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Featured Links

(Short Noses Only Rescue Team)

SNORT is an all volunteer non-profit rescue based in the Northeast that covers all of New England, NY, NJ, PA, MD, VA, DE, and D.C. SNORT rescues, rehabilitates, and places brachycephalic, or "short-nosed" dogs into loving forever homes.

Auto Safety Resource - Traveling With Your Pets

Links & resources on safe travel with your pets.

Window Candy Stained Glass

Boston Terriers in Stained Glass!!! Scroll down to see the adorable BT portraits in stained glass.

Loveland Boutique

A unique boutique in Tempe, Arizona & Online. We see Boston Terrier items!

Tito's Blog!

Meet Tito - he was a POTW star September 2009

Bark Harbor

If you are in Bar Harbor, Maine - stop in & visit Bark Harbor and say "Hi!" to Boston's Daisy & Lilly while you are there!

The Daily Meatball!

Meet China "Meaty Meaters" the Boston Terrier
Welcome to the Doghouse! Alexis Trice creates amazing custom pet portraits! This site is a must see!
We are huge fans of Alexis and her Bostons Thea & Una!

Woof! A Boston Terrier Board

boston terrier message board
A Boston Terrier Message Board - Meet other BT addicts - good times!

Doggie Doorbells!

Poochie-Bells, the only designer doggie doorbell

Poochie-Bells, the only designer doggie doorbell
Train your dog to ring the bells when he needs to go outside. See Bergamot and Emrys do it.

Good Dog Tags

Beautiful Custom Dog Tags!! They are the coolest tags we have seen!

Portraits by 'Nette

Lovely portraits that literally jump off the page. 'Nette has a rescue dog portrait program to help benefit rescue!

lolbostons!!! A new site just for Bostons - send in ur pics!

Tags for Pets

Do you have updated info on all your Boston's ID tags?
Pet ID Tags for your dog's collar or harness - make sure your dog can find his way home to you if he is lost.

Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Pharmacy

Can your Beast find (and spit out) a tiny pill in a mountain of cream cheese?
If you have to give your Boston or pet multiple medications check out this idea - prescription compounding. The pharmacy can make your pills into chewable treats and even combine your pet's medications to turn multiple pills into one pill.
Great idea!!!

Boston Terrier Links and Resources

Boston Terrier Club of America

Boston Terrier Club of America.


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Boston Terrier Web Sites - Bergamot & Emrys' Friends & Fun


Meet Lucy & Katie and see the Wagtime Band.

The Gem Sisters

Ruby has a new little sister - introducing Opal Peach! Warning: May Cause Puppy Fever!


Meet Miley & Howie! Miley is a supurb trick mistress & her little brother Howie is learning fast. Don't forget to peek in on their webcam too.

Ben's Homepage

Benny the Boston has updated his site - It looks divine!
Ben has a photo album & was a winner of the 1st annual Halloweenie Costume Contest!

Brickhouse Boston Terriers

Home of the gorgeous Bostons: George, Reagan, Condie & Arthur

Dallas Boston Terrier Society

If you live near Dallas - you gotta join the DBTS!!!

Oui Boston Terriers

Beautiful BTs. Check out some of Bergamot's relatives here.

CC's Bunch

CC's wonderfully constumed Therapy Boston Terriers - also winners of the 1st annual Halloweenie Costume Contest!

Flintstone Boston Terriers

Meet Pebbles, Snorts & Bruzer - lots of photographs.
Read about Pebbles and how she survived Immune Mediated Hemolytic Anemia

Buster - da Dude

Buster's homepage - lots of fun with Boston Terrier links and information.

Bostons & Boxers by Design

Fun Boston Terrier e-cards to send to your friends.

Kismet Kennel

Busy Bostons who do Agility, Weight Pull and Conformation.

Souffle Gets a Manicure

Souffle - an adorable Boston who knows how to accessorize.

Mattie & Phoebe

Two Boston Terrier sisters that are just too cute! Don't miss the videos of Mattie!

Bostons & Boxers by Design

Free Boston Terrier ecards, wallpaper and fun!

Sekc's Zoo

Meet Boston Terriers Souffle and Shelby and read tons of info on pets.

Sunglo Boston Terriers

Boston breeders from 1948 to present. Great gallery of famous BTs.

No Bones About It

Sherman & Checkers - two Boston Brothers!

The Walter Pages

And Valley too! Great Boston Terrier fun!!

Zoe's Page

Photo-fabulous page of Zoe the Boston!

Boston Life
Boston Terriers in Russia

boston terrier site russia
graphically intensive site

Widget Boston's

The home of the Boston Terrier Puppy Buyers Guide & more!

Boston Terrier Blogs

Goonie's Blog

The Looney Adventures of Goonie!
Goonie was born without two nickels to rub together in a small town in the South. One of six siblings, Goonie set himself apart at an early age as a performer.

Atticus & Tiki's Blog

Tiki & Atticus are Double Trouble


Stella's Blog is finally here! She knows what she wants & she knows what she wants to say!
"Beside wiggle ass down street, dog can have many job." ~Stella

Martha's Blog!

The Adventures of Martha, the BT

Marshall the Boston Terrier

The triumphs and trials of Marshall the Boston Terrier. Marshall exposes numerous conspiracies - every Boston Terrier must know the truth.

Nell's Blog

Meet Nell. She's a cat trapped in Boston Terrier's body.

Bender's World

Bender the puppy just started his own website.

Aston's Journal

"I'm bringing sexy back! ~Aston

Boston Terriers Rock

Jeannie's Blog (from The Whole Dog Store)- Loaded with information on Boston Terriers.

I'm Max!!

Max's Comic Blog

Miles Oxford Maximum

The Blog of Miles the Boston and his Puggie brother Harvey Peanut Underfoot!

According to Zeus

Zeus's Blog

Wonder Ruby's Blog

The Many adventures of Wonder Ruby! She really is faster than a speeding bullet!

Ole's Blog

Ole the Boston Terrier. Ole was a POTWeek Star March 2008

Lucy & Phoebe - they blog!

Lucy & Phoebe are talented Boston Bloggers! L&P Blog #2, L&P Blog #3 !!!
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Boston Terrier Rescue & Support

Boston Terrier Club of America Rescue

The Boston Terrier Club of America, Inc. has a rescue group that works tirelessly to bring together Bostons in need of homes and families in need of Bostons. - Find a rescue near you.

Features an interactive map of the U.S. & Canada listing Boston Terrier rescues by area.
Please visit our Boston Terrier Rescue Links Page for more information and many links.

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How to find a Breeder

LittleBeasts Boston Terrier Puppy Buyers Guide

How to find a reputable Boston Terrier Breeder

Widget's Boston Terrier Puppy Buyers Guide

Wonderful information on buying a puppy from Widget Bostons. The Beasts highly recommend visiting this site if you are thinking about adding a Boston Terrier to your family.

What's Wrong with Pet Shops?

Great information from PetDogs-L - answers without attitude.

How Do You Know When You've Found a Good Breeder?

So how do you know if you've found a good breeder? Here are some questions to start with, and you'll think of more as you go along. ~PetDogs-L

What is a Puppy Mill? is not here to say what is or isn't acceptable, although we most certainly have all of our own opinions. We are a site dedicated to education. The principle is simple - we educate you about the commercial dog industry and you decide what is acceptable and at what level you wish to become involved in the fight against puppy mills.

Breeding Your Dog (what you need to consider)

Thinking About Breeding Your Wonderful Dog?

Important information for anyone considering breeding for the first time.

Things To Think About Before Breeding Your Dog

"We think it is extremely important to learn the facts and possible consequences in advance if you are contemplating breeding your dog. In today's overcrowded world, we, the wardens of our domestic pets, must make responsible decisions for them and for ourselves."

Should You Breed Your Dog Or Bitch?

Should You Breed Your Dog Or Bitch? article by by Jill Swedlow on

Protecting Your Dog From Brucellosis

Canine Brucellosis is a sexually transmitted disease that can cause infertility and bone infections in both males and females. ::Learn More
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Boston Terrier Health & Safety

Boston Terrier Club of America Health Committee

Extensive list of articles and resources on Boston Terriers and canine health information. It includes information on known health issues in the Boston Terrier. Includes BTCA health certification listings for Boston Terriers that have sucessfully completed CERF, OFA Patella, and BAER testing.

OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals

Maintains a database of orthopedic diseases in dogs. Includes information on Patellar Luxation a condition that is common to Boston Terriers.

CERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation

CERF is a registry for dogs that are certified free of heritable eye disease. Juvenile Cataracts are a known health issue in Boston Terriers.

Canine Health Information Center- CHIC

A canine health database jointly sponsored by the AKC/Canine Health Foundation (AKC/CHF) and the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). See the recommended tests that CHIC requires for the Boston Terrier.

Plan to afford Emergency Vet Care

Tips from the Humane Society on What You Can Do If You Are Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care.

Anesthesia Protocol for Boston Terriers

Boston Terriers & Brachy breeds like Frenchies need special consideration when put under anesthesia. This is a link to Anesthesia Protocol For Frenchies
By Lori Hunt, DVM
There is also informative discussion you can read on Boston Terriers and anesthesia posted on the WOOFBoard.

Find a Veterinarian

American College of Veterinary Surgeons

Locate a board certified veterinary surgeon in your state with the American College of Veterinary Surgeons database.

Find a Holistic Veterinarian

Search the database of the Veterinary Institute of Integrative Medicine for a holistic vet in your state.

American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association

Locate a holistic veterinarian in your state with the AHVMA Member Referral Search (click search now)

CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) and Heimlich Maneuver for your pet

Is there anything that can be done for a pet that is choking and in danger? The answer is an emphatic "YES!" -- if you know what to do.

How to Dremel a Dog's Nails

(click the How to Dremel a Dog's Nails link)

This is a must read even if you clip your dog's nails - especially if your Boston has an evil black nail (or two, or three). There are photos & diagrams that clearly show the nail and the quick.

Safety, Surgery & Recovery Aids

Ruff Rider Dog Seatbelts

Keeps your Bostons safe on car rides.

Batzi Belts

Allows you to attach your dog's harness to the car's seatbelt.

Soft - E - Collar

Elizabethan Collar alternative for your pet.

Eddie's Wheels for Pets

Custom dog carts & wheelchairs for dogs & cats with handicaps or pets who are recovering from an injury.
They also have a page listing available used dog carts. features wheelchairs, quad chairs & front-end extensions for disabled and handicapped pets.

Boston Terrier Fire Rescue Decals

Emergency decals for your doors. Show emergency response that you have Boston Terriers inside in need of rescue in case of fire. Custom decals of your Boston Terrier are available!
Emergency Decals for Pets

Tags for Pets

Pet ID Tags for your dog's collar or harness - make sure your dog can find his wayhome to you if he is lost.


Poison Alerts

Xylitol - New Poison Alert for Pets

Products sweetened with Xylitol can be poisonous to dogs.Xylitol is often found in sugar free gum & candy. Read the ASPCA article.

Cocoa Mulch Toxic to Dogs and Cats

Cocoa Mulch is toxic to Dogs & Cats - just like chocolate. Please read before gardening this year.

Poisonous Mushrooms

The story of Rory the Boston Terrier who died in 2001. Do not trust any mushroom in your yard.

Mushroom Identification Chart & Info

Its Mushroom Season. Be cautious -pick and throw away any mushrooms in your yard.

Poison Plants, Foods and Household Items

Poison Facts from
Are you aware of what is poisonous for your pet?
Chocolate, tea, coffee & cola, nuts, onions, potatoes, turkey skin
Vaccine Information

Canine Vaccination Information

An exhaustive resource about the new vaccination protocols for dogs and cats. Stay informed. All 27 veterinary schools in North America are in the process of changing their protocols for vaccinating dogs and cats. Great work from Designer Bostons!

Are we over vaccinating our pets?

C.A.R.E.S Canine Vaccine Advocacy
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Boston Terrier Nutrition

natural pet products boston terriers

Visit the Whole Dog Store
A Site For The Whole Dog!
Your Source For All Ways Natural Pet Products ... Wholesome Alternatives for your Pet's Lifestyle and Fancy!

Dog Food Comparison Charts

How to read the labels on dog food and make an informed choice on the best food for your Boston.

B-Naturals Supplements

Holistic natural supplements for dogs and cats.

Tail Waggins Bakery Newsletter

Newsletter with the latest information on dog food & treat ingredients.

Arthritis and Glucosamine Resource Center
Information, articles and message boards for treatment of arthritis in pets.


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Boston Terrier Training Information

Boston Terrier Training

Positive Reinforcement training to teach you how to train your Boston puppy or dog.

Bergamot and Emrys' House Training Tips

How Bergamot and Emrys learned not to pee in the house. Boston Terrier training tips.

The Sit Command

Teach your puppy or dog how to sit.

Boston Terrier Training Tips

Great dog training articles and tips from No More Homeless - puppy nipping, crate training, house training, seperation anxiety and more.

Nothing in Life is Free

Positive reinforcement training that teaches your dog that you are the leader (alpha). Establishing the correct hierarchy helps with both pushy dogs and shy dogs.

House Training with a Bell

Teach your dog to ring a bell to go outside - Emrys does. Great for Boston Terriers who are notorious for not barking at the door to go out.

Clicker training lessons - great positive reinforcement training techniques.

He Just Wants to Say "Hi"

Is your dog a "Rude Dog"? Information on socializing your dog and understanding how your dog communicates with other dogs - especially "rude dogs". Your dog may not be dog aggressive - just responding to a rude dog. A must read.

Preparing your pet for a new baby (human variety)

With a little bit of effort and planning you can help your pets not only adjust to their new family member but create a loving relationship that will last a lifetime.

Even more info on preparing your pet for a new baby

Help your first "baby" adjust to the new baby you will soon bring home.
Stories and photos of babies and pets from Busting myths & old wives tales.

Can you find the pitbull in this game?

You might be surprised!

What Pitbulls Can Teach Us About Profiling

A very interesting and thoughtful article on Breed Specific Legislation.




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Toys and Treats & Stuff for Boston Terriers

Drs. Foster and Smith Inc. Drs. Foster & Smith have a huge selection & a great catalog. They even offer prescription compounding - the pharmacy can flavor and even combine your pet's medications to make them easier to give.
Drs. Foster & Smith Pet Pharmacy A cool store with great prices.
Dog toys & treats - organized by type, breed, size and brand.
A new site to us - lots of great deals on unique toys!
These will help your Boston stay warm this winter!
A Snuggle Sack is a sleeping bag that is open at both ends. They are made of quilted cotton material and lined with soft plush.

Felted Boston Terriers & and Ornaments!

Customized Boston Terrier items from artist Vivian Daly. Check out the photos in the fundraiser section - all sales help BT Rescue too!
felted boston terrier

Zoe's Collection

Gorgeous collars, leashes & harnesses for your Boston Terrier!

Jasper and Lenore

A dog apparel store featuring two Boston Terriers! Jasper and Lenore are all about style!

All Mighty

A Boston Terrier named Mighty and the cool store he inspired! There's Boston stuff inside :)

Barking Mad Clothing

A dog clothing & accessory store - with a Boston as a model!

Tail Waggins Bakery

A Bakery Just For Dogs! Order treats online - they even have treats for dogs with allergies.

Wanker Wraps

Buddy Bands custom made belly bands for male dogs

Bossy Britches

Custom made panties for dogs - customized tail hole or no tail hole available.

Show Dog Topiaries

Beautiful moss-filled wire frames of your favorite dog breeds. These frames are wonderfully accurate breed representations - you really have to see them!!!
The frames can be strung with lights for the holidays too.

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Lost Pets - Tips and Resources For Finding a Lost Pet

Find a Lost Pet - Missing Pet

Information on how to search for a lost pet. This site has the best information on effective Lost Pet Posters.

Lost Pet Search Tips

Information and tips on searching for lost dogs and lost cats. Indispensible information for searching for lost indoor only cats. Detailed instructions on using humane traps to catch a frightened lost pet.

Locate your local shelters and also has a datebase of Lost & Found Pets. Read their Lost Pet Tips

Petfinder has a lost and found database as well as listings of adoptable pets.

National Dog Registry

Registers dogs and cats by tattoo and/or microchip ID. Toll Free Hotline 800 NDR-DOGS
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Resources and Supplies

A huge searchable directory of names & meanings to help you name your Boston Terrier.

Dog Names

Find The Perfect Name for Your Puppy! 1000's of Dog Names.

Dog Names - Free dog names searchable database and dog names lists with over 6000 dog names and meanings.

Pet Friendly Hotels - Hotels that allow pets! specialize in hotels that allow pets to
stay. We are the one-stop-shop for all your pet travel needs, from a one
night stay to a complete vacation package including car, airfare and
hotel. All 100% pet friendly!

Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotel Directory

Pets Allowed Hotels

Directory of hotels where your pets are welcome.

EcardIsland's Toplist

Free Ecards

PetsMobility PetsCell

Ingenious idea for tracking a lost pet! I can't wait until this is released!


A directory of dog breed products from cafepress. Unique dog breed items & designs.

A directory of links to Boston Terrier info on the web.

Spyware Blocker

Spyware Blocker offers the best spyware removal software. Keep your computer running quickly and smoothly


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Pet Portrait Artists

Welcome to the Dog House

Beautiful & eclectic custom pet portraits. Check out the paintings of Thea the Boston Terrier too.

Crystal's Art

Crystal's Pet Portraits.

Debbie Does Cakes

Boston Terrier Cakes! Tiki Cakes & Sushi Cupcakes. Check out the gallery of this cake artist.

Triona Joyce

Fine Charcoal and Chinese White pet portraits. Stunning realism.
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Pet Web Cams, Videos, Games & Contests

Cat Cam

The original pet cam that started it all!

Coloring pages, online coloring books, games and learn to draw lessons.

Dress Up Games

A huge directory of Dress Up Games.

Can You Tell The Mutt From The Designer Breed?

A Quiz - try it.

A collection of pet cams from all over the world. Pet Cam Madness - there are lots of Boston Terrier cams listed too.

Jet Cam

"Because you wonder if all I really do is sleep." ~ Jet

Molly's Muppet Head Cam

Molly the Boston Terrier's web cam

Lucky's Cam

Lucky the Boston Terrier - a couch & his favorite blanket!

Walter the Boston Terrier - Disobedient Dog Video

So, all of you think he's cute. I beg to differ. He's a thorn in my side, and a leech on my ankle. -Walter's Human

Harley The Boston - Videos!

Harley is Walter the Boston's neighbor - be sure to check out the Cat Food Fight!


Gigantic Web Cam Directory.

Agocam - Vote for the LittleBeasts PuppyCam and see the litterbox cam and more! Lots of animal cams to visit under the Humor/Bizzare/Animals directory - fun!

Chat Cam City: Animal Cams
Chat Cam City
Animal Cams

Directory of Animal Cams, Pet Cams and Ghost Cams too!

Chazhound's Doggie Directory - a fun site with dog site links, a dog discussion forum and a photo gallery of humorous pet photos.

Pet Labels

Pet Photo Contest to win custom address labels that feature your pet's photo.

Crazy for Dogs

Submit your dog to be a dog star at Crazy For Dogs dot com

Top 50 Dog Sites

Vote for is hosted by Dreamhost. We love them!
Use LittleBeasts as your promo code to save $10 and no setup fee on a yearly plan.
web host



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Obey The Boston

"Your Boston Terrier dog rules your home with an iron paw." ~Obey the Boston
Hilarious items for those owned by a Boston Terrier.

Nothin' Butt Bostons!

We all know what those butts are capable of!

Punchie The Boston Terrier

A Naughty Boston Terrier! (not kid friendly and Oh! So Funny!)

Strong Bad

Strong Bad answers emails!

Poodle disguise for Dobermans

Attackchi is brilliant!!!

Drop that Sock

A great dog resource website! They even reviewed!

My Cat Hates You

Its true...go see!

The world of Odd Todd - unemployment fun!

What Dog Are You?

"There's a dog inside all of us, waiting to be let out. This game is based on a computer called SUKA built in 1975 by Russian scientist Mikhail Volkonsky and now housed in the London Science Museum.

SUKA is powered by CATS (Canine Algorithmic Transfer System™) which is able to determine what kind of dog you are."


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