me!
  • Looks like someone is annoyed:)
  • c'mon, c'mon I know you like me!
  • sleepy and dopey, in a rare moment away from the 7 bostons
  • Burt says, "Hey, good lookin'! Whatcha got cookin'?"
  • I only have eyes for you!
  • left: howzabout it baby?
    right: uh, sorry buddy, gotta go...
  • Burt: Smokin!
    Louie: Oh no. Not the Mask again ....
  • Burt: Did I tell you the one about . . . Louie: (Thinking) Yikes! Not againn. I just heard it yesterday!!
  • One should always color coordinate ones bedding. This pillow, for example, matches my...fur coat. Hey, pillow! Don't move!!
  • tell me, tell me, tell me, I'm all ears
  • Get away from me! Oh you know you love me!!!!
  • I'll get you my pretty...
  • Do be do be do....
  • "Come on how about a little kiss?"
  • "I'll be the pick of the litter with my Marty Feldman impersonation!"
  • louie could you move over i am tring to sleep
  • Burt says, "Oh, I weally, weally wuv you, Louie!" Louie replies, "Oh Gawd, here we go again with that schtick!"
  • Hey hey, how about we go out for a walk sometime!?!
  • Does anyone know what happened to the rest of the superglue?
  • Hey hotstuff!!!
  • youll never be as cute as me
  • "Hey, hey...Louie! They just got a new rug! Do you know what I'M thinkin'?"
    "Oh... Oh, goodness, no, Burt. Here we go again..."
  • I'm on steroids.
  • Have I got gossip for you! Julie told Sammie that Pancho went to Frankie's and saw Janie eating Pedro's cookies!
  • Burt: "Hey Louie, did you hear about the Boston that entered the Indy 500?"
    Louie: “Huh?”
    Burt: "Yeah, he thought it was the BT 500 he had entered...he won!”

  • They are the cutest little things!
  • great picture
  • it so cute
  • Adorable
  • I like the expression on the dog on the left
  • One dog looks like it is crazy. The other looks annoyed.

Great captions everyone!
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