boston terrier photo of the week
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boston terrier photo Rudy

Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is a PPP Caption!
(A PPP is a caption based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - see below):

What do you mean, Tiffany declined my friend request?

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Have you reached the end of the internet yet, Mom?
  • Order the Nylabones....Order the Nylabones....You're getting sleepy....Order the Nylabones...
  • Could you possibly surf the web with one hand and pet me with the other ?
  • "The "R" is between the "E" & "T" Einstein"
  • Mom, did you really just post that selfie?
  • if i could type with my would be i love you.
  • Pleease hurry, I need to change my Facebook status.
  • Rudy longs to be the "Apple" of his master's eye.
  • I heard you can surf on this thing. It doesn't look very seaworthy to me.
  • Can you pull up the Little Beast page for me?
  • Is this how you found me Mom?
  • Would you please stop looking at the Little Beasts site and play with me.
  • I didn't make it crash Mom.
  • I didn't down load that.
  • Can we please play ball now?
  • Mom, why are you on WOOF reading about other Bostons when you have ME right here?!
  • Shopping online is sooo tiring, but somebody has to do it.
  • Oh pleasssssssse won't you play with me....
  • Watcha doin'?
  • Am I making it difficult for you to work? GOOD!
  • When can I have my own Facebook page, Mom?
  • Thinking of another good caption for Photo of The Week!
  • Rudy blames his ranting tweet on the wild party they had last night.
  • "can we get a pepperoni pizza for dinner tonight?"
  • Aren't I more fun than Candy Crush?
  • Forget the Angry Birds, all I need is a jerky treat.
  • My computer crashed again. I don't think they were designed for paws.
  • Can you get Lassie on Netflicks?
  • Really, your screen saver is a cat?
  • Dear Santa...
  • I love you.....when you give me cookies...
  • I hate facebook......

Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • What do you mean, Tiffany declined my friend request?

Previous Photo of the Week: boston terrier photo Tiffany (top) & boston terrier photo Mattie (front)
boston terrier photo


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