Special Guest Star: Boozer
Rated: Cute

Winning Captions:
I'll have two cheesburgers and extra fries...Can you biggie size that?
Thank goodness for designated drivers!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Power flossing.
  • I flove fla flresh airrbbbbbbrrr....
  • Unfortunately, "Boozer" lives up to his name.
  • I just knew i should'nt had that last "hickup"DRINK
  • This is my best day.
  • HELLO LADIES!!!!!!!!
  • Can you stop the car next time?!?
  • Hey, Bucko! Learn how to drive! Grrrrrr
  • Nothing like the wind flapping in your lips.
  • Pardon me, do you have any grey poupon?
  • Gooooooooo ffffffffffaster!
  • One more treat and you will have to roll down the window!!
  • (singing) You are the wind beneath my cheeks....
  • Where are my doggles? Can't see a thing without them!!!!!!
  • tabasco sucks. somebody's gonna find a present in there shoe when we get home
  • I hope that drool didn't hit the car behind us or he's gonna be mad, I just chewed on a treat!
  • Are we there yet?
  • Man, these plane seats are almost as good as those little drinks they serve!
  • "i cant stand the smell of my own farts either"!!!
  • next rest stop 20 miles
  • Oh yeh...This feels great! Hey! Can I do this at the carwash too?
  • I love to feel the wind in my hair
  • Though technically a success, vetrenarians abandoned the Boston Terrier Face Lift Project.
  • Could someone pull me in, this wind has a death grip on my jaw!
  • Boozer, an aspiring actor, works overtime on his glazed expression.
  • Why can't I have a bad hair day like everyone else!
  • Whoa, I can't believe I snuck TWO beers this time.
  • Lips flappin in the wind, bugs up the nose....what more could a dog want?
  • Appropriately named, Boozer nurses a hangover with lots of fresh air.
  • Boozer the wonder dog does an uncanny Elvis impersonation.
  • [Sigh] This is the life, warm sun, cool breeze and a chauffeur!
  • "The answer my friendddd... is Blowin' in tha wind...
  • Too Pooped to care!
  • springtime birds,bees & pollen
  • Name says it all.
  • "oh got one..right in the cheek...they thought i was just out here for air, little do they know a bug is a tasty treat!!"
  • people don't understand how rough a dog's life is, it's hard being cute all the time.
  • The Dentist said to air out my gums so i don't drool so much.
  • Oh the sweet smell of freedom!
  • I know I didn't need that last drink :)
  • i love wind surfing! it's refreshing!
  • I'm flying, I'm not dreaming, I'm actually FLYING !!!
  • "OHHH nothin like a breath of fresh air when I'm hung over!"
  • Come on, guys, it isn't funny anymore.
  • "too much booze for boozer, needs a little fresh air"
  • Ahh - I love the wind in my face - think I will take a little nap
  • "In and out she said, I just want to take a quick peek at that shoe sale"
    Ha! She's never coming back!
  • pwuh pwuh pwuh pwuh pwuh pwuh pwuh
  • I always thought I would look better with a facelift!
  • Boozer after a few too many!
  • "I know my name is Boozer, but I feel high as a kite right now!....wait...I think I am flying!!!!"
  • momma....my head is stuck!
  • this is one way that i brush my teeth!
  • Sun, sky, wind, the intrepid BT loves it all!
  • where are my shades
  • CODA GET IN HERE! ..............[CODA] FRESH AIR!!!!!
  • Perfect opportunity to dry the fur.
  • That is how I fresh my breath!
  • This is THE life!
  • "Oh how I love these summer days."
  • I'm so hott
  • i love it ...... going 85 miles down the highway is priceless
  • L-o-w-e-r t-h-e w-i-n-d-o-w! L-o-w-e-r t-h-e w-i-n-d-o-w!
  • There's nothing like letting the wind blow through your gums... oooooooo ya...
  • As Bridgette Would say "goin for a ride with my mommy & daddy, life is so hard.
  • Ah, the wind in my hair
  • I said keep the window rolled down!!!
  • The didn't warn me that window were dangerous!!!
  • If I rest my chin here, my cheeks don't...hmmmm...I think I'll take a...zzzz!
  • "The summer wind.. came blowin in from across the sea..."
  • HEY Mom, Look Momma We don^t have to go to the Vet or Dentist now. cause my teeth are clean see.
  • Oh the joys of air hitting a Boston right smack in the kisser with his cheek a-flying!
  • baby face, you've got the cutest little baby face
  • You are the wind beneath my jowls.
  • limo... 200 dollars.... Boston Terrier... 450 dollars....knowing that you're going to be "kissed" after Boozer swallows all those bugs flying by.... priceless
  • Boozer had another long night on Bourbon Street.....
  • I hope i don't mess my hair up
  • oh what a wonderful day this is!
  • You booze, you snooze!
  • Ohhhhhhhhhh to be young again and free, those were the good 'ol days!
  • "This wind feels so good....but I wish i could atleast see whats outside!"
  • I believe I can fly
    I believe I can touch the sky
  • Boozer the cruiser!
  • Ah...I love the feeling of the wind in my...lips.
  • Oops! Sorry mister...well get an umbrella then!
  • And they told me we would only have one drink!
  • Let me smell the air! I had something bad for lunch.
  • Refresh your breath!
  • need to catch my zzz's znd rays
    Heaven... I'm in heaven,
    And my heart beats so that I can hardly speak.
    And I seem to find the happiness I seek,
    When I’m out driving around with the sun on my cheeks.
    (Think "Cheek to Cheek" by Irving Berlin)

  • it looks so sweet in its little red bow arghhh
  • Awe BoozaBooz!!!
  • Boozer is the cutest little thing! He looks JUST like our pup.
  • i love it - ha ha ha
  • what a crazy boston!!!


Great captions everyone!
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