Boston Terrier Halloween Costume Contest

....and our judges have made their decisions!
The judges this year are a team of long time friends. Judge F says that he discovered Judge K, but Judge K is pretty sure that he was already discovered some time before he met Judge F.
The judges made their selections in seclusion and then met and deliberated to make their final decision.
No detail went unnoticed and undiscussed. I think you all would have enjoyed seeing how amused & entertained the judges were by all the costumes!
The winners have been chosen!!! There is a tie for 2nd place!
The winners are posted below along with some comments from the judges.

This year the prizes are from!
1st Place: a Hooded Sweatshirt with the design of your choice
2nd Place: a T-shirt with the design of your choice
3rd Place: Doggie T-shirt with the design of your choice

Honorable Mention: There were three honorable mentions selected and we would like to award you each a sticker with the design of your choice.

We'll contact the winners by email and will be mailing everyone their stickers for participating in our Halloween fun!

Thank you to all the Halloweenies for having fun & dressing up with us!!!
Thank you to all the Peeps who took the photos and sent the emails to us!!!

Bergamot & Emrys especially want to thank the Halloweenies for dressing up... so they didn't have to!

-The LittleBeasts Crew

First Place
Beatrix Kiddo (aka Bebe)
Jelly Belly Jelly Beans
"Very creative & well posed. The hat is great!"
Second Place
The Pumpkin
"Excellence in its simplicity. Expresses the theme. Perfect costume, perfect fit for this dog. No more work needed.
It's Perfect."
Second Place
Ripley Ann
Ripley, Warrior Princess
"The color combination is wonderful. Silver and grey and steel with the black and white model. Detailed Costume."
Third Place
Curse of the Mummy
"Authentic. What an actual mummified dog would look like."

"Should the above nominees not be able to complete their duties, we would consider:"
Honorable Mentions
Souffle, Shelby and Tooter the Turtle
Gangsters and a Flapper
"Lots of detail. Excellent set design, and there's a turtle!"
Bogey & Wyatt
Saturday at the Movies
"Creative set design. Well posed and well photographed."
"For hilarious expression!"