Special Guest Star: Ptolemy
Rated: Funny

Winning Caption: Will juggle for food.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Room temperature water, ROOM TEMPERATURE!!!!
  • Dolly the Sheep takes a back seat to this amazing, genetically engineered hybrid of Boston Terrier and Sea Urchin photographed at the Three Mile Island, Pennsylvania.
  • How do you like my new nose ring??
  • Note to self: Don't play "Got Your Nose" with alien toy anymore.
  • I told you I could hold this thing on my nose and walk.HIC HIC
  • I will SUE that @%$#*!!!! Plastic surgon!!!!! I said a stars nose not a star for a nose!!!!!!
  • When you said if I eat the Christmas tree I would grow one one the end of my nose....I DIDN"T BELIEVE YOU!
  • Boston recieves bewildering plastic surgery!
  • i really like it.
  • I woke up and it was just there! What could it be Dr.?
  • I keep seeing STARS!
  • does my nose look swollen to you?
  • Lil boston juggler
  • Not just anyone can balance this on their nose like this!
  • my mother made me wear this, for opening my present too early. p.s. dont tell but i am really having fun
  • achoooooo!!!!!!!!! ewww thats a big ball of snot!
  • Joke's on YOU! I'm not balancing this--I GLUED it on my nose!
  • Look what I made with the Play-Doh machine!!
  • No, I DON'T look like Rudolph, the Blue-Nosed Reindeer! Now get this off of me!!
  • Thanks for the "3-D Magic Picture Ball!
    (Oh, my aching head!)
  • What is that? I'm gonna git it!
  • "Lemme see how long the toy'll stay!?!?"
  • Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer has nothing on me!!
  • AHHHH AHHHH CHHHOOOOO eww its green and stuck to my nose
  • I wonder if this is a side effect from cloning???? Help!!!!
  • i love scuppernogs
  • "I promise not to tell a story again, just please give me my nose back!!"
  • You think this is funny??? Try balancing it when you have NO Nose!
  • When aliens attack!
  • I thought Rudolph had a RED nose!
  • I told you I had a big booger in my nose!!!
  • This is what happens to a Boston when they tell a lie!
  • Rudolph, smudolph, wait til santa sees me!
  • Ptolemy the blue-nosed boston, had a very rubbery nose. And if you ever saw it......
  • Another Boston nose job gone wrong.
  • And they say that seals are the only ones who can balance things on their nose.
  • Look mom! No paws!
  • the Boston equivilent of a lampshade on the head!
  • Hey! There's a star fish in this aquarium!
  • i got it i got it
  • Who needs a seal when you have me?
  • I....can't....handle....FLASH CAMERAS!!!!
  • This can happen to you. Don't do drugs!
  • Puppy Jaws coming to all theaters near you. Comercial and movie not yet rated.
  • Now that's a booger!
  • "Check out my new toy. Close up time!"
  • It appears to be a tesla coil test.
  • Ptolemy submits his picture for "Extreme Makeover" in hopes of getting expensive rhinoplasty
  • I am perfecting my routine for Pet Star on Animal Planet, please don't disturb me!
  • A tragic atomic energy accident turns a boston into the world's first Atom-o-Dog!!
  • Chernobil mutation affects bostons as well...
  • The solar winds have turned me into a cirque du soleil freak!
  • Hey, a green UFO with little purple dogs in it!!
  • Ptolemy was the star canidate for the new Earth Link gimic.
  • I asked the plastic surgeon for a nose job but this is ridiculous!!!

Great captions everyone!
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