boston terrier photo of the week
Special Guest Stars: boston terrier photo
Kimber & boston terrier photo Riggs
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

I'll keep my eyes peeled, if you keep your ears open.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • We have NOT seen the cat and DON'T look under the pillow!
  • K & R pose for the newspaper's just married photo.
  • It's hard to separate Fact from Fiction.
  • Ears up so we can hear them coming. No, keep your ears down and just blend with the blanket ... they won't find us up here
  • A little snuggle is the best way to start your day.
  • Don't worry Riggs, I can hear for both of us.
  • Like Stevie Wonder sings - Ebony and Ivory!
  • Take a break, Riggs, I'll listen for both of us.
  • The Zebra is very shy
  • No, we haven't seen the super glue.
  • Ebony & Ivory live together in perfect harmony
  • Look into our eyes, you are getting sleepy.
  • Me and my big brother relaxing, life could not be better.
  • Whatcha eating??
  • Double stack oreo cookie!
  • Lying in silent protest of the AC thermostat setting.
  • The calm before the storm!
  • He's afraid of the thunder; I'm just comforting him!
  • You can see us?
  • Bet you blink before we do!
  • The infamous two headed Boston Terrier....
  • Can't you read? It's LOVE, right there in black and white!
  • "Puppy Love"
  • Just lie still and blend, Kimber... they'll never know we did it.


Outstanding Captions Based on the Previous POTWeek Photo - (the PPP)

  • no ppp this week


Great captions everyone!
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