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boston terrier photo Noel boston terrier photo Nate

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The Winning Caption is:

This is not what I had in mind when you said he was going to Babysit me...

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Rug-o-War. Again.
  • If all else fails, sit and discuss it
  • Noel really hated playing musical chairs with Nate!
  • Why am I always The Chair in "Musical Chairs"?
  • Would you Pleaaaaase get Nate's bed out of the dryer now !
  • "get off me you tub of lard"
  • It's hard to keep a good man down? Have you tried sitting on him?
  • Two dog pile up on the Boston 93.
  • I was here first!
  • he ain't heavy...he's my brother
  • Get him off me.
  • Seriously dude? Your new friend becomes a B&W rug in 10 ... 9 .... 8...
  • Ma Nate doing it again!!!
  • I lost again. I have to be the chair.
  • Noel has mastered her unimpressed face
  • He doesn't always sit on me, but when he does I can't breathe
  • He SAYS he didn't see me. What do YOU think?
  • Mine! Mine!
  • My warm soft comfortable seat!
  • He aint heavy, he's my brother.
  • Well, let's have a look at this handbag.
  • Gosh.....this pillow feels a little funny
  • The longsuffering Noel, once again, is Nate's handy ass wipe.
  • Hey, Nate... I think you've put on a few.
  • Nate won't let Noel go on Doggie Play Dates with just anyone.
  • Not yet, Noel... make them come to you.
  • Don't even try... I've got her back.
  • N & N enjoy a little R & R.
  • Nate wins the last round of Musical Bostons.
  • You kick us off the couch this is the best we can do.
  • Noel and Nate...after the music stopped.
  • You just THINK your opening this door and putting us out.....think again
  • "Seriously? You want to go through this door right after I got comfortable?"
  • Love the different color eyes! So cute:)
  • Really, mom? you HAD to take a picture?
  • Thanks, mom, I appreciate your concern for me.

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