Special Guest Star: Jenny
Rated: Funny

Winning Caption: Count em' . . . they're all there.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • I'll show you my operation!
  • Inhibitions are for Squares! You dig?
  • "I hope my collar line doesn't show too much!"
  • North American Belly Up Dog
  • Ah, to sleep, perchance to dream.
  • Told you I'm a girl! Didn't I?!
  • Jenny baring it all...Playdog Centerfold of the Month
  • Jenny's intrests are long walks in the park...candlelight dinners and belly rubs in the grass
  • See what happens when you say NO to a Boston. They can't take the shock!
  • The aftermath of ..."1 bourbon, 1 shot, 1 beer"...
  • My name is Jenny and I'm a belly-pat-aholic!
  • Let me show you what yoga is all about.
  • Bostons sunbathe in the nude!!!
  • Jenny, defining "birthday suit"
  • I hope I dont get any tan lines. How embarassing.
  • ok... who's banana peel was that?!!??
  • Jenny wins the oscar for best murder victim in a daily drama.
  • Yoga shmoga---THIS is downward dog!
  • I am dog tired!(Maybe Margaret and Thomas will carry me up all those stairs when we get home?)
  • I think I can see the big dipper from this angle!
  • My tans are all natural!
  • Hello Sailor!
  • I can't understand it. I lay out for hours and my belly's still white!
  • Name: Jenny
    Age: 9 years old
    Turn Ons: Belly pats, ear scratches, cheese
    Turn offs: unneutered Dogs
    Hopes for the future: World Pees
  • ~jenny pauses to recharge her solar-powered batteries~
  • Let the bellyrubs begin!!
  • I DO know how to relax!
  • *Warning* Just say no to grass
  • Jenny really took to the new Chicken flavored Sun Tan Lotion!
  • Mom, I love the new carpet!!
  • After a session of intense play time, the beastie is finally able to sleep where it dropped.
  • Oh look, the dog fell over.
  • Ahhh, nothing like warm sunshine on the ol' belly.
  • Keep that body wax kit away from me!!!!
  • pass the suntan lotion please !
  • "I'm never going to show my kids this picture. How embarrassing!"
  • "Ok I'll show you one more time. I'm not hiding any goodies."
  • MOM....i've fallen and I can't get up!
  • Don't be fooled by the spot that I got, I'm still, I'm still Jenny from the block.
  • ahh it's a dogs life
  • Oh I dig the sunshine!!
  • Dead cow in the grass, do not disturb.
  • What yo' lookin' at?!? Never seen a dog belly as sexy as mine? Well it's about time.
  • They're bringing home a CAT???
  • heeeelo?!?!? where is my professinal tummy rubber?
  • can you pass me the sunblock, i feel like I am burning a little...
  • "Oh yea, right there, a little to the left oh yea now to the right
  • loveydovey
  • No matter how long I lay here, I still can't tan evenly. I still get those white streaks.
  • You don't know what you're missing until you've had a whiff of Boston Perfume.
  • Why did they tell me to lick a frog. oooooh a birdie
  • Let me know when it's time to turn. I want to tan even.
  • Don't take my picture, I haven't put my face on yet!
  • The suns bleaches me
  • I'm ready for love...
  • Life is tough...
  • Where are my sun glasses??
  • Do I look good in my double breast suit?
  • No tan lines here!!
  • "Hand me the sun screen"
  • Patch of mowed lawn: $10, Obedience classes to learn "rollover": $20, the perfect summer tan: PRICELESS!
  • What Mom? I'm just tanning Gosh !@#$ I have a burn.
  • uuuuuuuggggghhhhhhh..... toooooo maaaannnnny dooooogggg treeeaaatttss!!! Caaannn'tt moooove!
  • I want a coppertone tan
  • I've just got to get rid of these tan lines....
  • I wish my human would learn another trick besides "Bang Bang, your dead"!!!
    For example "Jenny want a treast?"!!!!!
  • Do with me what you will
  • Dreams of love
  • Gotta soak up those rays!!!
  • For some reason my tanning just isn't working.
  • BANG!!!
  • I hope the neighobors dont look over the fence while i sun bathe in the nude!
  • Is my tan even yet?
  • in 30 minutes, i will have to flip, so i don't get streaks.
  • Turn on's: Bulldog's, bones, frisbee's
    Turn off's: Ticks, fleas, dry dog food.
  • "Let the Sunshine...Let the Sunshine in..."
  • This'll teach them to give me a bath!
  • bewwwy rub!
  • Why do my parents hate it when I roll in these yummy smells?
  • Playing Dead Always Gets Me A Treat!
  • Jenny started out her afternoon intending to do some serious boston yoga. But then she fell asleep.
  • If I am very, very still...maybe they won't see me and make me come inside.
  • AHHH, spring is here at last, time to enjoy the sun!
  • Bet my cousin, Cooper can't do this, he's a Lab!
  • Ok, if I do this will they carry me????
  • Will someone PLEASE rub my tummy, please??????
  • I sure hope I used enough sunscreen.
  • Just snoozin' in the sun!!!!!
  • If I'm going to be a Hawaiian Tropics model, I'm going to have to work on my tan.
  • If I dn my imitation of a squashed frog, maybe they won't make me come inside!
  • Jenny on vacation at the nude beaches in Boston.
  • Ahhh.. the Dog Days of Summer....
  • Jenny is out for a sun-baked belly, hope someone sets the timer so she knows when she is done.
  • "This just in: notorious Mob Boss, Buddy the Terror of Boston, was found today after a suspected hit by rival Boss, Timmy The Boston Terror. The feud reportedly erupted over a trademark dispute for the rights to "Boston" and "Terror" More at 11.
  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • So cute
  • I love IT!
  • thats funny
  • that's our little jenny!
  • Oh what a li'l slut Jenny is!!!
  • She is halarious!


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