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boston terrier photo Inca
Rated: Cute

The Winning Caption is:

Inca wasn't as nearly proficient with hide-n-seek as she liked to think she was.

Outstanding Submissions:

  • guys.... where did that stick go? i swear it was here a minute ago!
  • Apparently this periscope does not work on land !
  • hello little stick... yes I am going to chew you, bow down to me as I revel in your fear!
  • be the stick, be the stick, I AM THE STICK!
  • Inca knew that if she held the divining rod JUST right, she might just possibly find some water....
  • lake stik hard to nabigate...
  • Its so lonely here...I think I will call you Wilson
  • "Be one with the stick, oooohhhmmm"
  • Well...that did't work out the way I was expecting.
  • he-he-he... dey won't neber find me here!
  • They cant see me as long as I hide behind this stick.
  • There is a reason for this! I'm thinking what it is right now......
  • This wood sure drifted
  • we line it up with the sun just right......a sundial!
  • BOINK!!
  • Look at the Tree Bone I found under the sand!
  • Ummmm,now what??????
  • This dowsing rod is warped - I just can't find any water!
  • Be one with the stick.
  • Inca was sure that if she concentrated hard enough the divining rod would tell her were to find water.
  • Oh, divining rod show me where to find water.
  • Inca was always the first one found at Hide and Go Seek
  • Undercover Agent in Training
  • Inca’s attempt at hiding needed more work
  • If I hold reeeeeeeaaally still, maybe they won't see me.
  • Inca unearths fossil evidence of "bostonius magnificus" changing history as we knew it forever
  • Inca misses no opportunities to practice the stink eye.
  • Obviously this periscope was not intended for use on dry land !
  • Inca, thow must confess you ate the cat's food or forever be stuck to this stick.
  • how do i wish bone?
  • Inca questions if this water witch stick is working right.
  • WHAT?! Is there something wrong with the way I fetch?

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