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boston terrier photo Mack, boston terrier photo Sydney, boston terrier photo Zoe & boston terrier photo Bogey
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Ice Cream Truck!!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • Sadly Zoe's phobia of the ice cream man had materialized yet again!
  • Short puppies, got no reason.......
  • Embarrassed, Zoe realizes she had not brushed her teeth yet this moring.
  • Ice cream man!
  • Yes! It's bacon week on Food Network!
  • Zoe=Kilroy was here.
  • Oh my god! Are those the beasts?!
  • Happy, happy, little happy, happy!
  • Mack, Sydney and Bogey : Mummy's back! Mummy's back! Zoe : Grmmpf, with no cookies!
  • Duck... Duck... Duck... Goose!!
  • OMG did you see that! The squirrel tried to beat that car!
  • Zoe and her posse!
  • No, We didn't give Zoe a haircut.
  • I scream you scream we all scream for ice-cream
  • Hey bout a boost????
  • The Boys: "Oh boy! It's a mail-WOMAN" The Girl: "Oh boy, a mailwoman..."
  • Zoe's first date must pass inspection.
  • Mom! The boys are watching that hairless dog again.
  • Release the hounds!
  • Four perpetual motion machines, all wound up and ready to go!
  • ICE CREAM!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Zoe hadn't worked off her winter weight just yet and was still feeling a bit insecure about it.
  • Mack:Look mommy is coming back from the store ... i suspect there is ice cream somewhere in those bags. Sydney and sausage too ... Zoe: I hope there is a racketball in here somewhere as well ... Bogey : Look there is a tug of war toy in there hanging from the bag ... COOOL .
  • "reviews? we love it here!"
  • Stay down, Zoe! It's that hairless dog from down the street again.
  • That's mom right. ..yep...MOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!
  • There goes a said Squirrel right?...Squirrel where?....SQUIRREL! !!!!!!!
  • Hey guys, why'd I get stuck with the short stool again??
  • The Three Stooges!
  • Please, come on tell me what you all see!
  • Zoe did you see that? What, what did l miss?

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