Special Guest Stars: Lily, Bruce and Lulu
Rated: Pretty

Winning Caption: Obviously, the closer a dog gets to the sun, the more it bleaches the face.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • It may LOOK quiet and peaceful, but we all know there is some serious snoring going on in this photo.
  • How the Boston terrier is a chameleon - he/she can be a pillow, an arm rest and even a solar heating pet.
  • "Rock-a-bye Bostons on the big couch; when you fall to sleep your bodies will slouch!"
  • During the afternoons when the sun is out, the Boston terrier behaves like a plant - laying still and moving only to keep in the sunspot. To an owner its pure heaven ...
  • Our motto "Carpe intervigilium"
    Translation: "Seize 40 winks"
  • You are my sunshine, my only sunshine
  • sunflowers, like boston terriers, turn their faces to the sun.
  • So who needs to stay awake if our pillow pal never sleeps?
  • Papa dog, Mama dog, and Baby dog
  • "For five long years, I've laid on this couch ... Chain chain chain, chain of puppies."
  • You know what guys? The park isn't going anywhere. Let's just go tomorrow.
  • Just make that 3 Bostons, sunny side up, please.
  • It' a three dog kind of day"
  • The three watchkteers
  • How long are you going to use those pillows Lily asks?
  • The Conga-Line came to a sudden halt as the first rays of sunshine hit the couch.
  • The Three Stooges At Rest
  • One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...
  • eeny, meeny, miney, moe!
  • Introducing the three stooges of the dog world....Lily, Bruce, and Lulu!!!!
  • Getting that base tan for summer time takes work!
  • Oh, yeah, I'm a dog, I'm a DOG, isn't it great to be a DOG!
  • The three musketeers
  • Three Dog Night
  • Oh, I wish I were a dreamy Boston Terrier, that is what I'd really like to be ... cuz if I were a dreamy Boston Terrier, everyone would be in love with me!
  • im sooo sleepy
  • Shhhhhh! Fur kids are sleeping!
  • I think there's a spy among us.
  • "Sunny, thank you for the joy, you givin' me..."
  • "Ahh......"
  • Ahh love the sun rays on a cool day. Hope noone else wanted on the couch cause we ain't moving.
  • ... and the devil makes three!
  • As you see, the evolution from the larger Germanic breed to the smaller, American breed, is demonstrated in this chart from left to right.
  • I love a sleeping terrier.
  • Man guys this is the life!
  • ahh! life in the food train!
  • This is doggy heaven!!
  • lily bruce and lulu practicing for the next olympics with the new category; "Synchronized butt sniffing"
  • thats what i call lazy days!
  • Dont you just feel like lounging around?
  • ahhhhh! finally alone time without those humans bugging us
  • All together now: ..."Getting a long, singin' a song, side by side..."
  • They are so peaceful when sleeping!
  • 3 little Boston's sittin' in the sun...one fell off and bumped his bum.
  • Bruce, you lucky dog you. Lounging on a couch all day with two lovely bitches.
  • Getting thier beauty rest!
  • Friends don't always have to talk. It's just great to have them there to share the "sunny" moments.
  • Canines all over the world, join hands! Let's start a love train! Love train!
  • Aha. The sun will always shine on the sofa.
  • We're practicing for the Olympics' syncopated napping.
  • Motel 6 where we leave a light on for you!
  • Lulu: Hey Bruce, get your bum off of me.
    Bruce: I would, but Lily's face is on my bum.
    Lily: Shut up you two! I'm trying to tan.
  • ALL ABOARD!!! Boston Train Leaving At Midnight!
  • small, Medium & LARGE!
  • Mommy really loves us to put OUR couch in such a sunny spot.
  • At 10 minutes a pound, we'll be cookin' all day.
  • 3 little Bostons in Bed....one said "roll over I'm crowded" They all rolled over and one fell off, 2 little Bostons in bed!.....
  • Three's a crowd but what the heck, pull up a pillow!
  • All aboard to the sleep express!!!!!!
  • shhhhhh. Be very very quiet
  • FOUND THE SUNSHINE YALL!!!...now where did I put those foil reflectors...they really DO allow for the BEST tan!?!?
  • Twas the Night Before Christmas and all through the house...
  • c'mon sun, we're cold!
  • Good work, if you can get it!
  • "By the light of the silvery moon..."
  • Ahhhh, yes, its a dog's life!

  • all i can say is awwwwwwwwwwwwww
  • it is s0o0o0o cute !!!
  • what an adorable picture i love bostons
  • "Sweet" should be an option this week.
  • Uh oh..i feel bad for the big dog at the end of the butt train...we boston owners all know a BOSTON can clear a room!!!
  • Never mind the caption...where did they get that awesome boston pillow..I WANT ONE..please



Great captions everyone!
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