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boston terrier photo Billy
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Dude, that is the last time I eat the cat's catnip!

Outstanding Submissions:

  • The force is with ME, mister!
  • AT-AT Meets AT-BT
  • this is not the boston you are looking for...
  • Protected by Yoda Billy, this living room by me now is.......
  • You think The Force is with you? Let's have a Tug-of-War!
  • May 'The Force' be mine, and only mine!
  • Are you my relative?
  • Somebody better get their classic toy cause it's going down!
  • Hey Luke, are you in there.
  • ummmm... mom I think this pup was switched at birth!
  • Take me to your leader!
  • We'll just see whose side The Force is with!
  • Force...Smorce....Do not think that I'm not the master of this galaxy!!!!!
  • Billy's "Boston's tenancity" will always beat a Battlebot!
  • Come on, Billy. You love tug.
  • I'll never rule the universe with you!
  • You shall not pass!
  • Boston Billy vs Robo-dog
  • Billy is not too keen with the latest technology in dentistry.
  • I actually think "The Empire Strikes Back" was the best film of the series, but I'm still going to attack you!
  • You don't mess with Bark Vader!

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